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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Long Weekend FAB

Ah! Summertime! 
Long weekend fun is where it is at. 

I will say I drank and ate a few things I normally do NOT, but I had the BEST time. It was full of rest, relaxation and allowed me to press that all important "re-set" button.

We Canadians REALLY like our weekends. We get especially excited by a long weekend! This is due to our short summer season - so when the temps soar or we get an extra day off, we make the most of it. Four months of summer (barely) means we gotta make it count.

This past weekend, I spent my weekend at Buck Lake at a family reunion. 

Going to the lake also means a slightly interrupted run schedule. As in you mean to run, but it is hard to run solely on the highway. Where I was staying meant I had miles on the gravel road and highway (with a super narrow shoulder). UGH. I juggled my schedule around a bit so that I split some runs, but in the end, I did not run enough. Though I did drink and eat enough. I tried to be good...was mostly...but there were a few "slips", but nothing crazy.

But I say no regrets. It was fun, reset me mentally, and I am raring to get out running this week. Training is back on!

But first...some pics from the weekend...where there was a whole lotta FAB going on!

I had some fun on the water.... and trust me...paddling with your feet was a bit of a workout. Especially when you get stuck in the bulrushes!
Let's call that crosstraining.
I definitely enjoyed some lounging evening spend it this chair, chatting with a favourite cousin, just talking and looking out on the lake and chilling. Nothing better honestly. The only time we got up was to get a jacket or blankie when the sun began setting and the air began to chill.
And what weekend at the lake would be complete without roasting marshmallows?
 And eating fireside s'mores!
After a hot, hot run followed by a shower and quick stretch out, it was time to rehydrate and read.
There MAY have been some pinot grigio in that water bottle. I will say that NOTHING is better than reading a book in a hammock! THAT is my idea of luxury. Nap, read, sip. REPEAT!!!
Spending time enjoying a good book, with a cold drink and being cocooned in comfort, while surrounded by nature, is one of those simple things in life that is (in my opinion) not done enough. Taking time to chill is healthy!

I would be remiss if I didn't share THE MOST FAB THING EVER that happened this weekend.
I was witness to a few sunrises. Sunrise? WTH?
Doesn't recharging mean sleeping in, you ask.
I thought so, too.
But, I seem to have reached an age (oh god did I just say that??) when I cannot sleep in! 

When I go camping, or am at the cabin, I never sleep in. I used to curse about the interrupted sleeps. Why I was up so freaking early? But sometimes when you get up to use the outhouse (yes I stay in one of THOSE cabins), you see the most magnificent sight.
Like THIS photo I took at 530 am Saturday.
I would like to be clear. I took THIS with my iPhone and with NO FILTER.
I got up to use the bathroom (hey I was trying to stay hydrated) and was amazed to see the colours.
I raced back into the wee cabin to grab my glasses and phone. I was all alone. In my t-shirt and undies sitting on the deck absorbed by the amazeballs of this grand view. Talk about pressing re-set!!

After sitting on the dock taking in this view for 15 or so minutes...I went back to bed. It was one of those moments that you are lucky to get - and to be truthful, I was kind of happy I didn't share it with anyone. I just got to take it all in by my lonesome!! I tried posting it to IG and to FB...but it took 2 hours to get it up - hey out in the middle of nowhere coverage is spotty! (haha)

So...the next morning - I woke at 5...and snapped this... (also unfiltered)
 Glorious and soft...still beautiful, but no where near as striking.

THAT is what summer is to me - fleeting beauty that one needs to stop for a moment and take in!
I have been lucky to find it on walks, trail runs, hikes and in sunrises. 
And if I have that lack of sleep, then one can ALWAYS refresh with a nap in the hammock, right?

How do you enjoy summer?
What are your favourite summer activities?
Do you prefer short road trips or are you more a 2-week-long holiday sort of person?


  1. Love this post, some of my fave pics of you! Love the "outhouse" sunrise pic and also love the hammock pic---talk about "dead sexy" legs!! So glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

    1. notice the sexxy sock tanline. HAHA!!!!

  2. Sounds like a freaking nice weekend! Being on the water always makes me happy! Lucky you!

    1. You were close to me on Sunday...nordegg is about an hour south I think.... it was a nice weekend, but now I feel like I slacked off on the running!