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Friday 9 March 2012

yup. I just might be HALF crazy

The final race in the Five week Hypothermic Half Trilogy happened last week.

Part of what I loved about this trilogy has been the comedy of errors. Mind you the errors seem to be funny AFTER the races. Not during.

Who had the bigger beer??
In Calgary, we had energy/eating issues. ok. We have conquered this. No problemo. Calli and I are planning (or dare i say OVER analyzing) what to eat and when.

In Edmonton, we had weather issues. I am thinking that Calli and I have emailed each other daily with changing weather reports.

Yes WE know how to plan. Contemplate. and over-analyze. But we joke about this trait, so it's all good. And because Calli and I live in two different cities we have planned out "night before" carbo load to a T.

Actually the mexican dinner is delish and the beer is divine. We stop at one. Because we have wine in the hotel. A couple glasses is a nice chilaxxer before bed.

Ah! but c'mon. This is gonna be good. The last of the three hypos. We will rock it. The weather is nicest of all three runs. We wake up to a crisp white and snowy morning. Really, what else kind of morning is there in early March in Alberta?

The trail is packed and snowy, but beautiful.

And we're OFF!

It is a great day for a run. Crisp, clear. This is winter running. And Lisa is right...oh look it's a trail run! Despite our lack of sleep, the run is Pure Awesome.

I am gonna miss this planning adventure...but we have a few races coming up in the summer where we are travelling to. I wish I lived closer to Edmonton...need a regular run partner! sigh....

Still so glad we did this!!!

Followup: Funny thing. I was 3 minutes slower than Calgary. Odd that the first was my "best" time, but not at all my best race. Ah...this honey badger has much to learn in the way of running! But if I can run these 3 race, I am pretty sure I can take on anything. Yay us!!!