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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I wrote this on Sept 19th, was saved as a DRAFT!!! It was my BEST 10km time to date. I was so stoked. I cannot believe I didn't PUBLISH it!! gah! 

Ready to Rock! 

Did someone say CUPCAKES? 

Oh they did. A run sponsored by a spa and serving cupcakes. I AM IN!!

On a gorgeous September day I got up and got off to the Urban Venus Deliciously Sweet Run.

It was a great morning. I was amped and ready to go. New run mix, and out of almost ALL my races this was the one that seemed to be effortless. It was FUN! I just ran and didn't fret about time, pace...just turned up the tunes and went for a boogie!

AND I ran a PB!!!! A 10km PB!! That is freaking awesome. Maybe 2013 is gonna be the year I break an hour!!

       FINISH                 RACE
===== ======== ============= ===== ========================= ======== ======
  104  14/35   Women 40-49    4701 Tina GARSTAD              1:02:58  6:18 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dinosaur Half

oh MY! My 9th halfmarathon of the year!
And bib number added up to 9.

READY to Run!! 

Good GAWD this is a long run into the finish! 

I don't look all that "happy". Perhaps that is due to the big ass hill that nearly defeated me in the first 5 kilometres. That was cruel! Apparently i now have a LOT more character! that hot dogs over there to eat?

Peeking at the coulees before the drive home