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Thursday, 31 January 2013

13 in 2013

So this year i signed up to something fun.

Something wild and crazy.

What could I do to out do 11 halfs last year?

Hmmmmm. Maybe 13in2013

I came accross two bloggers who were throwing down the gauntlet! 13 races in 2013 you say?  Jill and Jen:  I am so in!!! 

I came across this challenge and thought WHY NOT! Now I do not think i can do 13 halfs...but I am gonna try hard....

I joined the 13 in 2013 FB Group to have some fun and support and see who else is doin it! It should be fun. 

So far I have a half in MArch, April, May and June. Does 30km on the trails for the first two legs of Sinister7 Ultra count as number 5?

I need to get researching more races....


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Calgary Marathon: Before During & After

You KNOW how you've said, 
"I will NEVER ever run another marathon EVER AGAIN"? 

Yeh yeh. 

So i was trying out some new fun photo software...and i made this and thought: 
"Hmm. Maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe I should do another."

 I can go faster i am CERTAIN! And these pics make it look kinda fun! 

Now to find a fast flat (and not boiling hot) mara to do...

operation Day

Did you used ever play that game 'Operation'? Yeh. Old School.

I was a human version of that on Monday morning.

Got to the hospital before 9 am and wham...get transported to fashion central

Scrubs are SO zexxy!

Then i am forced to pee in a cup, have blood pressure taken 5 times, be asked the same questons over and over.

And let a student nurse practice on you.

Thank god she wasnt  practicing 'needles' that day.

Finally I walk to the sugury room and wait there for a bit. the anesthesiologist (he looked like a hobbit) came in and introduced himself to me, gave the the lowdown on what would happen.

Easy Peasy. Except he had this habit of looking over his reading glasses. I kept thinking i hope he doesnt do that while looking for a vein....

Sounds simple. Come in, we'll sedate you , the doc will do her thing  we will wake you up and VOILA you are done!

And so then I go in.

Lots of chatter. big sting with the needle. Then i hear..."Wow! There's a nice big vein. Um. hey buddy careful where you stick that!!"


And then i see my surgical team and drift off. 
Can you pic out my Doctor? 

A couple hours later i am poked and prodded and roused outta my sleep.
My wrist hurts. No kidding lookit that BIG arse needle.

Sadly I didn't take a pic when the student nurse pulled out said IV and the blood squirted all over her, me and the marathon running book I was trying to read.

But my eyes were way too googly and I was high, so it went back into my bag of personal effects.

Got another shot of painkillers. lood pressure taken again. Made me go pee. Had another nap. Woke up and ate my fancy egg salad lunch. And about an hour later wobbled out on my own steam. Hiiigh as a kite.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Running ...

I am distracted. I want to run. I keep thinking about running, yet i cannot concentrate!!

Having surgery tomorrow. It's been bugging me for a month. ALL MONTH.

I am not tweeting or FB'ing it. I mean who really wants to read about that fact that I am having my endometrial lining removed.

Apparently some types of endometrial ablation can be done in an office. Not mine. I get to go UNDER and have the whole awesome operation experience. I am trying not to read all about complications.

I am instead concentrating on recovery. And having a couple of good books to read. And planning some races. And concentrating on training strategy. And how i can kick ass and take names. Or at LEAST increase my pace and endurance n order to hit a new high.

So by the end of the week I will be a little bit lighter and ready for a WALK, not a run. ANd I shall see how fast I can get back out there...after all I  have some running to do.

13in2013 - it starts here

The first race of the year....

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My weekly reminder

I may not be there yet, but I am closer than yesterday.

This is something I need to remember.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012

This year I ran over 1600 kilometres. 
That's 1000 miles. 

Not sure what my goals will be for 2013 I need to work on that. Ruminate...

But I am excited. I can bring it.