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Monday 26 October 2015

#FallIntoFitness: The FAB edition

After the fun we gals has for the Summer Fit Gear Exchange, Brittany from My Mama Journey, asked if we would be interested in doing another blogger exchange! YES!!! I loved the last one... so of course I said I would participate.

In case you are all started as part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador. And hanging out on a FB page for us Canadian SPA gals. IT's a fun way to connect with other bloggers - and to send and receive goodies in the mail. I mean, who doesn't like a pressie in the mail?

So about a month ago I started stalking my gal (Leanne) on social media.
It was a little easier - since she and I are also Bondi Band Ambassadors - I chatted with her a bit about what she liked and put together a package. 

I picked out a great pair of gloves from North Face, then added in few other things (I like to share some of my fav gear!): 
A Bondi Band (with Butterflies - she loves those), 
A Buff from a fav run of mine - as Leanne does longer runs and hits the trail. 
Some fun paper clips and some Mizuno 'race buttons' - great cause you don't pin your bib to a shirt and damage it! 
You can check out her post HERE.

Janelle had my name....due to my trip to Vancouver I haven't received my package....that's OK ...I will totally report when I get mine! Which should be when I get home tonight! In the meantime...check out the other bloggers!

Thank you so much Brittany for putting this together!

To check out who participated, check out the other blogger participants!

Leanne @
Brittany @
Janelle @  

Leanne @

Have you ever done a gift exchange?
What is the one piece of GEAR you CANNOT be without?
What’s the ONE thing you totally WANT?

Friday 23 October 2015

FABFriday: Pats & Eddie do RnRVAN!

HUZZZAH! it is indeed THAT time again...
In honour of #FABFriday, I am reposting a post that my awesome friend and fellow
Rock ‘n’ Blog ambassador Susan and I wrote for the Rock Blog
How to look Absolutely Fabulous on Race day!
Can you believe that Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver is this weekend?? We are so excited as we just got word that our idols the incomparable Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon (from ABFAB) will be crossing the pond to run the RnRVAN 10k on Saturday! ACTUALLY Tina and Sue have channelled their very best Pats and Ed and will be in full FAB costume out on the course.  We sat down to ask them a few questions about planning a perfect race day!

What kind of outfit are you planning to wear on race day?
P - Well heels are out unfortunately, but chic sexy black is IN darling! It’s always slimming even when one is huffing and puffing around a 10k. How far is 10k again?

Now, how will you keep hydrated on the course?
E - It’s very important to keep drinking fluids out there - BYOB sweetie!
P - Run fast darling Stanley Park Brewery will be waiting at the finish!

Can you give us a sneak preview of your race accessories?
P - LaCroix sweetie!
Are you ready for the photographers en route?
P - Paparazzi? Ugh, make sure your lippie is magnificent and don’t hang around long enough for questions, suck it in and run past those cameras!
E - Oh no no sweetie, always strike a pose.
What are you looking forward to most about running in Vancouver?
P - The sea air darling! It’s good for my youthful complexion. Post race bubbles, shopping and all the mod cons the west coast has to offer.
E - Wait a minute – there’s extra bling for the remix? Is remix a cocktail? SIGN ME UP! How far is a Half Marathon?
P - All the photo ops along the way, darling...starting with the Inuksuk at English Bay and I hear there is a whole lot of eye candy along the seawall!

What fun! These ladies have #allthefab tips for raceday. 
We cannot wait to see Pats and Eds race debut on Saturday!

We would also like to issue a challenge to all you FAB runners out there in Rock ‘n’ Roll land. Get your costume on! Vancouver has a 10k on Saturday Oct 24, and a half marathon on October 25th (same day as Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles) – which is awfully close to Halloween. Is there a better reason to plan on a little dress up?? Who can give the best costume? Let’s show the Rock ‘n’ Roll peeps out there who can have the best time!

For #alltheFAB pics on Patsy and Edina's adventure, 
follow along on Twitter: Tina / Susan
or on InstaGramTina / Susan

ps - if you need some MORE laughs check out some of my FAV ABFAB moments that inspired us to channel Pats and Edie to run and have #alltheab fun
 (that is if you have never noticed any of my FABfriday posts before)
Or these amazing fitness clips HERE or HERE

Need a quick episode fix?

Wednesday 21 October 2015

October: A whole lotta FAB

WHERE has this month gone? 
The past few weeks I have had a whole lotta running going on! 

Since the beginning of the month,  ran a halfmarathon. In pissing freezing rain (ugh). 
More on that race HERE
Then I ran the Grizzly Ultra in Canmore.  - where Tara and I split a 50k and enjoyed the trails!
Gorgeous day and so much fun. 
Then a whole lotta work and a few short runs were tossed in...
 I followed up with a gorgeous trail run this past Friday. I hit the trails with some gals an
we put 22k in. It was hilly, hiking, some great downhill running...and some great laughs. 
Saturday was some volunteering and a whole lotta cowbell!
Sunday was a the Run Like A Girl virtual 10k in honour of my fabulous friend Wanda who is just finished chemo and radiation treatments. She is one badass lady! Go read a little about her on my blog post HERE.
And...holy crap! I am off for Vancouver on Thursday.  I need to pack. Hell! I need to do laundry! 
I am so stoked to be going!!! Seeing friends and family will be so awesome. BUT what will be very FAB will be the weekend plan:
  • Friday 2pm - RnR Expo Fun (come see me at CEP and get some Compression!)
  • Saturday 9am - 10k
  • Sunday 8:15am - Half Marathon

I never write out my race goals - but this time around....voila! Here they are:
  • 10km: Laugh, take pics and ensure that I do not lose my FAB hair. Yes I am wearing a wig!  This costumed event should be a showstopper. WAIT until all is revealed! I think it is awesome. My partner in crime Susan also agrees. 
  • Half marathon: I wont be speedy. But I want to come close to my best time this year....I also have quite the supervillan outfit planned! It will be an awesome day to run. And have a beer after. OBVS!!
Watch the IG and twitter for #allthefab goin on in VAN!

I can't wait!! Yes. Bring on the fun!!

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Half Mara 40: some thoughts

*I have had this written for a few weeks...just haven't published...

This past year (if I am to be honest it has been a FEW years) of struggling and feeling frustrated with myself seized by the thought I am not 'good enough' or 'fast enough' (not just in terms of running either).

I have ebbs and flows of anxious moments. I am trying to get out of the grips of anxiety. Heck, I avoid reading peoples stuff (on social media) about "I hope I run decently" or "that run was crap" because it sends me down the rabbit hole. Because more often than not the people writing that stuff are WAY faster and fitter or more accomplished than I am. And, reading that puts you in the I SUCK comparison trap.

And so fighting that off I decided to do a small local race as my 40th Half.

Pre-Race Bad Assery

I thought numba 40 would be unicorns and rainbows.

Instead it was pissing sleet and rain. And the runs. Literally.

Um yeh. This race showed me that a PB was NOT happening.

But respect, love, admiration and persistence DID HAPPEN.

Pre Run laughs with Cori and Leana! THIS is why race day is awesome - seeing friends!
This pre race - OMG we are freezing - Someone get a photo of the insanity - pic sums it up - you can't see everyone in this pic - a few peeps are hiding or got cut off. BUT it shows the happy in the run community. The friends I have made. It just doesn't tell you all the back story to each face there. But I know that story. Each person in this photo represents something to me. A funny story, a laugh along the way. And that my friends is running for me. It saves me. It leads me out of darkness. It makes me laugh. Each of these ladies (and many more not pictured) have helped me be where I am at today. I love photos like this. Except I prefer it when its actually a better photo. HAHA

In spite of this year bein a 'hard one', I have got some solid runs in. I have yet to even come close to PB. But in this year (even more than other years) I truly learned PERSEVERANCE. And, that it, and friendships and encouragement on a run means WAY more than any PB. I didn't have a single running injury. AND HAD FUN! And, I like to think the pics in this post (and many on my blog) show that I did it lookin' pretty good. (with the exception of race photos)

I have been upset about not having had 'a year of improvement'. But the thing is I have improved. Just the last couple races fell off my consistency train. Maybe (as one person I know thru running told me) I am too complacent with being average and I need to get a trainer and go for it. I can use advice they gave me in order to push on...but I don't have a full time job (and that makes me feel -  well bloody anxious). And, most certainly not able to afford a trainer or gym membership. But I have had a year of immense learning. I tried new things. Hey, I came in 3rd last a few times. And came in in the top third too. I learned (over and over again) that all I need to do is keep on. Train, relax and laugh my arse off. And I keep on running! Because how I FEEL when I run needs to trump what I place. OR how fast. I have eliminated the people in my life who constantly ask 'how fast do you run?'. I do not need to justify my pace. I also know how to sidestep the few who say talking a walk break isn't really running. Or those who have never done trail or mountain races and then say 'wow that is a slow time.' Go ahead. Look up my time. I don't care. But take off the judgy pants. They aren't a flattering fit.And how bout trying to be encouraging, not bitchy or say something about a race you know nothing about. Oh you haven't run a halfmara? Then STFU. (oh was I ranting there??)

So right back to that well...I ran. stopped to go to the bathroom THREE times. So when I say GI distress - I really mean it. I don't mean rumbly tummy. UGH. just UGH. I also 'lost a glove' on that run. If ya catch my drift. There were no unicorns or rainbows. Nope. Just 13 miles of slogging. And digging deep knowing this race sucked.

This was me finishing halfmara number 40. 3 bathroom breaks and giving er hell at the finish. The last 4 kilometres rocked. I pushed. I swore. I finished.
Do you see those damn red legs? I was bloody freezing!!!
I was super upset at first. AT the time and how it all went. OR didn't go.
Then I thought. NO WAY. I finished.
I do not believe in 'junk miles'. I believe all these SOBs count.

A few times this year I crossed a finish line thinking I had failed due to the TIME on the clock. Thankfully, I had some wonderful friends and family who kicked my arse and said something to me. I hate to even write this...but I have really struggled the past few months with feeling poorly (and feeling like I was not successful in attaining my goals). I appreciate being told, "You pushed on and FINISHED. NO POUTING!" My friends who love and support me and who are my fav bitches are right. My struggles and perseverance and determination has given me 40 half marathons since 2011. a post from over a year ago I found these "lessons":
*finishing a hard fought race can teach you a LOT about yourself. 
*having the courage to continue is more meaningful than a PB.
*good friends will kick you in the arse when you say crap about not being 'good enough'
*celebrate the successes, every damn one. the small ones may turn out to be the big ones.
Keep running my friends.

Monday 19 October 2015

#RunLikeAGirl: Miles for Wanda

This past Sunday my friends Sue and Michelle got together to do the Run Like A Girl virtual 10k in honour of my fabulous friend Wanda! Wanda had seen the ad for the virtual run on FB - and said - put together a team...for me! And so I said of course I will run for you.

Wanda and I first met in 1989 - at college!!! So we have known each other a long time. We recently got back in touch with each other and it is like we never were apart. This year, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It has not been easy...I mean, diagnosis, chemo, SUCKS! And I know I do not know the half of it. But what I do know is she is one toughie! during it all, she has a farm to run...the woman does not sit still! Here are a few pics documenting her journey.
 Within two weeks of getting her catheter in, followed by her first treatment, she lost her hair.
But first she went and got a sassy new 'do!
I have to say this girl looks FIERCE! She rocks the scarf, the lippie and a toque!
When I know some days she sure never felt great.
This past Thursday, THIS gorgeous gal finished her last treatment.
6 sessions of chemo, 20 sessions of radiation.
DONE until December.

So hells to the yeh. This past Sunday we ran 10K. FOR HER. We actually ran over 12k - a nice training run for sure, since many of us are gearing up for half maras in the coming weeks.
We ran to say Fuck Cancer. To say Be Strong - and keep kicking ass!
We will run FOR YOU when you cannot! 
The weather was incredible! We started out in long sleeves, finishing in tanks. 
Sadly, Wanda was still feeling a little under the weather fro her last targeted radiation - so she was at home...but with us in spirit! We definitely ran with heart!
And celebrated afterwards
yes. with pie. 

Over the past few months I have given a lot of miles to Wanda.
My first race in January was for her. Then a few more in the Spring. In May most definitely.
And when I thought of quitting, I thought of how she told me how she was so happy when she thought of me running FOR her.
I was surprised at how it felt to hear that.
I mean how could that make a difference?
But then when I thought about her when I was having a moment while running, I too felt a lot happier, stronger and determined to finish with a smile!
I am pretty certain I have a few more miles to give.

Here's to You Wanda! Keep Givin er Hell!

I hope you had a great weekend.