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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Rock N Blog FAB race update!

I am exciiiiiited!!! I finally have all my Rock n Roll races organized for the rest of the year!!!
As part of the RnR #RocknBlog team, I am running Montreal, Vancouver and Las Vegas! 
In September, October and November! Woot!!!.
The Bling...oh the Bling!!!!!
So 3 Half marathons, one 5k, one 10k and a whole lotta HEAVY MEDAL action awaits.
you know it!! I've said it before that I love the #remixchallenge
sorry - remix got me distracted for a moment!
Now back to the medals ...these babies are going to jet my way in the coming months.
And, because I run in both Canada and the US - I will get the World Rocker (squee!!)
This is Susan's - I cannot wait to get MINE! Then we can have a medal touching party!!
I am stoked for Montreal to see an old friend. Vancouiver is close to Susan and I are cooking up a plan to top my FAB outfit from last year's race  - you know its going to be good! At both Montreal and Vancouver I will work at the CEP booth - so come say hello! And Vegas - well ERMIGAH - VEGASSSSSSSSSS!!! I have been excited for some time about that epic adventure to cap off a fun year of running!
#LVKICKOFFNIGHT - was all kinds of fun in March with Susan!
And Then in late May we got the T-shirt! and this lovely postcard (we made it to PRINT!!!)
Of course to celebrate we ran!

The countdown to #allthefab is on!
I am so excited for the next few months!!!!
Which RnR race will I see you at?

If you are still wanting to register for an RnR race this year's my #RocknBlog code!


  1. I'm so jealous of that Vancouver medal - they're gorgeous.

    I'm a maybe maybe maybe for Vegas, as it would round out my three... hope I Get to meet you there!

    - Megan

    1. Vancouver last year was my very first RnR was so fun, the weather was great and the medal was awesome!!! hope to see you in vegas!

  2. Cross your fingers and hope I make it to Vancouver? If I do, I'll score World Rocker, and the Cascadia!

  3. It's going to be entirely awesome! We must get on with our amazing outfit planning....! Love it all, just love it! :D

  4. OMG! It looks like so much fun! I would love to come to Vegas. I am going to Bali next Monday and will have to check out my finances when I get back around the 16th. It's a pretty steep priced race but the good news is that I can drive to Vegas pretty easily!

    1. YES! LET ME KNOW!!! woot. plus stay with ME! lol