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Saturday, 15 August 2015

A mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful Saturday

What a FAB day for a run! It's Saaaaaaaaaaaturday. yas!!! I was stoke for Saturday. The forecast was ... calling for a little rain. And, that my friends means it will be cooler. Thank Goodness! I know I should not complain about the heat. It is summer - one should not be an ungrateful wretch whinger.

 We had been under a heat advisory this past week...on Thursday it was bloody hot! Scorching. Ugh.
Oh yes. Thank GOD it only felt like 36C, not 37! (which is is 98F --- good lawdie)

So I talk to Susan Friday night to confirm plans. She tries to bail. Because it will be raining. I say...."oh no ... I have to go no matter what." So we agree to meet at 8am. 

Before I know it, my alarm goes off. um, an hour later than I was planning on waking up. SHIT. I am lying there thinking I have enough time to get clothes on grab my pre-packed bag and get to Sue. 

Wait. Wha is that noise?  Is....THAT....rain???? WHAT? Seriously? Wait...whaa????? 
I rolled over an thought nooooooo. I am silently cursing. 
Then I ping. It's Sue. "Take your time...its pouring," she says. We text a bit. And then it is decided. 
Once I arrive at Sue's we race to Starbucks for coffee. Then, Susan zips to Tim Horton's. Susan brill idea was to put steeped tea into two thermos containers for after the run. And, she insists we get a pretzel bagel. A what?? She says, 'you will thank me later'.

About 45 minutes later, we're in Bragg Creek. We stop an snap a quickie of this beauty - the 6th Buck seen this morning. Oh, this is going to be a good run! Oh, an it's not pouring!
 We get to the parking lot just west of town. And off we go!!! 
It's been a while since we wore gloves and jackets for a run. But it is cool. 

We start the run. It's a nice slow climb that gets us 5km in we take a quick break to take in the view. 
Drink some water,have a small snack (a yummy GORP bar!) 

And we decide to get going up the hill. But first lets do a few sets of hill repeats in this one spot! 
And then after a few repeats, we forge onward, again! 
We go another couple kilometres and then decide to run as hard as we can down, down, down. 
So far this morning, we have seen the sum total of 5 people running on the trails. 
We take a few etra paths to eplore, and are soake. the grass is wet, the paths muddy and it is glorious!
The smell is amazing, the trees humbling! The mud is grand and the puddles large!
We Hi5 and find another path to run on. 

A few more kilometres, and then we are done. I have to say I could have spent a few more hours out there! It was such a good day to run...but we had to get back to the city. 
S a few hours out in the trail would have to suffice  - for now! 

And YES, 3 hours after purchase, the tea was still hot and the prezel bagel was divine! 

What did you get up to?


  1. Sounds like fun! I would totally go for rain vs. the heat/humidity!

  2. Good for you getting out there in the mud girl! Good for the complexion too eh?!