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Monday, 17 August 2015

Getting out to Refresh, Reset

On Sunday I got up bright and early and drove an hour out of the city to volunteer at XTERRA Canmore - an off-road triathlon and duathlon.

I was sort of freaky about missing my long run....but I had run on Saturday, and had plans to get in some extra miles after the volunteer gig. No wussing out. It had to be done!

I was a little meh about the 530 am wake up...but I needed coffee and it takes a bit to drive out. I got in the car at 630 and off I went! On the plus side, I always find getting out to the mountains inspiring. Especially an event where you get to cheer amazing people on!

It was a funny mornig, rainy, cheavy clouds..and kind of misty. In spite of that, it is impossible not to be inspired by the views. Even if the mountains are paying hide and seek.

This fab snap captured by my pal Calli
When I got there, it was kind of funny that there was absolutely no mountains. It's always an odd Melisa and I had to capture the moment...
 Then off we went to the Quarry (where the Triatholon swim and the duathon started) to get our volunteer on!
The Water was calm...before the swarm of swimmers got in there!
Once we were briefed,  I made my way a couple kilometres down the path to my spot where I would direct the most awesome of dunathon-ers! I staked my spot and waited for the runners... 
Once the Duathon runners had cleared we swept the course (what a great place to run - makes mental note!!),  collecting flags, then I headed back past the quarry still full of swimmers.
I got back to the Nordic Centre and the cloud was starting to clear...
ANd then it was time for food prep for the athletes! It was a pretty darn good spread!
Finally at about 230, I packed up and left....
drove home, changed and went for a good hour long run. Should have gone for two, but the rain came down. And I went home had a bath and visualized.
I have to say - triathetes inspire me. These guys were doin it on the trail - and this trail is pretty aggressive! it was so hardcore. And they were all so DIRTY! it was awesome.
This week has some miles innit:
a couple of races (back-to-back training runs) for the biggie in a few weeks. EEK!


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