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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Race Report - Calgary Womens Run: #allthefab

This past Sunday, I ran 10km at the Calgary Women's was so much fun! Here's my little recap. Thanks to Dawn and Howard for their amazing photos!!

I have a little pre-race ritual where I like to lay out all my sort of gets me to focus.
The morning of the race, I parked a mile away so I could have a nice easy run to the race and shake out my legs! As soon as I arrived, I see Melisa - BIG HUGS - then Dawn who snaps a few shots! 
 I had a new top and was trying to take a selfie to show it off...but got caught by the photographers roaming around....I love this pic actually!  
I stretched out, and visited with all the gals gathering before the warm-up and race. 
I love that so many of my running friends do this race!! It is great to see em all out there!

 Though my legs were tired from running 16k  Moose Mountain the day before, I had been training with back to back runs, so was prepared. My intent is to run with a smile. Push when I didn't want to and get some extra miles in!  And with a whole lot of women who are here to run because they love it is really encouraging. we have a chat with the race director, lineup in the chute. and off we go! 
 I love this route - it is all along the river. It is an out and back and what is fabulous is that the front runners in both the 5k and 10k races come back towards us. There is a lot of cheering as we all run past each other - such an encouraging environment! I find it super inspiring to see how fast some of these women are. And they are also encouraging to us "regular" runners.

The run was not as smooth as I wanted, my legs were tired and I was not really able to keep up the pace I set out at. But I felt determined. Plus it is hard not to be buoyed by the atmosphere. The volunteers are great cheerleaders as are the families of runners waiting for us at the end. It is hard to describe the fun of this race - but I think it's because we all love a local race, we love to run, and we hang out after.
 The prizes are great, there are lots of awards and a category for moms and daughters. 
An, we were graced with fantastic weather to hang out after the run. 
While I did not meet my time goal, I had fun, ran a steady pace and was overall pleased with my training run. To me that's why I run. I have work to do, but I'll get there. Next year I'll beat that time! 
Oh .... and check out the FAB necklace from Nik Naks - a neat, different piece of race graft - much better than a t-shirt if you ask me!! 

Thanks for a fun run
See you next year!

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