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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Off to #RnRMTL

oooh a racecation you say? 
Yup! This gal is off on a last minute super cheap awesome run trip! 
 God love airmile points and some luck on finding flights!! 
I am off to lovely, amazing, historic, beautiful MONTREAL! 
Oui to #allthefab
Check out my #RocknBlog post for #RnRMTL HERE!
This will be my 39th halfmarathon! I am pumped to be doing it in a FAB city! 
Here is the halfmary in a nutshell: It is a fairly flat (and elevation - way lower than Calgary) half with some great scenery! I will start on a big bridge, run thru 2 islands, pass through an amusement park, the Biodome and other Epo 67 sights, run on Grand Prix race track, cross another bridge (might do four bridges actually), up some waterfront, through some of historic Old Montreal,  and finish in a lovely park -- Parc La Fontaine is an 84 acre park in the middle of the city!. I am excited by this route. What a way to sightsee!! 
I will also be working at the RnR Expo - Shop at CEP and come say Hi!!
So...yeh. Ummm Montreal is FRENCH speaking part of Canada. And French is RUSTY. So I figure I shall rely on my super elementary skills and share my "strategy". If someone says “Bonjour” that means Hello. If someone says, “Bonne chance!” that means good luck! Say “Merci” (thank you) back. And, if you are asked something in French, say “Je ne parle pas français” (I do not speak French). Say it with a smile and here's to hoping I can figure it all out with a smile, mad signs and a laugh!
I have a few days to explore Montreal on my own. My friends live a ways from "the City" but I will definitely be doing some sightseeing. There are a lot of National Historic Sites in this city and I cannot wait! Most notably, I want to check out Vieux-Montréal - so much to see in the historic city centre, including Old Port of Montreal, Bonsecours Market  and Notre-Dame Basilica, which has roots back to the 1600s when it was first dedicated as a catholic parish! I am not Catholic, but this church is freaking amazing! Some of you might know it is where Celine Dion got married. Me, I am less concerned with who got married there, but want to get close up to the architecture. 
I am also pretty excited about a visiting Rodin exihibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – the biggest exhibition devoted to Rodin ever presented in Canada.

I would be remiss if I did not mention food and Montreal in the same sentence.  It’s been more than  15 years since I last visited - I shall be going to eat a "montreal" bagel at Fairmount Bagel  and  an amazing Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich at Schwartz’s DeliAnd then there is poutine -- it’s a Canadian thing. Poutine is fries, cheese curds, and gravy. It is a zillion calories. But...when in must partake! And, then ... as luck would have I shall also be enjoying ice cream at Cafe Coronet in Saint-Lazare – because my friend Jimmy owns that place. And, ice cream is what is totally ON after a half marathon. And, well, it may happen pre-race too. 
Like I said, Oui to #allthefab 
There is not a #remixchallenge in Montreal but I will pick up my World Rocker Medal
And when I get home, the Double Beat medal will be in the mail...
...And then after Vancouver, the Rock Trio will arrive, then after Vegas...the Groupie! SQUEE!!
The #blingwhore will be soooo happy!!! 

Have you got all your autumn races finalized?
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If you wanna run VEGAS use promocode CRANTINALV! 
Come run the strip with me - it is going to be a blast!!
DO IT! You know you wanna!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Special Delivery: THE ultimate training box from RnR!

Goodie galore! Who doesn't like to arrive home after a HorridLongDay and see a pressie at the door?
A few weeks ago....I received a special delivery from the wonderful Ashley and the Rock 'n' Roll  team. All of us on the #RocknBlog team received it, but we are spread out (North America & Europe) so we waited til EVERYONE received before posting all the deets of the awesome pressie!
So WHAT was in this "little FAB box"?
I became a part of the Rock n Roll team in January 2014 leading up to the inaugural RnRVAN race. I have to say RnR - especially Ashley our intrepid leader - takes wonderful care of us. She calms crazy nerves when you cannot register properly, answers all the questions about everything race related - or sends us to the right person to help. She definitely puts the ROCK in our team! And, since she also loves to tell us how much she loves us - she said...get ready...for some love in a box!
SO yes...there was a lotta love in the air...but WHAT was in the BOX????
#allthefab to help me get my training on!

#RockNBlog Ambassador Training Rock Box
Brooks Performance Hat
CEP Compression Socks
Garmin Coupon
Endurance Formula Powder Stick
GU Energy Gels Qi’a Cranberry Vanilla Cereal
Maui Jim Coupon
$25 Sports Authority Gift Card (using THAT on my next trip to the STATES!!!)
Transamerica bank mobile phone charger
2015 Team Rock ‘n’ Blog Brooks Technical tee
AND a WONDERFUL personalized note from Ashley --- so FAB
I have definitely enjoyed wearing the gear! I actually had to wait to wear the hat - cause I didn't want to get hair dye on it! But it is DEF coming to my next RnR race with me!
The BEST thing is when you know other tweeps on the #rocknBlog team see other shirts!
Rainbows AND High5s with Susan!

Are YOU running another RnR race?
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Strip at Night discount code

Who wants to come to Vegas? 

You know you wanna Rock n Roll and party every day --- and get some awesome medals! 

You have seen the medals, right?? Lookie lookie here

RocknRoll has given me a superFAB discount code for the Half and Full Marathons in Las Vegas on Nov 15th!  
Use the promocode CRANTINALV to get $15 off 13.1 or 26.2 - if you sign up before September 30th!
DO IT! You know you wanna!
Come run the strip with me - it is going to be a blast!!
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Off to Toronto to #RunHappy!

Back in July, Brooks Running and Strides Running Store posted THIS on FaceBook:
Your worst winter running look? The want a BAD winter running photo???
My first thought was...oooh maybe if my pic is BAD enough, I could get a new pair of runners!

So I submitted THIS photo with bad hair, bad brows, bad all kinds of stuff...
figuring it was a pretty good showing of why I might need help looking good to train this winter!
Background on this photo:
A bad snowstorm with epic wet snow, high winds and 10 miles ensured all of me was frozen!!
It's an epic representation of a long run in a Alberta winter, to be sure. 

Fast Forward to Mid-August and I get a letter informing me I was a GRAND PRIZE winner
(just fill this form out ... and answer a skill testing question)

I truthfully didn't believe it. 
But I filled in my paperwork and sent it get another confirmation email.
And then I phoned...still in disbelief.

Yup, I won an all expenses paid trip to Toronto!! 
So, my sister and I are off this weekend for an amazing whirlwind of activities which includes a makeover, photo shoot, a whole lotta awesome Brooks gear entry to Toronto #NightRace! My sis and I are doing the 5k - as she hasn't been running much, and I just finished Trailstoke race. 

To be truthful, I am not sure what exactly is happening or is all involved - but clearly there are some surprizes in store. Regardless, we are super excited and we leave first thing TOMORROW!

When I am back I will give you the download!!
Until then, check out my IG feed or Twitter! 
❤ I will totally will be posting some pics of my weekend action 
Brooks Canada will also be posting sneak peeks of the fun! 
#alltheFAB (indeed)