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Saturday 25 August 2012

well that was NOT fun

Good lord what to write.

The Edmonton Marathon said it was a fast race. So why the HELL did I go so slow? And why did I watch at least a dozen people collapse in front of me?

Yeh not fun.

Maybe I start at the beginning. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

The first 20km seemed not THAT bad. It WAS hot. Damn hot.

And i have never wanted to turn into the finish at the halfway point soo bad! But nooo. I had another 21.1 more to GO.

ANd that's when it got "fun". It took ages to hit 30km. Sure there was  aid stations every 3-5 km in the last half of the race. It was so bloody hot i was bone dry between each aid station. At every single one I stopped to hydrate, and soak my head and neck.

Gah! Longest run EVER. IT took all I could do at the 37 km marker to run ahead to the aid station to get help for a fallen runner. She collapsed right beside me. I raced up to get help. She was about the 12th person I saw go down. Freaked me out.

At 39km I was a mess. I cried. I wanted to stop. I was so off my envisioned time. I was so disappointed in me. But a volunteer put her arm around me and said, "Honey you got this! You are gonna finish this SOB. Even if you walk it. You are almost done. Jsut keep moving, girl!" And she wiped my tears higged me and welled up saying how proud she was of me!

Ah, Shit. Now I have to keep going.

And it was hard and I did. One step at a time. And then bawled at the finish line  I believe i swore then and there I would never do another goddamn marathon.

I think it took less than one hour for me to say I had been too hasty in stating i'd never run another. I will not let the mara get the better of me. I will go back for more. And i will deliver.

Just have to find a mara. One that is not in August and has temps over 35C. Springtime seems like a grand idea.

Friday 17 August 2012

Edmonton Mara oh yeh

Really? I'm really doing a second marathon this year??


Not sure about this honestly. I men I know I can DO it. I just don't think I can do it faaaast....

I am doing it.

And am gonna look awesome whole doing it....

oh gawwwwwd. this is a long haul. good thing i have someone to do it with!