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Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday Motivation...

As per my last post...I share. A LOT. 

But when it's on my mind, I let it out. 

So today on Monday, when looking for Motivation...I come across this! 
(and yes, I would love a cuppa!)

An then I saw this!
A nice reminder of me. 
And that I am a runner. And that I am moving forward. Always. 
(That was a good run...not speedy, but steady right there...felt so good)
Need to REMEMBER that!

And This
That is the thought of the day for me...
Smile. Nod. Accept. 

Have a wonderful most FABulous week!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pre-Race Convos. or. A case of the Crazies.

Today I ran with an old friend.

Fatty Voice. 

I thought I had banished that bitch.


Man. Since August I have struggled here and there. Haven't worked full-time. Had some really crappy runs. Got shingles (for the FOURTH time), and well, pretty much let some depressing shit get to me. I wish I could shrug it all off. I sometimes really let it weigh me down. Especially the not working part. BAH!!

Winter has been long and freaking cold. Running has been difficult. I have done it. But I fear that what I HAVE done may be not enough. As in not enough miles. And a Marathon is looming. Oh Thaaaaaaaaaaat old thing. Just what every gal needs to bring out the batshit crazies in a stellar way.

I had gone away to Cali for my Ragnar fun...and it lifted me, show me that hells yeh I was on course. So That was good times. Then I got a call about a job while down there. Yes! Things were coming together.

So then last week when I started a full time job, I expected the weight to lift a little. But. It. Never. And then my phone died. (more on that to come...)

I was juggling trying to transition one contract over to someone else, get new job underway (and it is plagued with some serious deadlines and launch dates an is WAY behind) and making everyone "happy" since I started immediately, yet still had 3 jobs. I was sort of feeling like a spiral outta control.

Had a pretty good, 29k run last saturday!. Then Monday threw up. Woohoo. in the hallway. On my 3rd full day of work. REALLY? Tues and Wed I was just weak and limp.

By Friday I had to run. So I ran home! Added a few hills and got in 7km and felt GREAT! 
Saturday in spite of the snow I got in a nice easy 9k before going to my part time job at the running store! Woot. Felt strong. 
And no. Even though I have a full time gig I am NOT giving this fun job up! No Way!
Then Today. I woke up and started getting ready for my long run. I was sad I wasn't running the Calgary Police Half marathon, but I chose to run Vancouver next weekend instead.

And then 20 mins before race is to start, my phone rings. "where are you?" I got you a bib....I texted you. Only I hadn't received texts. frigging 6 year old 3G iPhone that I'm using til my replacement phone comes clearly was not doing the on earth did I not receive a text?? And, there was no way could I get to race in time. So I did what every normal person does. I had a complete meltdown. a total effing bawling my eyes out asshole moment.

I managed to shake it off. And get into my car and go to the local running room to meet some folks for a run. An still wiping the tears away, I parked and whipped over to join a run group. Just in the nick I joined the folks running 23km. I would just add on a bit at the end. No prob.

But from the get go. Head was elsewhere. First 10km not bad tho... Then next 5km not so bad. Still not really feeling it. Then I  fell off pace group and was alone for a bit. In a neighbourhood I have never ran in. (let alone ever been in) HA! Got a little lost. Then sorted it out and got back to the big hill we climbed up to get there. And then I ripped down the hill. Felt good. Felt back on track. 
But that nagging voice reminded me I was really off the pace I wanted to be. 16km down...ok. 9 more to go...But I just felt so friggin felt tired. Had a gel. (And I had had good energy the first bit and was well hydrated and had taken in it wasn't that). But then I fell off pace. AGAIN. 

And then good ol fatty voice joined up. You know. I had quite the convo. That I have no business trying to run a marathon when I cannot keep up to a group running a fairly slow pace (6:45-7 minute kilometres). You are NOWHERE near the shape you need to be to be running a marathon. An for months, I have told fatty voice to STFU. But today, that shadow won.
She defeated me with 6km to go. 
I had a seat on a bench and had a cry. Then I looked up and saw....some graffiti!
I forgot how that made me laugh the first time i spied it on a run! 

OK. Lady get up off your arse. Keep running. 

And I pass more awesome graffitti
This will be the ONLY croc we ever see up here in Calgary! running partner didnt stop her incessant bitching. My legs hurt. My arm hurts (what????). My knee hurts (It never does, shut UUUP). My earbud is pinchy. I think behind my knee is seizing. My seam is rubbing and I have ass chafe. JESUS. Oh yes. IT was QUITE the convo!

And then I finished. And as i ran to my car I just felt overwhelmed with defeat and consumed by failure. And cried for 15 minutes in the car. And then after a few pointed texts from a couple of wise pals (thank you Susan and Cori for your no bullshit ass smack), I got out of car...walked up block and snapped a photo. to say F You Fatty Voice. I finished this in spite of you. I am DONE. The smile seemed fake. But dammit, I was pretty happy to be done that run.
I got home. Drank some chocolate milk, had two slices of toast with Peanut Butter and yummy raspberry jam! And made a bit pot of oolong tea. And stretched out a bit.

And then proceeded to get in the tub for an hour. 
So essentially that run was not the greatest. But it was a run. 
And I just need to move on. 

My birthday (don't ask how old, that is RUDE) is around the corner. 
Maybe that is also the reason for a little BSC (bat shit crazy) on today's run?? 
But really age is a number. 
Plus maybe my immaturity belies my age!
And, well, I don't look too bad for turning 46. 
There. I Said. It. *shudder*

And, I  have a great weekend planned. Actually I have NOTHING planned except that I am in Vancouver for 4 nights to celebrate my BIG day and run a half marathon (is that my 27th halfmara?). I wanna see a few sights. And have sushi. And coffee. And a cupcake. And get my zen on. And enjoy the ocean breeze. 
So All I could think of was that please do not let my race be like this run! hahahaha

And then as I soaked in the tub, I thought long and hard on HOW it FELT to run in California. 
AND THAT is what race day is gonna be like. 
It. Is. Going. To. Be. FUN!!
And fatty voice is NOT invited to the party. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Run 29Km DONE

Soooo...its easter and I go home to Mom's. Rnning mojo is lacking! So Crystal and I hatch a plan for her to come join me. She drives from Red Deer and off we go! All the pics are taken by Chrystal, as my iPhone died (the screen is kaput) and I am phoneless at the mo....oh woe is me). Check out her Stettler BlogPost here!

We had planned to do I checked out all the routes and instead of running loops around town and dosing local traffic, I suggest a nice route out on the highway. We start out from Moms and take some pathways  until we get to highway 56 (which heads out towards Camrose). So we've gone about 4km when we hit the highway. Apparently, we are to go until we hit 601 and head on up to Pheasantback Golf Course. If we do that and turn back we'll get in the miles.

We actually got in 29km. It was a clear day, which was a relief given the snowfall the day before. (Groa: when is spring going to END?)
Do we go this way? Asks Chrystal? 

Yup I say...and I keep following her. 
The only time I get ahead of her is when she pops off to see a sight (aka potty break)!
But really it is a good run. Feels good. It is a tad faster than my slow run at first but I find my rhythm. We finally hit a corner and turn to run up 601 (a quieter secondary highway). On the way back we pause for some stretching and pics...

Despite the last several kilometres being really hard for me and having to dig deep. 
THANK YOU Chrystal for giving me her iPod Shuffle!! We dig in and get it done. 
We go home a different way (aka less traffic and not down mainstreet) and 
I see Chrysal race into a convenience store (the one by my house where I grew up!!)
Only 2k left (well actually 3km...but really who's counting???)

And as we hit the home stretch I have Chrystal yelling at me. 
Raise those legs!
Work harder! 
Keep Going! 
Not sure if I raised my legs higher but I tried...
I am so grateful for her encouragement She got me there that's for sure. 

And we got home and stretched! 

And about 4 hours later ate some turkey, ham, stuffing, carrots, 
(extra stuffing no potatoes thanks)
one class of bubbly and only two bites of desert. Took a bite from mom's! haha

How was your Easter? 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Part 4: Ragnar = #runHappy AND Ragnar news!

Part 1  |  Part 2   |  Part 3   |  Part 4

Yes! I finished!'s quite interesting how emotional I still get (almost 2 weeks later) when I think about what my Ragnar experience did for me.....refresh, remind me about running happy!!!

From start to finish, we all were smiling! And laughing! And crying! And testing our mettle. 
Hell yeh! Team Tough Chik indeed

Being in close quarters with these amazing ladies is  truly awesome. I got a chance to meet 13 awesome women. Each one is truly fabulous and special in her own right. Someof us were coming back from injury, some of us had never ran that far, some of us were questioning our abilities. And each and every time one of us doubted, someone else was there to hold a hand or push or cheer or boost the mood with a pep talk!

We all conquered something in taking on this race! And we had a freakin blast. 
Some might say that being cooped up in a van with some strangers (or even friends) for 36 hours sounds like Hell on Earth. But I say if you have never done a relay, you should try one!

Big or small - I have done both. And LOVE em! 

I love the bond that is created with everyone. I love the strength you gain from others. I love how you can take turns leaning on each other. Knowing there is a support for you. Knowing that any moment a van of screaming hooting hollering crazy women will come careening around a corner to cheer you on and make you laugh. loud you really can cheer when your team mate comes rounding the bend.

And surprising how emotional this whole thing really is. 
And how much something so tough and yet so fun teaches you that YES. YOU. CAN. 

And that when you aren't sure you can dig deeper you find something inside you might not have known you had. All because of those last 30 some hours you've spent with a hilarious, hell bent on being awesome group of women!

And, as crazy as this sounds....

I CANNOT believe I am getting the amazing opportunity to do another RAGNAR....

Yup....I have some (bordering on insane) Ragnar news. In November, I will be joining Bondi Band on their corporate team for #LVRagnar. But instead of me meeting 11 strangers to will be 5 strangers. This is an ULTRA team. We will each be running a marathon (and some of us more) over 30+ hour time period. I am very honoured to be on a team picked by Bondi and we hail from Texas, California, Arizona, and little ol me from Calgary, Alberta!  Yes it is farther than I've run before...but it is also over a 24-30 some hour period. I am thinking about my training and am confident this is totally doable! Bring. It. On. 


Ragnar Part 3: What you do when NOT running!

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What do you do at a Ragnar Relay when not running?? 


We started out soooo early....
And we see BEACH!! 
 And we head off to the START!! 
 Then we see the start and wave byebye to Van 1! 
We do Van selfies
Sassy Selfies
Catching others taking the Selfies

Then there are the Selfies a la Photobomb! 

 And there is a hella amount of insane cheering! 

And more beach!

Making new friends or seeing old ones on the run
Ragnar is pretty much all about having a laugh and putting the awesome in photos (selfies or otherwise)