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Monday 15 September 2014

Big News of the Ultra Variety...

You all know about my love for Ragnar, having done SoCal in April 
and my ultra plans for the Ragnar Las Vegas this November ..... 

Weeeeeeellllll.....I have a wee announcement.

I am off to New Yawk to go join Bondi Band for Ragnar Adirondacks 

in 10 frigging sleeps

There are 6 runners. Not the usual 12 -- Hot diggity Day-em!

Running from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid. This is some supa dupa exciting news that came about in rather breakneck speed.

Pretty sweet deal...I was chatting with Bondi about Vegas and all of a sudden I have an invitation to run another Ragnar  - race entry, van rental and hotel all covered. AND some free gear and nutrition and hydration product from sponsors, In the words of Bondi "Just show up and be ready to run! C'mon it'll be fun!" (huh...Bondi my running enabler -- AWESOME!) How could I say no!

And as luck would have it I happened upon a SUPER cheap flight to Albany, new York at the last minute. And, since I have being running back to back runs to prep for Vegas, so I am ready to ROCK. It is pretty exciting...I have never been to this part of the world. And I think its gonna be beautiful!

Soooo. Yeh. The running part. I will be the 6th and final runner. I am pretty stoked to know I will run into Lake Placid. With 6 runners instead of 12, we do twice the miles. Essentially I am runner 11 and 12. I'll start with 11.7 miles. Then have an easier leg of a bit over 5 miles and finish with a bit over 10 miles!

11    6.30 miles | Hard1.90 miles | Easy2.80 miles | Easy11 miles
12    5.40 miles | Moderate2.70 miles | Easy7.50 miles | Hard15.6 miles

I am excited to meet the other FAB members of my team - Bondi Bandits:
Kimberly who can also be found on Twitter and IG
Gail who can also be found on Twitter and IG
Lisa who is found on Twitter and IG
Jenny (my Tough Chik sister) who is also on Twitter and IG

Jenny's hubs Adam ... who is also joining us as a runner.
And Lisa's hubs is our driver.

Are these men READY for the FABulous?? Is Ragnar?? Is the World??

Oh yes. This is gonna be FREAKING AWESOME!

Our Sponsors include:

  • The wonderful Bondi Band folks who have generously sponsored our team entry, hotel, van and some new awesome team gear! Find em also on Twitter and IG
  • Chase This Skirt: The wonderful Katie has made us awesome skirts that will rock out our look! Find her on FB and Twitter, too! 
  • Clif Bar Company have provided us with a whole lotta Bloks, Bars and Mojo for the race. We are totally gonna be able to #meetthemoment with Clif! Find em on Twitter and IG, too.
  • Krave Jerky: One of my fav snacks after a run! yum for protein. Hey, did you know Meb is a spokesperson? Check em out on Twitter or IG
  • ShowerPill: we are sooo gonna need these awesome athletic body wipes during the 36 hours in the van - no showering and a whole lotta running! Shower em with love on IG or Twitter
  • Nuun Hydration: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some nuun! So happy they are helping us hydrate. Show em some #nuunlove on Twitter or IG
  • I am a lover and a regular user of Vega and so pumped they are gonna hook us up with some #vegasport and #vegaone products! #fuelyourbetter, indeed!!  Check em out on Twitter and IG.
  • KT Tape is gonna wrap us up in some love, too! Check em out on Twitter and IG.

Have you done a Ragnar? Run Adirondacks?
Cheer us on! 

New York....its a state of mind innit?

Sunday 14 September 2014

Terry Fox Run - 10Km

Today was the Terry Fox Run in Calgary.

I promised the fabulous Jenn I would come run with her - even though I was doing a halfmarathon on the trails the day before. We will do a nice easy run....we say. So while on the trails with Sue, I get her to come with too.

So after a nice sleep in (til almost 9 am) we head down to Eau Claire to meet Jenn at 10ish!

I should give you a little info on Terry Fox - in case you aren't so familiar with his story.
Terry was a young guy who was diagnosed with Cancer. He had lost his leg ... and decided to run across Canada to raise awareness. He had a dream to stop cancer. 
On April 12, 1980 he started his run in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Dipping his leg in the Atlantic Ocean. With the intention a few months later to finish at the Pacific Ocean. He ran close to 42 kilometres (26 miles) a day  - passing through Canada's Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario. I rremember running home from school and watching the TV for his updates on the news. I was 11 and in grade 6. He was a national hero. Such an an inspiring figure. He made the news EVERY night! We were riveted in joining his journey. 
However, on September 1st, after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres (3,339 miles), Terry had to stop running. He was at Thunder Bay, Ontario. The cancer had appeared in his lungs. I remember it being the biggest story EVER that night. WE were all so stunned and saddened. But he would get beter right?? He would finish this and we were gonna see him run! But, less than 2 months later, on June 28, 1981 Terry passed away at the age 22. 
I remember than very next September we did our first Terry Fox run at school. Thirty-four years later, is legacy still continues...
Sue and I got to the race start and it was teeming with people. Several hundred came out to celebrate Terry's legacy. Sue signed one of the large memory walls - she was running for her mom, Louise.
We met Jenn and got ready to hit the pathways! 
As you can see...sue is the best photobomber EVER.

As we had run a trail half yesterday, we were taking it easy. And, Jenn, had come prepared to walk. But she gamely took us up on the offer to do a shakeout 10k!

We had fun taking pics along the way. Sharing our Terry Fox memories. We chatted about Jenn's cancer journey, Sue's mom, Our memories of Terry. He is such a galvanizing figure in our history. Jenn was 4 when Terry came into our living rooms via the TV. I was 11 and Sue was 14. Loved our inspirational run today!
Besides honouring Terry's memory, we got up and out and got some more miles in. 

  I was in Grade 7 for my first Terry Fox Run! 
1981 might be a long time ago....feels like yesterday sometimes.

5Peaks HalfMara

Earlier this year I did Rundles Revenge - a 25km trail race, 20 out of 25km in the Grizzly Half Ultra...and countless other 5Peaks trail races (with distances varying from 6 to 16km).

So doing a trail half would be NBD, right? Apparently not. Cause I like mind games. Clearly.

I left my place at 645 to get Sue. Then we stopped at Starbucks for cawfee (and oatmeal). 
The trip out to Canmore is always awesome. The views are so thrilling.
No matter how many times you do it. Its gorgeous! 
As we arrive it is clear it is super foggy. That's not uncommon this time of year. 
It will lift, we proclaim. But it is still weird with the mountains hiding! 
No matter. Sue, Deb, Michelle and I are ready to go.
 Bear spray is checked by the wildlife officers and we are off! 
Eat Mountains For Breakfast
The PERFECT shirt for this race!
 Basically the halfmara is a combo of the sport (7.5km) and enduro (14.5) courses of this race. 
The enduro has about 775metres of elevation and the sport 175metres of elevation! 
So yeh. #climbyourarseoff
Since we quite the snow dump earlier this week, there was bound to be snow at the higher elevation.
Yup. No disappointment there! But it was a lovely, cool 13+C (56F). I realize at this point hey I think this is my 28th half - actually it took a recount - it was my 29th half. But my first official trail half!
We are now about 6 km into the race. This is the point where the first of the Enduro racers come blazing by us. (They started 30 minutes after us.) And the first 6 mena are on bloody fire. Then the first woman comes in nipping at their heels.This is a great competitive race. 

And, surprizingly - at this point - it really lights a fire to push on and keep up. These first several miles have just been climbing...and then we hit a wicked downhill. Thank the lord it wasnt super skinny single track at that point. But fear not, there was lots of that too. Some muddy wipeouts and some cheering as runners raced by or stopped to help others who slipped. 

The snow made it slick, there was lots of mud, the climbing was tough ...
some single track, some double track ...
 But the views are FRIGGING AMAZING!!! 
 At this point with only 3km left in the Enduro course Sue called out and said we need a selfie!
 It was too awesome to pass up!!
Spending 30+% longer out (compared to road race halfmara pace) is worth it with these views! 
We finish the enduro part of the race ahead of where we thought we would be. Michelle and eb are a little behind us, but we know they are cruising along! We keep thinking they are gonna catch us any second. The last 7km of the race is hard. Legs buning, sweatdripping, heart singing kinda miles. A bit of hiking up a few short steep hills. And, along those slick slippy muddy single tracks. We have to stop to hydrate and eat a little gel and lara bar. But we finally know we have less than 2km. We pump up and get our strong back on to get to the finish area. 

And i thought I called out to Sue lets go! But instead I burn by her a bit right in those last few metres. She still beat me by a second. She was one hellova awesome pacebunny to be sure.
 High 5s all round and we wait for Michelle and Deb! 
As you can see - by the green grass - the finish area was a lot different than those higher elevations! It was still gorgeous and green. It's a great run for all of us! So much fun. 
I was pretty chuffed with a 3rd place Athena class finish. Not speedy but steady. 
And it proved to be a nice ego boost! I got a top three finish in all my 5Peaks races this year! yahoo!

  We finished the race with a lovely lunch, then....CUPCAKES! 
 Best Treat Ever (thanks to Sue for that)

 Then before leaving Canmore, stopped for one last look at Policeman's Creek. Beauty. Fun
 And, we are totally coming back next week for a training run for the Grizzly Ultra 50k Relay!

Do you trailrace? 
If not, you should!! 
We have bears on our trails on occasion - black, brown, grizz.
What you got on your trails?

For another great viewpoint of this race check out THIS vid 
from Get Out There Magazine

Sunday 7 September 2014

Dinos and Princesses

The first Saturday of September I thought I would do a couple 10k PLUS good training. I just underestimated the heat a bit!

Saturday was a great start...where I ran into the most awesome Martin Parnell and Susan and her hubs (who likes to avoid all photo ops). Check out Sue's amazing race report here!

The race itself didn't go bad. I went outta the gate too soon. Doing first two k's at a 6 minute pace might NOT have been the brightest plan! So I slowed right down. I was kicked my own ass for thinking nah I don't need to carry water. It was WAY too warm to have no water. DumASSmove for sure. but I just keep trucking along. I slow my pace to a comfortable run...not a push til ya puke pace. I figure Have fun...chill out. Does it always have to be about time, and then being sad cause i am not yet hitting a sub hour 10k? Can't I just STFU and enjoy the weather, run, wind in my hair? Done. Let 'er go and just chill.

I think it is the halfway point where I see Susan stopped. Waiting for me. ANd i think WHAT? ARE? YOU? DOING?? She is cursing as I approach with pretty much a #fuckitalltobits moment happening. I think I say, "Slum it with me, I am slow but its not so bad". And, we get into a rhythm. Normally it is me who never shuts up. I talk Susan's ear off at work or at teatime. But she is waaaay more talky than me. She keeps piping up with pithy remarks. Asking am I pissing you off. Actually no not at all. I like her saying, "We are doing good". AN she yells out the kilometre markers. HA! Its awesome. It is also funny that  I sometimes do NOT talk. Who knew? We have some burny legs, but we speed up for the last 2 km.

We come down the stretch wehre we run to the last bit before we hit the track...less than a Km to go. Sue yesll out there's Kev...get your Patsy ON!!! yes...Patsy and Eddie (ABFAB the best Brit show EVER) are channelled. and we rock it...
And once we hit the is clear WE WON!!! WE bloody WON!!! 
Then it was time for refreshment and relaxation after such a massive effort! 
And time to hang out with Trev, my amazing pal who won the bloody race! 
Doing this in 69 mins is FAR from a Personal Best. But sometimes its about having a laff. At yourself, and with others. Proud to be getting out there! Good Times indeed! 

Then Sunday came...time to get the Princess on!! 
This race was to benefit Children's Wish Foundation. There were a WHOLE lotta princesses around. 

Especially cute ones like this! 
My frined Jen and her mom Gabrielle had a lotta fun hanging out and visiting before the race. THe race starts and off we go. I wear a water belt (lesson learned) and just keep a steady pace. I pass a whole lotta princesses along the last few there are many walking the 5k. They are all so sweet. I wish i would have snapped more pics!
I finish in jsut over 70 minutes.And hang out and wait for Jen and her mom. 
And try to not eat the treats. But seriously. Macarons. You HAVE to eat them, dammit. 
It's for the kids. So shove em in yer gob!!! oh yes....they were DELISH I will have you know! 

We had a GREAT time...and looked FAB doing it. 

After the run... I felt a little guilty at home...thinking I still should have run a few more miles...
So I swigged back my yummy David's Tea (they filled my water bottle with their fab Pink Lemonade flavour) and got my arse outside. Swigged back some water and energy bits and went out for 40 more minutes.

A great weekend of back to back training indeed!!