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Monday, 30 April 2012

so about those halfs...

Maybe my last post is a tad brutal. I don't mean it to be. But I am my own worst enemy. I am hard on myself. And I struggle with not feeling good enough, capable enough. This MIGHT not be related to running, but it trickles in.

Lets see...maybe I should do a race recap since last August.

August 2011 - did my first half. In Edmonton. Temps soar to 30C by 10 am. Yikes. I finished in a respectable 2:30.

Sept 2011 - Did Melissa's. Was supposed to be a 22k race. Ended up barely 20k due to race changes due to construction. Did it in just over 2 hours. Good race day, despite lack of water stations.

Feb 11, 2012 - Calgary Hypothermic Half. Struggled with nutrition issues and strong biting wind. Finished in 2:31

Feb 26, 2012 - Edmonton Hypothermic Half. Struggled with 15-18 cm of snow the night prior. Holy shit weather, batman! Finished in about 2:50. Damn. That was hard.

March 4, 2012 - Red Deer Hypothermic Half.  Not a bad race. Slippery and snowy. But still finished in 2:34.

April 22, 2012 - Tour de Airdrie. This was pretty hard going. Although pretty flat, a serious lack of water stations in a nice cooking heat of 23C. Finished up in 2:32. (Having a PB in a 10k race the day before (1:03) may have taken my legs...)

April 29, 2012 - Calgary Police Half. Can I say that this race has SERIOUS hills. Going WAY Up and Plummetting way down. And, I finished in 2:31.

I am in WAY better shape now that last August. And, a better runner. But my time has not budged. Now...lets look at this. I have picked races in some great Canadian winter conditions. Each race is different. Every time there is a new challenge. I run better, stronger. THAT should be enough. But a drop in pace eludes me.

My halfmara pace that is.

My other paces seem to be doing well:
Last year I ran 5km in 41 mins. This year I am closing in on 30 mins. In 2010 I ran 10km in 1:20, last August I hit 1:05, This past weekend I hit 1:03. I AM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. (I'm yelling at my inside voice).

I am still chasing that halfmara pace. I will get there. 

But first concentrate on my marathon - The Calgary Marathon.

Then next up... Millarville Run to the Market! My 6th half of the year!!

Half Troubled

Woke up Sunday at 4am. I dreamt that I overslept and just as I was running to start my race, i woke up.

Gawd. I hate that. Then I had trouble going back to sleep. In case I slept in.

But at 6ish, i finally woke up for reals, and got ready for the Calgary Police Half. Start Time 8. I left my house at 720. Ran back upstairs as my spibelt with bib attached was on my bed. Gah!  Got it and off I went.

Tried in vain to go to the biffie in the morning, pre-race of course, but my bowels were having no part of it.

Waded thru the crowds to find my friend Jenn waiting for me and within a few moments we were off. Took us about 3 mins to cross the start line.

Nice pace, good banter, great race plan in place to do a PR. And OF COURSE at the 3rd km I gotta GO. Handily enough right at that very moment, i spy a portapotty at a house with mega construction going on. Joy! And even better it wasn't one of those nasty portapottys.

Quickly i finish my business and get back to the race. And have a great few more miles. Then I realize my ipod is set for 5 miles not a halfmara. JESUS TINA!!!! Get with it!!! 

Oh well I figure that It will just continue on and it will all be fine. Give me my music, its all great. And i keep running, in a nice zone.

We hit one of the big hills of the race. This is going downhill. EMS is waiting at the bottom, right by the bridge. And as I wheel on by there are 4 people getting taped. Oh crappy day for them!

I keep going. Then music stops. Full Stop. HUH?? Keep going for a bit...And then my watch beeps. WALK BREAK!! So out i pull my iPod. and re-program for the remainder of the run - 13km, I think. Maths is not my strong suit. Back at it. Its all good.

Really the majority of the race is uneventful. Everytime I sorta lose focus and the FATTY voice pipes in saying, what do you think you are doing This is too ambitious..." I think about early on in the race where the cutest groups of kids- 3 or 4 in a couple miles apart cheered us on along the pathways. Yell and clapping and cheering with outstretched arms for high-fives. Or really low fives, since they were all under 6. "You are awesome!" "Way to go!" "You're even more awesomer!" And, "Rock it sister!". So cute. SO fabulous. So needed!!!

Then comes the hill. The hill we have to go UP to get out of Glenmore Park. Up to the last waterstation. Is that the 14km mark? eek. Closing in!! That hill is, well for lack of better work, an asshole. Yes. A real  assyhill. Gawd a climb and a half. Aint no one running in front of beind. There are random cursers. But then I round the corner to climb some more...and am greeted by bagpipes. Music to my ears. My heart swells. I think of my grandma. She would be proud. She's cheering alongside with my Grandpa, I'm sure. And I bust a move up another 400 metres to the waterstation. Which means 6 km left. Oh! Flat the reast of the way!! Hallelujah. Good thing. My ass hurts. I got some demon in my hip/butt.

Ah, a few more kilometres and I pass the portapotty that I curse (and yet am thankful for). Almost home...the last 2k were good. Felt strong. And was able to almost sprint the last half km.

And i am sure i yelled out  F*CK when I crossed the line and realised I didn't have a PB. WTH? Part of me is happy to have done. Hell...FIVE half maras this year since FEB!!! Yet something is wrong.

Jen keeps saying "Good job" but I shake my head and pout and know I am frustrated and pissy that my time has NOT improved since last August. Yet i know its a good race. I perk up. (Though Jen should have probably kicked me in the ASS).

Jen crossed 4 minutes ahead of me. We are all pretty happy. . Probably cause we are done. And want water. And the bananas that wait us. Oh, and cookies. mmmm. 

I try not to to be disappointed in the time. But i just don't know WHY my time is not dropping in the halfmarathon. But then again I try to tell myself that it is about the distance to help me do the MARATHON. Yet, I just want to have my time reflect where I think it should be. Maybe its nutrition. Maybe its all the running I do, and I am slightly fatigued. Maybe I let this distance mind-f*ck me. I dunno.

So fast forward the past 24 hours. I have waffled. I have toyed with the idea of dropping the marathon and going down to a half. But I have planned this. I am ready to run the mara. I will not do it in 4.5 hours, like I want to, but I'll finish. I will be proud I can do it. And then I will work on a few tweeks, and keep running.

And at some point, I will kick this beast. I will let my mind go and just run.

Less than FOUR weeks 'til the Calgary Marathon. i have some more training to do. And I will be there. With bells on.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Been There, Run That

So I have a birthday coming. And a Half Marathon. My 5th of the year!

eek. Five sleeps til I turn 44. Forty-f*ckin-four. Really. I remember turning 18 not that long ago. Less than a week after that...i got to vote in my first election. Wow.

But 1986 was a while ago. What did i do on my 18th bday? Well my grandma and my mom and 3 of her 5 sisters took me out for drinks at a local pub in Stettler. The Town Pump. It's still there. HA! nice name.  What was the drink special? Why, Yukka Flux. Oh dangerous. I recall thinking I had hit the grownup league big time being out with my Gran and the ladies! I still enjoy drinks with my Mom and aunties.

So what will I do this year? Hmmm. Anyone wanna go for a run THEN we can have a pint?? That will make this bday bearable.

Oh I digress.

This week started with a half marathon, then funeral (see last post). Followed by working the polls at  provincial election. And a run on Tuesday that ended up being super painful! My hip seems to have tightened up so much and no amount of stretching, rolling or cajoling will loosen it up. GRRR. So I was told to take rest of the week off in order to be good for the upcoming half this Sunday (and full mara in almost ONE month). Yesterday took my 5Km run class out for nice easy 2x 10:1s + 5:1. Felt good. And that would be the last I am to run this week. That felt weird, since I have been running 5 or 6 times a week for months now. Today I woke up and off i went for ART. Oh, the pain. The agony felt delicious. and then off to work. Today. Well, it was a gong show. Blah. Work happened.

Then I went to the post office for 2 parcels. oooooh! I never ordered anything!!! Ah, but it turns out i did. My mom got ahold of my staff order forms from my running store. And WHAM ...ordered me running bras (in a size smaller than my last bra - yay!) and a new pair of Brooks trainers. OH glory!!! I love birthdays. Well, the present part anyways.

So awesomeness. I get to break in my new Moving Comfort Fiona this Sunday at the Calgary Police Half Marathon! This will be my 5th official half this year. I did two last year (August and Sept) so I am doing pretty well. Am trying to tune out the chatter about TIME and PACE. And just do it. not be concerned about the finish (except that I DO finish)...but you know...stop worrying about why I haven't broke the 2:30 time. Maybe its been prep. Maybe its been weather (extreme heat or cold is what I got to run!) OK. Yes I wish to hit a half mara in under 2:20, since i can run a 10K in 1:03. But it is what it is. I need to see that I am training for a MARATHON in a month and not try to overwork myself.

Still, I want to crush my last time. This sunday I have my  moving comfort bra (gool ol' fiona), sparkle skirt, yurbuds, onemoremile shirt, and WATER BELT ready. My Ecco Bioms are ready to run me to the finish in a time I will be happy with. And I have a rocking run mix. I shall endeavour to have fun, and knock em dead. And not beat myself up in the process about whatever time it is I run.

Cause I think what I need to remember is that I can, I have, I will. And 5 Half Maras are nothing to sneeze at. It's time I start being proud that I run. That I get my arse out there. And not being worried that other people will judge me 'cause i didn't run it fast enough.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

a PB weekend.

It's been a long weekend. A 10km run, a half marathon and a funeral.

I'm tired, a wee bit sunburnt, and my right boob is killing me. More on that later...

Let's start with the upside: a new PB in 10 kilometres! hot damn.

Saturday morning started with a nice community run down by the river. The Mountain Equipment Co-op Bow River Run was good times. Seemed like a couple hundred peeps braved the sunny lovely conditions to do a 5 or 10k jaunt.

I ran with my good friend Tom, who is a avid cyclist and is in damn good shape. And Can run really fast (damn him) without really trying. The only thing I have on him right now is my endurance. ha. But it was his very first race of the year, soo he was looking to go slow. He actually ran with me the whole time, but kept shouting out heart rate, and interval speed and timing to keep me in the loop. Of course the last time we ran together was last summer, where I might have weighed 20 more pounds and could not even THINK aobut keeping up with him. Oh how I love how times have changed. I am sure he humoured me, since he ran ahead of me and finished the last kilometre in under 4 minutes, whereas I did mine in about 6:20 per k. Still it was a good day for a race.

Sunday began with me walking and realizing my hip (or maybe my glute) was going to be a jerk. A real tight jerk. So i spent 30 minutes rolling and praying for it to loosen the hell up.

Then I drove off to Airdrie (about 30 mins norht of the city) to meet my pal Lisa for a halfmara - the  tourdeairdrie!

We ran in memory of Andrea Conroy, who at 33, was murdered on March 2 by her boyfriend (who then killed himself). We ran to help support ending the cycle of violence.

What a glorious day. Sunny, and the hottest day of the year. Now, April in Alberta is not usually very warm. This was a day where temperatures soared above 20C (more than 70F).

So seriously HOT for this time of year. That's OK, we crowed. We are gonna crush this race.

It is, after all, our 4th official half marathon of the year.

hot chicks and their compression sox
And then we started running. And we go by the first waterstation. Not yet set up. Hmmmm. What does this mean, I wonder. Me, who did NOT wear a water belt since there were upteen aid stations in this race is screwed. That's what I am wondering. And then I am also wondering if my hip will smarten up and loosen.

Then at about mile 5 I wondered where I was gonna pee. Cause I had to. BAD. And so I did. And didn't care who saw. Stopped just off the pathway near a partially covered fence and took a glorious pee break. A truck honked as he went by me crouching down. Awesome. Hey, but I had to go. Seriously a half mara with NO biffies. What is UP??

And we keep going. We rock through 7 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. WHOOHOOO. WE are on track to bust this mother. And Lisa sort of gets ahead of me, as she really is a faster runner. And I don't think to say, "hey, give me one of your waters outta yer belt". I mean why would i. there are at least 2 or 3 more stations coming up, right?

And then seriously. NOT ONE MORE WATER STATION for the rest of the race.

I am screwed.

With 3 miles left,  I passed a cemetery. I thought, "how apropo". My time kept slowing and slowing, and my legs became lead.

With 1 mile left, I caught Lisa and we drank the rest of the water. And the last 2 k sucked. Sure we finished in just shy of 2.5 hours. YAY (its about the race, not time....I say, but i know this is bullshit!) I am glad to have ran, glad to have finished, glad to feel freaking awesome. But I am so so SO sad i have not cracked 2:20. GAWD. Well, there is another halfmara next weekend....

Let me tell you I spent the rest of the day gulping water.

So the funeral bit....well, my ex's dad passed away last week. He asked me to sing at the service. I said yes. Jesus.

The funny part of this tale is me after a halfmara brushing out my hair, realizing F*ck, I do NOT have time to I head straight to the funeral home. Where I am greeted by the presiding minister with quite a look. I think he was unsure of what to make of my hot pink compression socks and a shirt that declared "does this shirt make my butt look fast?". And my purple running skirt. So I hightail it to the washroom, change in to real clothes and come back out.

And so i take OFF my running bra (which I LOVE) and its bloody. Ummm. Great, Boob chafe. Once again I have lost a bit more weight But now my one and only run bra is too big and i have stingy awful chafe under my right boob? C'mon!!!!!!!!!!

Man...I have drank 3 bottles of water in 30 minutes, and am still thirsty. And I keep seeing people who I like, who I don't see or speak to anymore...but I have no idea what to say, so I try to ignore everyone and keep a low profile.

Did I tell you that my regular bra hurts the boob chafe? yeh. It does.

Anyhoo. I sang, It went OK...I find flaws in every performance, so I am too hard on myself. But I was glad I could share the gift of song. "In the Garden" is one of my favs. I was glad to have sang it. I hope it helped the family in a small way. Gosh, it's been hard to watch someone go thru the loss of a parent. I couldn't be that stoic. Never have been and never will be. My mom calls me the sensitive one. Is that a middle child thing?

And now I am off to bed. I'm tired. Tomorrow is a new day. And a day off of running. And a day off of work. Except I am spending my day off working the election polls for our provincial election. Should make for an interesting day!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Woman on the Run

What can I say about tonight's run?
Keith Haring Running Heart
I was SO not looking forward to it. In fact, I was ready to blow it off, then i re-thought that strategy and drug my sorry arse out there to do it. As did 3 others in my half mara and mara run group. Usually there are a minimum of 10 runners there. Slackers.

I felt pretty good i showed up. We chatted for about 25 minutes on tapering, kinda interesting...kinda making me think...whoa...6 weeks til the mara! EEK. Yes. Good think I am here waiting to run. Seriously. No skipping!!!!

And then we stepped outside. Oh! brrrr. But as we started it was a good pace, tight group. And off we went.

We decided as a group to run the entire distance together, and two of us cut back 2 km to run the 8km with the HalfMaras. The pace seemed good, and easy. Niiiiiice. In fact, it felt great the whole way. I never struggled once. Never thought, "why am I doing this?". Never struggled to keep up.

Seriously I felt like THIS! 
And I should add that I am always chasing some of these sub 6-minute runners (6 minute kilometre,not miles...omg - that would be FAST!).  Tonight I wasn't. I was hip-to-hip. Felt GREAT to keep up and feel like i still had more in me.

Good times. So tonight I did 8km in 52 minutes. Not stellar fast. Not insane. Not race pace. But Friggin FABULOUS! In March 2011 I ran 5km in 40 minutes. In May, I ran 12km in about 1 hour and 36 mins. By August I hit a PB with a 32 minute 5km.

Oh how far I have come.

And, best of all, there's more to come.

Thought for the Day....

Sunday, 15 April 2012

100 Things To Eat Before You Die

First things first! I cannot take credit for this post.

I must thank and give props to Gourmet Runner (GR) who wrote this post on April 10! I read it and had to "borrow" it. I cannot believe I have eaten almost everything on the list. Not sure what that says about me....

I first saw this list HERE on Facebook...and so here is the list - I marked the ones I HAVE eaten in blue. 

1. Abalone
2. Absinthe (tastes worse coming up than going down...)
3. Alligator
4. Baba Ghanoush
5. Bagel & Lox
6. Baklava
7. BBQ Ribs
8. Bellini
9. Bird's Nest Soup (no clue...had to google)
10. Biscuits & Gravy (this is kinda gross, esp that white gravy. eww)
11. Black Pudding (umm. Do NOT eat this for breakie while hungover)
12. Black Truffle
13. Borscht
14. Calamari
15. Carp
16. Caviar
17. Cheese Fondue
18. Chicken & Waffles (WHAT is THIS about? Must be an American thing)
19. Chicken Tikka Masala
20. Chile Rellenos
21. Chitlins (The South can keep keep this treat. No thanks. Don't wanna try)
22. Churros
23. Clam Chowder 
24. Cognac
25. Crab Cakes
26. Crickets (mine were chocolate covered!)
27. Currywurst
28. Dandelion Wine (oooh drank and thrown up...funtimes!)
29. Dulce De Leche
30. Durian (GR is right...the smell of this is nasty. So is the taste.)
31. Eel
32. Eggs Benedict
33. Fish Tacos
34. Foie Gras
35. Fresh Spring Rolls
36. Fried Catfish
37. Fried Green Tomatoes 
38. Fried Plantain 
39. Frito Pie (just a fahhhncy way of sayin corn chip casserole)
40. Frogs' Legs
41. Fugu (yikes, I love sushi, but this AIN'T happening)
42. Funnel Cake
43. Gazpacho
44. Goat
45. Goat's Milk 
46. Goulash
47. Gumbo
48. Haggis (My gran used to make it..and it can actually be GOOD!)
49. Head Cheese (Forced to eat this as a kid, my Dad is Norwegian. I still hate it to this day.)
50. Heirloom Tomatoes
51. Honeycomb
52. Hostess Fruit Pie (gross) 
53. Huevos Rancheros
54. Jerk Chicken
55. Kangaroo ( I ate it a lot when I worked at the Canadian High Commission in Australia)
56. Key Lime Pie
57. Kobe Beef
58. Lassi
59. Lobster
60. Mimosa 
61. Moon Pie (I would imagine this is as gross as a Hostess Fruit Pie or a Twinkie)
62. Morel Mushrooms
63. Nettle Tea
64. Octopus
65. Oxtail Soup
66. Paella
67. Paneer
68. Pastrami on Rye
69. Pavlova (oh yummmy!)
70. Phaal (apparently the hottest curry ever. I ate it once in England. I cried.)
71. Philly Cheese Steak
72. Pho
73. Pineapple & Cottage Cheese (I LOVE this!!!)
74. Pistachio Ice Cream (Does gelato count, I say yes)
75. Po' Boy
76. Pocky  (You GOTTA eat this! Best snack ever!! Choc-covered pretzel sticks...mmmm) 
77. Polenta
78. Prickly Pear
79. Rabbit Stew (Made by my old boss at a chinese restaurant a million years ago. It was great.) 
80. Raw Oysters
81. Root Beer Float
82. S'mores
83. Sauerkraut
84. Sea Urchin (Ordered ONCE by accident at a sushi bar. This shit is so GROSS)
85. Shark (Best fish and Chips in Sydney, Aus...beach, sun,!)
86. Snail
87. Snake (drunk at a fondue was rather chewy)
88. Soft Shell Crab
89. Som Tam  (aka - spicy thai papaya sald. DIVINE)
90. Spaetzle 
91. Spam
92. Squirrel (jesus, i canNOT imagine!)
93. Steak Tartare
94. Sweet Potato Fries
95. Sweetbreads (I threw up after taking a bite and finding out what they were...ha!)
96. Tom Yum
97. Umeboshi
98. Venison
99. Wasabi Peas
100. Zucchini Flowers

How many of those on the list have you eaten? Which ones would you NEVER eat? 
I have eaten 93 out of the possible 100. Only thrown up 5, I think. I would advise you all to never accept steetbreads, haggis, Spam, Sea Urchin, Head Cheese and Durian. Chitlans sound gross. 

What would top your list of things to eat before you die? 
OOOH A meal prepared by Chef Gordon Ramsay? Thai Food in Thailand? Some Coq au Vin in France? mmmm. It appears there is not much I wont eat. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Gotta Love Freebies

Good Lord! What a week. Actually what a great day. I received 3 different "prizes" in one day! Hot damn. I received a note saying my "run mix" I entered in the Calgary Marathon "Get in the Groove" contest was a top 3 finisher! So a $50 gift certificate from Jugo Juice is on its way to me! Awesome (and yummy) smoothies await.

Then the mailman dropped off my mail, and an envelope from Yogen Früz arrived. I had given up hope on that envelope coming, since I had been told back in January that I had won a gift certificate via twitter. I figured someone had taken my lovely mail...but no! My treat arrived safe and sound! Needless to say I was super stoked to open my mail. Frozen yogurt treats....again...yummy!
St Paddy's Winning Green!

Then I realized I missed the UPS delivery from Yurbuds. I had won a St Paddy's day prize pack with a lovely pic I tweeted. Guess they loved my green look! So I zipped across the city to the UPS depot to get the prize. But wait....i have a coffee date with a friend. EEK! So I pick Tom up and tell him that I am gonna go get my package after we have coffee. He says, no way, we can go now. But between him and me, the directionally challenged duo, we get lost at first. GAH!

Anyhoo, the package gets picked up, and we arrived back at Starbucks for a Macciato fix. AHHHHHHHHHH

But first we have to rip open the package. OOOOH! First we pull out a nice big cross-chest back pack, then a shirt, towel, umbrella, and Yurbuds!!!! Oh niiiice. I am so excited. And off we head to Starbucks, all the while me wanting to go home and try the shirt on and put the buds in and go for a run. But no. I have to work. Then Tom rips open the package and puts on the shirt and says, "Oh it fits, nice and roomy."...No dude. You can't have my shirt!

After a nice, relaxing coffee, I am off to work. I spend the rest of my day wondering about my package. And thinking about trying it on. Clearly work is NOT engrossing. AT. ALL.
Yurbuds PrizePack!

I finally get home, and since it is snowing and blowing there is no way I am running. It's also 8:30 at night. And given I had already ran nearly 60km this week (and its only Thursday, I can give running a rest tonight!)

But i gotta take everything out. Arrange it. Take a photo....And try the buds, the shirt. Read everything. I cannot WAIT to get out for a run!

Oh yes. More pics to follow this weekend. This shirt ROCKS!

Ah, yes. Lucky me this week.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Tonight I popped on my trainers and went for a run with my Marathon group. We had a 10km run planned, I was feeling a tad hesitant -- I was totally worried i would be dead dog tired after my 38 km run on Sunday...but hells yeh!! I pumped out an 11 km run. And my legs were just fine.

It's a completely odd feeling. I have been kind of on clould nine since finishing that 38km run. Sure it was not in a killer time. But Doing it in well under four and a half hours is pretty swell. It gives me the confidence boost to know YES I CAN run that marathon. And I will finish in an impressive fashion.
Speaking of impressive fashion...I just found these sox! OMG. 
They are on my MUST HAVE list. Seriously. Martinis and Running? oh yes!

now...where was I? oh legs.

Sure my legs are tired. I feel it in my muscles a bit. But not like i THOUGHT it would be. Limping and sore, and dragging around.

Well, I  guess the running 4-6 times a week since June is showing. My persistence in training has given  me new legs. And stamina. And endurance. And a nice ego boost.

Here's to a solid few more weeks of training before the BIG taper begins.

I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I am to be excited about the Marathon and not worried, stressed or shitting bricks. Cause I was a couple weeks ago, let me assure you I was shitting bricks. I was completely ready to change the distance to a half marathon and be relieved. Now, I am ready to take on that Mara.

Come What May. (and yes, for those of you who know me...I am singing that out LOUD!)

Monday, 9 April 2012

TinaFab's NUUN HTC Relay 2012 Application

I want to be a part of the NUUN Hood To Coast Relay Team...and this is my story

A couple of years ago I was a different person than I am today. I started running - something I had done back in High School. I enjoyed it, but it was HARD. I wanted to run. 

 I wanted to run. I tried. I did it a little at a time.
At first with trepidation, slowly I built up from 5k to 10k runs. 

Slowly but surely I built up my strength and confidence. 
But I had a long ways to go. One Step. One Mile. One Day.

A year ago I decided NOW was the time to try a half marathon. 
I worked my butt off. Literally. 
In a matter of 6 months I lost 10 inches, and dropped my 10km time 
from over 1 hr 20 mins to under 1 hour 5 mins.

How did I do that? I ran. Road Races. Trail Races. I ran every chance I could. I investigated nutrition, I ran after knowledge, peacefulness, and chased down the elusive pace. 

 I ran in the rain, the sleet, the snow. Day or night. 

I love to run. I love how it makes me feel. I love who I am when I run. 

Now instead of looking like this after a race

I look like this

I have now run 5 Half Marathon races. By April 30th, I will have run 7. 
And in less than 7 weeks, I will do my first Marathon.


More than ANYTHING, I want a a bib. A HOOD TO COAST BIB.
I want to be a part of this amazing race with the NUUN crew!
'Cause I love NUUN - it tastes great and I never run without it!
It is one of the first products I ever used. And let me tell you when I tried other products, I quickly went back to NUUN to hydrate with.

Who do you want on YOUR team?

Nuun other than Tina Fab!

This past month,  I became lucky enough to start coaching a group of 10 runners in a 5km run program! 
I love that they inspire me as we work towards their first race in a few weeks. I love that they cheer me on as I do them. THAT is what I know awaits me on the NUUN crew. And that is exciting. 

I have a lot to dedication, my laugh, my energy, my passion, my nerve. 

There is a place for me on the relay team. I believe in team.
I love to learn from others. I can't wait to cheer everyone on!

I loved the blog entries from many of your team members last year.
THAT is what i want to be a part of!
I am new to the blog-o-sphere, but I know I can rock it!

NUUNthing better than that!

Everyone LOVES a Canadian (hey, we KNOW road trips people!!)
Plus, I want to spread the word about NUUN.

Nuun other than Tina Fab!

Even my 5km Running class that i now teach think the only choice is NUUN other than TinaFab! 

Navel Gazing

For the past couple months I have written in my blog. But not published. I have remedied that now. And after yesterday's run, I think I have my mojo back.

I ran 38 kilometres. Holy Moley. A year ago that was impossible. Two years ago, unthinkable. I have come a long long LONG ways. 

Part of me wants to qualify this run by saying. "well, it was just 10 and 1s. Repeated." But thank god a bigger part of me says, "Hell girl! You just ran further and BETTER than ever before! YESSSSSSSS."

This past year hasn't been easy. I often wonder how I got to the place i am at. Just by wandering. And now here I sit. Approaching 44 and single. And, missing my old life. But really, what was it anyway. It WAS. And now I AM. I need to move ahead. 

I think the past few months I have slipped into a funk that is horrible. I have held everyone off, and been very alone. I run. I teach my run class. I go to work. I am unhappy. 

Maybe its the time of year. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's me not being able to see my accomplishments. Maybe it's me only being able to see what I do not have.

I think the past few months I have slipped into a funk that is horrible. I have held everyone off, and been very alone. I run. I teach my run class. I go to work. I am unhappy. 

Maybe its the time of year. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's me not being able to see my accomplishments. Maybe it's me only being able to see what I do not have. 

So now, I need to remember what I can do. I can run a half. I have completed 3 races so far. By the end of April, I will have completed 5. And at the end of May, a mere 3 weeks after turning 44, I will do my first marathon. 

I now, after yesterday's run, I know I CAN. I Have. I Will. 

Yesterday's run was...pretty freaking awesome. Yes! Spring has sprung. I am not saying the 38km was easy, but it made me feel good. It made me FEEL. I finished with joy in my heart. And a sense of accomplishment. THIS is why i run. Not to beat someone, not to lose weight (while that is a nice benefit). I run because I can. And the spectacle of spring - clear blue skies, greeting other runners, geese chasing each other - and children on the pathways was pure awesome. I need to remember THIS. And not the other stuff.

This run made me realize where I came from. And that in less than seven weeks i am gonna be at the Calgary Marathon with joy and excitement, not fear.

Come What May! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coastal Experience. oh yeh

Almost two weeks ago, I went to Kingfisher Spa with my mom and sister.

I was lucky enough to win a getway back in October, but haven't had the $$ to by the flight to get there.

So, Mom surprized us with a pick-me-up for the grrls!

The weather was amazing. the food divine.

And I even brought my run gear. I figured I had to go for or a run - my group was going to tackle 26km. I couldn't miss that. Even if I'm on a holiday.

I am SO afraid of not being able to complete the marathon. It hangs heavy over me, like a wee grey cloud. Even if I was on a holiday.

And running at the coast is easier, right?

And yes, yes it is! But first, a bit about my run.

I get up before 7 am - no one else is up. Then my newly pregs sis stirs, and we lie in bed talking for close to an hour before i leave.

I then realize I forgot my running belt - argh no hydration - so a 26k run is out. But a 10 miler is in!

Off I venture. 
But first I just stand outside our suite and take in the view. 

Glory Be! I am wearing shorts, too. Ah...Us Albertans revel in the magnificence of British Columbia coastlines and glorious weather. 

Yes! It didn't rain ONCE while we were there. A miracle, to be sure. But I will take it! 

And off I go. First down the highway, then through a back area...which proves to be too deserted for my liking. No one knows where I am am, so I am not too keen to be crossing paths with a bear (which has happened here) or a creepy stranger man. So after a few kilometres I head back to the highway to run into the town of Courtney about 7k away. 

But first i run up and down every bloody sidestreets  possible to catch a glipse of seaside back yards. and glorious greenery. 

Perhaps I should be concerned with straight running, and getting those miles in, but I cannot help it. I have to stop a few times and take in the morning views. Spring has sprung. And It's awesome!

 Of course i have to stop four times to take a bathroom break, too. HA! The joys. Well, thankfullyits pretty unpopulated, so no one saw. I hope.

Still, I ran like the wind. I am not sure I have ever run like that. I sure hope I will run like that again. I could breathe easy, I had great stride. It was EASY. I got through a 16km run like it was half that distance. No sore legs, no hip issues, no heavy breathing -- nothing but fabulousness. Now THAT is a run.

I so gotta run a marathon HERE! 

I got back to the spa just as my sis and mom had finished breakie. So Mom says, "hurry up and go eat, so we can go for a hike". Yeesh! I downed an amazing breakie of salmon hash and off we went for another hour long hike (the second in as many days) through the lush greenery and along the beaches, racing back for our 6 hours of spa-ness followed by bubbly to celebrate a great day!
Post Run Pedi's!
Wonder how long my pedi is gonna last?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Meh. Snap outta vit.

I haven't been blogging much lately. Dunno what is up. OR down. Just feeling kinda poorly. I read other blogs. And wish I could do what they do.

Oh avarice. I hate you.

More than likely it's me I don't really like. Or my upcoming birthday. OR the 30 km run I just did. OR the voice in my head that really shouldn't have signed up for a marathon. It's too ambitious. YOU are NOT ready.

Yet. I just ran 30-freaking-kilometres. And I am whinging that I am not good enough.

I am gonna go hover somewhere. (bed perhaps?) Read a trash novel and navel gaze. Because for crissakes. I just ran 30 kilometres and I should be proud of myself.

Chalk it up to the run. At 5 i was thinking I should be elsewhere. At 15 I thought my knee hurts. Something is up with my ankle. grumble, grumble. At 20 I was ...holy shit, i ran 20? Awesome. And at 22, i was like...i gotta pee. At 24 I was over it. And at 26 i stopped. Then started again. C'mon. 32 is the can do it. So I started and ran and stopped at 30. Declaring the shittiest run in history over.

On second thought not sure it was the run. It was me.

Next run will be better.