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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Endorphin Warrior: An Empowering GIVEAWAY!

*Disclaimer: I was given an Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
We all have reminders and mantras we love. And, if you are like me, you like to have a few inspirational quotes to boost you up. Plus...don't tell me that you do not have a favourite song on your playlist that gets you fired up and feelin all badass out there while running!! I have all of those, plus a few wearable ones - in the form of an Endorphin Warrior Bracelet!

I received my first Endorphin Warrior Bracelet in a blogger giveaway from Jessica at rUnladylike! That was back in April 2013 - I remember this because I got it in time for my birthday. I loved it. It says PERSEVERE. I still wear it! Since then, I have had several more added to my collection. No doubt you have seen me showing off my arm candy on Twitter or Instagram.
I love these bracelets because each one carries a simple one empower word to help keep you focused. The warrior training bracelet I am giving away has a nickel-plated metal tag riveted to a 5/8″-wide, natural-leather wristband. It is a snap closure and comes either brown or black leather. It's available in 5 sizes to accommodate all wrist sizes for women and men.

I wear mine for running...
And for a whole lotta everyday wear.
Well worth the $20 cost. It just makes me smile when I wear it. And gives me a boost. I just like the idea of wearing your mantra.

One of my favourite memories of the bracelet is the 2014 Calgary Marathon. It was not a "good race", I really had trouble the last 15k and the wheels came off. I cried, My sister texted me the best message saying 'I love you, I am so proud -- you know you can finish - keep going! I am here waiting!' And so she was when I limped accross the finish. There are a lotta tears and joy in that photo of me. I was wearing Persevere, Believe, Believe. I wore them the week after the race too. nice sunburn, eh? You might see that photo if you purchase a bracelet, as it is on their promo postcard!
So why a giveaway?
Why not! I am about to embark on an epic journey (um, yes a 50K trailrace)! 
I was panicking a few weeks ago about it all and I looked down to see Transcend. Breathe. Believe. It gave me a moment of pause, and I took a deep breath and smiled and said. YES. I. CAN. 

Funny, since that is the very bracelet that Eric from Endorphin Warrior sent me! 
I will DEFINITELY be wearing it in Revelstoke! 
If I have some wifi will be posting some pics on Saturday Night too...
Steel your focus: It all starts with self-belief. Let I CAN serve as an empowering affirmation that helps you stay more positive, strong-minded and focused…to help you overcome your challenges, improve performance, achieve your goals, live healthier and be your best. Our I CAN bracelet is perfect to wear while running, training, at work, or anytime, anywhere to help you live stronger in body and mind.
The I CAN bracelet is actually a fundraiser for Girls on The Run! When you purchase I CAN bracelet $5 is donated directly to GOTR.

There is my big warm and fuzzy hug for Endorphin Warrior. Go check out their training bracelets and enter my giveaway -- make sure you pass it along to a friend! You totally need one of these FAB bracelets to give inspiration on your next run, hike, ride, or wherever your adventure takes you.

I will be drawing for the winner after my epic adventure!! 
Go Be FABulous! 


  1. You are my hero! You gave me my very first EW bracelet and I still wear it regularly to give me strength when I most need it. <3

    1. oh poop forgot to answer the question. If I won - I would choose the "Unbreakable" bracelet. because you are always trying to remind me that I won't break even after my fracture ordeal last year.

  2. I would get focus, conquer, or persevere :)

  3. I think either Limitless, or I Can

  4. I love these! They're so motivational and that's just what I need when I'm running. I love the "Believe" bracelet. It's been a long road for me to get back into running after some medical issues, so that's really my go-to mantra when I'm having a rough time during a run!

  5. My choice: I CAN! Because I have learned that if I work hard and feel confident, I can do anything.

  6. I think the bracelet looks awesome!


  7. I CAN Warrior Training Bracelet!!!

  8. I can. Would remind me that I can, I should, I will be awesome just like you T!!

  9. I am crap at 'not losing' bracelets and whatnot. These look pretty secure! I can (bitches) is that on there, no?

  10. I would choose the UNBREAKABLE warrior training bracelet.
    Sadie B.

  11. I would choose the I CAN bracelet!

  12. I've been wanting one of these! I'd choose BELIEVE.

  13. I would get Fearless, for sure!!

  14. I'd have to choose either Breathe or I Can (because it's for a good cause!)