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Friday, 31 July 2015

FABFriday: Thank GAWD

It's been a bit of a week hasn't it? 
GLAD to say...SOOOO GLAD to say...It's #FABFriday
I am personally SLAMMNG the door SHUT on this past week...
Good thing it is a LONG WEEKEND here!

#STAYFAB this weekend! I am spending mine with a few runs. Actually I am off to a family there MAY be a few drinks needed too. Family can do that to a person. 
Actually the running part may prove to be difficult given the rural location - narrow roads, gravel, and unpaved areas. I am  generally looking at some highway running (UGH) 
but there needs to be some running. Some EVERY day! 
Next week I have some great trails I deal with what i get this weekend right?  
They would roll with the punches...and kick the suck in the pants. 
What are your FAB plans??

Life. It's Fabulous.

Embrace it. Love it.
Celebrate the Awesome!
Run off all the suck oooops I mean Laugh yer arse off.

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean about the family reunions! I hope everyone behaved themselves :)