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Monday 24 August 2015

Cawfee Tawk: How do you take it?

Coffee! It really is one of my favourite things. as you can see from many Instagram posts, I love me some coffee! This post - as part of a link-up suggested by Elizabeth -- is a bit of my ode to coffee...
Iced, hot, with Baileys, it seems I most often have it. I am a big tea drinker - and consume way more tea than coffee, to be honest. But, I still love one cup in the morning. Sadly, coffee doesn't always love me back, so that is why it is a treat. In spite of the fact that coffee can upset my tummy, I still crave it. I love the smell - it reminds me of my Mom - she always brews coffee in the morning), I love the taste -- black or with milk. yum! (And if you have a cappuccino maker ... oh froth Baileys!)

Perhaps most of all, I think I love a coffee date. It is about the chat, the visit, the run, the catch-up. One of the people I most often have coffee with is my friend Cori. We run,then have coffee. Sometimes, in the past year when she was injured, we just have coffee. Maybe its the company, but yeh, coffee time  -- any time of the year -- with a good friend is where it is at! Are you with me?
I have been known to drink coffee before a run, but only if I drink it 2-3 hours prior to the run!
Otherwise....well...then there might be a whole lotta stoppin goin on (le sigh).
More often than not, coffee happens AFTER a run. Part of that is the social aspect, especially when you run with friends. That said, I often go for a coffee alone. I love sitting indie or outside (weather permitting) with a nice cuppa - chilling and enjoying the weather or the view and organizing my thoughts. And, sometimes, if it was a crap run, that coffee serves as a nice big old hug. I just sit there, zone out and love the morning a little more. It's a nice peaceful moment. 
At work, I often have a few beverage choices on my desk. Water always. Definitely a few tubes of Nuun, a teapot, some varieties of tea - since that is easy to brew at work. I am constantly with a cup of tea. Cold or Hot. If I have coffee at work, I stop on my way in and fill up my travel cup. Normally, I have coffee 4 times a week. If I am lucky, Susan and I get a chance to sneak off for a break and visit. Sometimes its a run, sometimes a cuppa. Depends entirely on the crazy of the day...all associated with the fabulousness of a catch-up session. 
Yup. Coffee is my treat, a comfy one, to be sure. I drink it at home, when I travel helps me peace out or plan. It is a reward, a happy place - and perhaps - my love for the coffee break is what it represents or gives me. Sometimes it is about the peaceful, it is an "ahhhhhhh" moment. Sometimes its is all about the caffeine. More often, it represents love, fun, catch-up, memories, sharing.
Coffee time is really about #allthefab! 
Who am I kidding? Some days are fuelled by the Coffee! 
Who Can Relate??
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  1. Yes to all of this! Love me some coffee!

  2. Nothing is better than coffee with friends. Always my favorite way to have coffee :)

  3. I love it! I tend to have Late Homicidal Tendencies everyday!

  4. Coffee with friends, yes! Much more socially acceptable during the day than wine with friends (though I guess it is always 5:00 somewhere). As much as I love coffee, I also love tea. My current obsession is David's Tea (Canadian, but we have a few here in the States).