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Friday, 14 August 2015

A week of running: Laying down the miles

Last week was a flurry of #allthemiles and #alltheheat. Trails, parks, catchup, oh my! Excitement!!
Friday was a shorter run - through it was a workout. Fun on the Trails with Mark and Rachel.
Rach and I met up with fellow 5Peaks Ambassador later Friday afternoon to show him one of our hidden gems - Bowmont - in the NW corner of the city. This place has some good climbs, great views, and lots of spots to take a few photos. Mark kept saying - wow, is this what tomorrow's run will be like. We kept saying...nope. tomorrow will be even more technical! With a bit of path.
We took a few twists and turns and before you knew it we were in an area I had never ever seen! HA! Yes, I am directionally challenged.
 But we laughed took pics and ran some more till we found our way back to the "regular" trail. Now I know there are even more Fab trails in Bowmont.
We wrapped up with some more laughs and parted ways...knowing we would all meet up bight and early the next morning for 5Peaks race in Fish Creek Park - on the South East side of the City.

Saturday was 5 Peaks Race in Fish Creek. I was up bright and early to volunteer for package pickup! The morning was cool enough to sport a beanie for an hour or so at 7 am! Plus, we were in the shade.
It was unclear how long the route was going to be...some reports said 14.5, some said over 16k. So I counted on it being a 10miler. Knowing the area a little I was expecting it to be hard. Challenging terrain and I was right. Over the 16k/10miles - we had a whole lot of interesting terrain! And it was hot as blazes. I was SO happy I carried extra water in my hydration pack. I did however stupidly forget some gel nutrition at home. That was a wee booboo, as I needed it out there.
It was hot as blazes. But everyone was in good spirits. Funny thing with trail, you feel so alone and don't see a lot of folks. And since it was not an out and back, couldn't see others coming in, to understand where you really were on course!
Devin snapped this of me early on ... Rachel got these as I finished.
It was great, I felt as if I faded in spots - but I had plenty of water. I just needed a boost of gel.
But I forged on. When I finished (and it WAS 16k), I was SOOO excited to get to the food area - watermelon awaited!!Alas, it was empty.Well ... there were a FEW pieces left. and some juice.  
I had no class shame. I drank the watermelon leftovers! Tasted amazing!
It was muddy in spots, hot and oh so sweaty...and I started to feel discouraged, then I remembered Terry's advice on a trail 10-miler. Aim for a half-mara time frame, she said to me last year. That will be a good showing on the trail. And, given how technical some parts of this was, and with the heat (and the stupid forgotten gel episode), I had a pretty good race. I beat my best halfmara  time, so even bringing up the rear I had a great run. And thoroughly enjoyed my beer in the shower afterwards.
By Sunday, I really didn't want to run. My legs were lead. BUT I needed back to back mileage. FORCE myself to get the fuck out of bed, I told Cori I would run to meet her. No sleeping in, do driving to meet her. Dammit, I was getting those miles in.  Let me say, those 9k effing hurt. It was tough. At one point, I saw I was a bit early for her, so I did a quick loop and did the peace bridge again. I tried to make it fresh, put on different  headgear.
That didn't really help. So then I turned UP the tunes and sprinted almost a kilometer to Cori. Cursing all the way! Just as I stopped she pinged me. Despite not having run together for over a year and a half, we picked up right where we left off! #bitchesberunning
We decided to head towards the zoo - we had 12k to go. And, Cori needed to see some of the new construction going on in the east area that had been damaged by the flood in 2013. We were stoked to see that St Patrick's Island had re-opened, so we ran though there to check it out. And, clearly got in some photo opps cross-training.
And, while I am certain I whined about my sore legs, Cori gamely put up with it. reminding me that coffee awaited us. oh yes!
 In fact once done that coffee and light lunch, we decided to HAVE ANOTHER!
And, because I am on the back-to-back training regime a glutton for punishment, I had a Monday date with Susan! Trail again, but a shakeout run...Off we went to Baker Park, did a couple kilometers of path, then a couple on the trail, we decided we better run up the one big hill. As we barreled down the hill, we decided to take a different path and explore another area of the park.
Do we go left or right? Right it is!!! BEST. IDEA. EVER! since we found a new path that while short, it was technical and super scenic and fun to run.
 It was awesome! And we are so going back there Monday!! It is as if we get right out of the city...and into nature. a little getaway, and it makes Mondays something to look forward to!
Lessee...that was a total of over 50k from Fri-Monday. I took Tuesday off.
Ummm..Wednesday consisted of meeting a friend and talking about running.
 That counts right? It tasted good - Charlene was visiting from Yellowknife, so yeh, WORTH IT!
 Thursday it was stinking hot AGAIN! frig. I walked home, practically felt ill. Tried running...25 minutes of HELL. And walked home. Tried again late at creeped out by a cat caller.
How hot you ask? I think that is closing in on 98F. EFF. IS. RIGHT!
Today's run BLEW CHUNKS. So I am re-focusing. Hitting the trail tomorrow. And just running.

So...tomorrow I am putting in miles. I am over the moon it may rain. Truthfully, am happy. Its so icky right now and training sucks in this heat. And well isn't always safe.

Hope your week was FAB!

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  1. Wow those are Ottawa temps! That is insanely hot and we are getting the same here ALL weekend! BUT run we must :)