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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chickd GiveAway: Nominate an Amazing Woman!

This year I became an ambassador for Chick'd Apparel. I am a big fan of the company AND their awesome athletic wear. It holds up to  wear and tear and is amazing quality! Chick’d is run by two fabulous Canadians. And, I, like most of their ambassadors, love how they celebrate women and encourage us to look past stereotypes.

In conjunction with their #mytype campaign, Chick'd is running a FAB Contest:
Do you know a woman who is doing great things for her health or the health of her community? We want to celebrate these women and reward one lucky woman with $500 of amazing chick’d gear.
Please email us at to nominate a special woman in your life. 

Nominations will be collected from Oct. 26-Nov 9. First round voting will occur from Nov 10-23 on FacebookThe three nominees with the most votes will become finalists with further voting will take place between November 20-27 on the Chick'd website to decide a winner.  These three finalists will each receive a Chick'd #MyType t-shirt.
The finalist with the most votes will be awarded the grand prize 
of one of each of the FABULOUS clothing items Chick'd makes (a $500 value!)

I've gotta get on my nominations...I have a list of a ladies who INSPIRE me!  
Who inspires YOU?  
Take a few minutes and nominate someone you love! 
Send submissions, along with a photo of the nominee, 
to Michelle and Alison at


Superhero Volunteer Gig!

Sunday morning I woke up super excited! Not because I had a long run (noooo I got that done on Saturday)...I was super stoked for the WOW SuperHero 5/10 km Run! And then I lied in bed an listened...and then looked out the window.

Saturday was 21C (70F)....ummmm I woke up to -1C (30F) and Snow. Lots of it. BAH!!!

But wait.....I have a SUPERHERO costume to don! There will be runners who NEED me at the 5km turnaround! YESSSS...But most of all, I will suffer through that sleety snow alongside another volunteer....BatMommy (aka Cori)! So it cannot be that bad! GET UP GETUPGETUUUUUUUP!!!! Don that Sparkle and hit the trails!

I really would have LOVED to run this race, but it just didn't work in my when Cori suggested being a course marshal I had to say YES!!!

Cori and I met at Eau Claire, the start of the race to get the deets, make posters, and get coffee. Posters were nixed due to the VERY wet weather. We then decided with the nasty wind and biting cold, it was not the smartest idea to run the 5km to the turnaround point where we would be working for the next hour.

We would be WAY too cold ... so we drove and parked nearby. And by the time we walked up the road to the turnaround spot 5 minutes away, our feet were SOAKED! But the view was sure pretty!

Then we decided to amuse ourselves until we got a runner....

 Clearly it took a few tries til we got the jump shot "perfected"! 

The race started at 10...before we knew it we were insanely cheering as a runner approached. HA! She ran on by as she wasn't in the race. But the next runner was. She was on FIRE! Then we got a few more runners. In a real 'go grl" moment....there were 3 or 4 women before a man came along! There were only about 30 10km runners. So we still had plenty to come. 

There was a lot of jumping, cheering and Hi-5ing ALL pathway runners. Even those who exclaimed, "Oh no! We aren't in your race!" To which we replied, "You are running today, you deserve cheers!!"

We had cars honking an waving at us! I expect it was a spectacle. 
Actually I had a couple messages when I got home that some people had seen us cheering out on Memorial Drive and 29th Street and RECOGNIZED us from their cars. 
Awesome. We did our job then! 

Then a volunteer came riding up. We can't be one we said to each other!!! Still plenty to come....

And he snapped this of BatMommy and SpiderFab: 
Greeting runners as they approached the turnaround on the pathway! 

By the time the last cyclist came to tell us it was time to head back, we were freezing! 
But not to cold to snap a couple more last minute shots...

So we headed back to the car then the finish reception area for coffee, treats and thawing out! It really was a hoot. It was my first gig as a course marshal! I loved it! Can't wait for it next year....ooooo there will be a good costume!

Ever dressed as a superhero? For a run? Or just in everday wear? 
Who is your favourite superhero? 
Batman or Robin? 
Best villain? 
Supergirl or Wonderwoman? 

#littlebloggybluebirds ReCap

Two weeks ago CoriMichelleLeana and I ran the Banff Ekiden Relay
How did it all start? Read  all about it here and here

Really this post should start with me sayin': "What She Said!" Why? Cause I don't know if I can sum up how awesome this day was. BUT my fellow relay members have done an amazing job of recaps!
Cori - Leg 1 and More and STORIFIED!
Michelle - Leg 2
Tina - 3 & 4 (someone was drinking some BLUE koolade when they suggested this - HA)
Leana - Leg 5

And now my dear is MY version of how four #littlebloggybluebirds burned up the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada. 
(this is the third version since somehow I managed to delete the first two....I got possessed by a Luddite this past week!) 

On a cool dark EARLY Saturday morning Cori and I took off to fetch Leana. Of course, me not having coffee meant I was distracted and missed the turn to get the direct route to Leana's neighbourhood. instead we drove through a neighbourhood, saw a big ol elk crossing the city street pausing to stare at us incredulously while we tried in vain to snap a pic. HA! Finally we get Leana and after pausing to take pics of bunnies in her yard, we raced to Starbucks for coffee. These gals took pics and tweeted while I drove...I am shocked not one tweet said anything about my driving...since, well, I am a bad driver.

We were all rather chill and laughing the whole way. Funnily enough ALL of us had struggled in the week or so before the relay with being sick, too. But we were in this race for fun, comraderie...and had fabulous birds were READY!

And as we got to Canmore to pick up Michelle, we had to change cars, since my back seat only had 2 functioning seatbelts! WHO KNEW!! Again, more laughs and giggles and we arrived at the race.

Got our bibs, and began to get ready ....
Cori started us off! And as in typical Cori-ness in a great mood and knows how to set the tone... at the beginning of her leg AND at the end! She was strong and set the tone. It was fast and furious.
While Michelle was getting ready she was being Camera I couldn't snap any silly shots! 
Once she got going...I was worried I would be out there before I knew it!!! So we jacked around and took a few snaps to quash my nerves...

It seemed like only a few minutes later they were calling Michelle's bib number which meant I only had a couple minutes before she came up the killer hill...looking FRESH as a DAISY...she had had a blistering pace too...
I am not sure I was really ready for her...but off I went. 

Onto the HILLIEST hill section EVERRRRRRR. Good god. I climbed and climbed. AND roared down some hills. Man, I love goin downhill! And despite getting over about of shingles,  I killed that 3rd leg. I ran it in a pretty stellar time, since it was a lotta climbing. 30 minutes FLEW by. I regret not taking any pics, since I had a hella scenic route. AND then I got to the hill. Oh Frick. That is a jerkwad of a hill....

Up the hill, through the finish and the start. As I got to the turnoff the volunteer was yelling NO GO LEFT-- LEG 3 IS LEFT. I am running by turning right to Leg 4, yelling back. No I am leg 4 too...They couldnt find my bib. Thank GOD I had a nice long downhill for a good kilometre to catch my breath. While this leg was a bit longer than the 3rd, it was WAY less hilly. IT just had one really really long out an back. Felt never ending really. I think I had a gas issue. As in outta gas.  Some of it was a lack of energy given how hard I pushed on the prior leg. The problem was I never took water on my legs. All the other legs had water stations. Michelle's had 2! I had none. I didn't think about texting the girls at the start of the leg 3 say gimme water. So that was a mistake. But I started well hydrated. I just slowed down quite a bit. Especially at the second go around of that DAMN hill! hahah. Probably the slowest I ever ran a 5.5km run... But that is OK. I got er done. And I finally got to Leana!

Off she goes and its time to Cheer, and snap some more silliness...

I can't believe how FAST this is all flying by! 

Before we know it, we are saying...ok...where is she? Leana has got to be coming...
Michelle heads down the hill to meet her, While Cori and I wait at the finish...and...


WOOTIE!!! Go the #littlebloggybluebirds! 
So all in all we finished a marathon faster than any of us ever have! Granted the course was cut short  -- by the addition of three bears on the course resulting in a slight route adjustment. Still, we had a blast and we were pleased with our time.

So to my #littlebloggybluebirds, I thank you. For one of the BEST race days ever. For your spirit, love, enthusiasm, drive, inspiration and patience. For your friendship and your understanding. Did I say patience? Cause I probably make you all crazy!!! 
And you have kept me sane! 

Your smarts, humour, speed and all-together fabulousness gives me a lot to strive towards! 


oh and here are more after shots.....
Lunch was super!! 

An special thanks to Leana who made us all up a goodie bag!! (notice the empty picky bar was devoured immediately after my legs!!) So thoughtful and sweet :-) 

And THEN it got better as Cori sooprized us with a "medal" touching. 

I can now say without a doubt I really DO love a relay. Especially with these amazing women who know how to have fun!! So thankful to have you among my friends.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: But I don't wanna ...

The past two weeks have been a bit of a shambles. Haven't felt like running much. Has a abjectly shitTAY run...4 days later broke out in shingles (really really awesome for those of you who have not had the JOY), struggled thru exhaustion and joint pain and nerve pain and managed a few runs, and more than a few walks.

Went home for Thanksgiving, and stayed here for most of the week as my Uncle passed away. Have had a wonderful time with my family...and remembered how great my fam really is. And how blessed it is to be surrounded by love and good memories.

AMidst all this I am so so READY to get home. Am super excited for this weekend to be running with the #littlebloggybluebirds in this weekend's Banff Ekiden Relay!! And get back atter.

And this picture (taken during a 2012 halfmara - conditions were umm - less than optimal) sort of sums up the thoughts I have had this week about running, getting up, gettin er done or exercising!

Happy Running Folks!
Whatcha upto this weekend??

Monday, 14 October 2013

#littlebloggybluebirds hit Banff Eikiden

Check out the AWESOME logo Cori designed!! 

This weekend Cori, Michelle, Leana and I are running a marathon.

A relay! 5 legs! 4 #littlebloggybluebirds burning up the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Banff Ekiden Here We Come!

I am pretty sure they are all excited as me about this awesome adventure we are to undertake!

We have matching sparkly skirts, schwings, headbands, socks...oh yes FASHION meet FUNCTION.

This is gonna rock...and finally we will all be together to actually get photos together!

 We all have photos with each other at various events, runs, run-ins...but not one group shot of the 4 of us. You will not be able to contain yourselves one those hit the twittervesrse, let me tell you!!

Ekiden (駅伝) is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race, typically on roads.

So what is the Banff Ekiden? It is 5 legs that add up to 42.2km! The each leg of the relay starts and finishes at the top of the Banff Centre at Tunnel Mountain Drive. All 5 legs finish with a steep hill climb!Given we ARE in the mountains, it makes sense. It's gonna be a good challenge and HEAPS of fun. Cori is starting us off with Leg 1 (7.8km), Michelle will tear up Leg 2 (13km), I am taking on Leg 3 (4.3km) and Leg 4 (5.4km), and Leana will burn it up coming home on Leg 5 (11.7 km).

I am so excited to be running with these FABULOUS ladies. It is gonna be a FUN day to tear up a marathon course. And, look fiiiine while getting the run on! Plus the autumn scenery is going to be great. Banff National Park is rather spectacular! So excited says the #runnerd.

Have you done a relay? 
What's your favourite memory of the relay? 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

rerun: Hooray for my Running Sisterhood!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in in regards to being thankful...I thought I would revisit a blog post I felt really speaks to what I am thankful for. 

Health and the ability to get out and joy the sleet, sun, snow when I RN. or beautiful blue skies...and the many wonderful friends and family....

This blog ORIGINALLY appeared on Chick'd Athletic Apparel as an Ambassador Guest Blog.
I loved it...and wanted to share with all my bloggie followers...
When I get DOWN about a run, I just have to check out some of my pics
and am reminded of a whole lotta laughs and good times!
In the past few years I have been on a journey for me.  It’s been a fitness journey which turned into a journey of self-discovery. The past few years have been difficult on many levels – personally, professionally. And I have been terribly sad.  But in taking up running, I rediscovered joy. And found passion and meaning and purpose. Yes! Running is a joy.  I love feeling fit, being toned and best of all, being able to eat a few GUILT FREE meals. But I discovered that the best part of running, the thing that really keeps me hooked is the sisterhood!

I have met some amazing women in the past few years. Many of them are new acquaintances. I have re-established old friendships, and feel very lucky to have met some very special women with whom I have bonded with over a lotta runs – long and short. I have forged some amazing friendships on those training runs.

At first in a few of my running classes, we all started looking nervously at each other. Wondering if we could keep up, or really questioning what we signed up for. And then the run began. And we just ran. Every week showed up and did it all over again.

These classes introduced me to some fabulous people, who in turn introduced me to other groups of runners, got me blogging, and really have kept me moving!  And through this journey I have even met some of my sisters online. Tweet-ups have turned into solid friendships. Some of my running friendships are solely online. We run, and email each other and chat after…new age pen pals!

This past year, I finally met a few women who run my pace. This excites me….no more long runs all alone! Running is a solitaire sport, though, you say. Well, sometimes it is better to run in a group. And even better if we all naturally run the same speed. And so some meet-ups were born.

We run when we can. Quickie runch breaks (run+lunch…haha get it?), long runs early on Saturday or Sundays before kids wake or before heading to work. When you’re running at 7a.m. with no makeup, hair any which way as long as it’s out of your face, and you begin to, then any topic is fair game.  Sometimes you talk. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes we stop and hug, even cry. Sometimes after 16km, you feel vulnerable and exposed. And, sometimes you feel that way before you run one mile!! We can be silly, laugh, take pictures, and just be.

It’s funny, for a few years I mostly ran alone with music.  Now I have regular meetups and we talk children, husbands, boyfriends, breakups, make-ups, politics, sex, careers, races, and weather – anything and everything.  Running with my friends – new and old – has provided me with a lot of great advice and unconditional love and support.  We have never discussed it, but I guess we all know it: what is said on a run, stays on the run. (Is that a running cone of silence? Ha!)

And yes I still run alone, music blaring, feet pounding. But man, I love my girls. And I love what they mean to me. Nothing is more awesome than going for a run and running into a fellow sister on the pathway. Or Meeting up before a race, running, then having a coffee and catch up afterwards.

Running has changed my life. It’s made me reflect and be thankful for some diverse amazing women who have influenced me. I am truly blessed to have forged friendships and contacts near and far.

And, for that, I can thank my sisters.

Do you have sistas you love to run with? Near OR Far?

Do they keep you motivated, show you the way and sometimes save the day?