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Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Icebreaker challenge! #nostink

So yeh...about that #stridesrunstreak...
That crazy run at least 1 mile every day streak during the month of December? 
 Yeh that one...

Yeh. The one where I wore THAT PINK TOP over and over?  

To spice up the streak...I was given an extra challenge of selecting ONE piece of Icebreaker
clothing to wear EACH AND EVERY DAY of the challenge. I do love wearing it...but really? NOT wash said piece of clothing!! WHAT? Insanity. That is gonna be one smelly tank....
First of all, I really do love my few pieces of Icebreaker I own. It is pricey. But, in my opinion, the quality and awesomeness, has definitely been worth every penny. (I was not paid or given anything for my endorsement...just sayin'!)
So why the 'wear everyday' challenge? 
Icebreaker is made of merino wool. It keeps you warm when its cold, and keeps you cool when its warm. Go check out their fabulousness! They say it totally resists odour naturally! They claim it can be worn for days - even weeks - without washing. So Strides issued a challenge. Pick a piece and wear it every day for the month! Sooo I, the intrepid TinaFab, put THAT to the test. At first I was not a believer, but now am a total convert!

I tried in each photo to showcase the tank...but when I ran outside, I sometimes forgot to show it. TRUST me, I was wearing it!

And holy crap AFTER X miles and 31 days (lets be honest, I hadn't washed it since about the 8th of November), it really doesn't stink. NOT AT ALL!!!! NOT. A. BIT. 

I also wore almost every workout my bike jersey, hoodie and long sleeved crewneck top. They were amazing layering pieces to keep me warm. I really am please with how they work in warm temperatures to keep you cool (In summer and at the gym or trac I have only worn the tank over the past year), and how layered they really keep you warm. I am the sort that after a run (no matter what season) I get quite chilly. But if I wear IB, I notice a difference. Once this moth I wore all my pieces under a windbreaker (in -20C) for a 5km run and when i came indoors I removed a few layers andd didnt get a chill like I would usually. My hoodie has been been worn time and time again in both winter and summer to keep me warm. #loveit

Towards the end of the streak, each of the pieces began to (naturally) get a wee bit smelly right after a run. But I hung them up to dry and they were really fresh (ot as in sweaty stanky fresh) the next day! 

Ask Michelle's husband...who smelled it on Day 22. He nope no stink at all! 

Even my sister and mother noticed on days 25-29. Sort of that strange look of is THAT the shirt you have been wearing all month? I nodded. It's been a source of amusement all month long. 

I totally FREAKING love this line of clothing! 

It's amazing in the heat and in the cold. 
Haven't tried it? 


As you all may know I signed up for a Running Streak. The objective: run a minimum of one mile every day in December. YES! I can do it!

Us gals decided to kicked it off with a nice 8(ish)km run then add on the inaugural mile with Strides on Saturday November 30th! So Cori, Michelle, Saskia and I met to run it out! Michelle met us at Strides (she had already done 10, and needed another 18 to round out her mileage). FUN!!!
And so the streak begins.

Here is the recap folks...
You might notice something in the photos...
THAT PINK TOP? Boy, you sure like that top,Tina! HA...actually it was a challenge. Wear a piece of Icebreaker everyday of the challenge. I chose my Icebreaker singlet. WHY on earth do that? (see explanation HERE).

Day 1: Went for a quick 30 minute run after I put dinner on to cook. Forgot to bring GPS to my streaked NAKED. Got in almost 5km.
Day 2: Blizzard hit overnight. Can't travel, Went to gym to my sister's killer bootcamp class. Ran intervals with weights. Got in 4.5km.
Day 3:  A little over a mile to start out the workout. Then some weights. Still can't go home. sigh.
Day 4: 20 minutes of progressive treadmill, in combination with core work. Followed class with another 15 minutes of treadmill. 5km!
Day 5: Worked late. Got home at 9. And had to go out and run. It was VILE. Windy. Felt colder than the -25C it showed on temp gauge. Got in 1 lousy mile. That was cold!
Day 6: Temps dipped below -30C. Wind Chill very nasty. My 10km training run was cancelled so ran 4 laps of southcentre mall. That is just over a mile and a half! Line-up for Santa was too long to get photo done, so found a cardboard batman to stand in! Felt a bit bare in only tank, so popped a run vest overtop! I would have run longer (despite the weird looks) except security stopped me.
Day 7: Despite it being -35Celcius with windchill I got in a 5km Santa Shuffle! Tank hidden under a million layers.
Day 8: Today I just couldn't run outside. Yesterday did me in. I did just 3km running and almost 5 on the stationary bike. Cardio-riffic! Oh and nooo...the tank does NOT stink...

Day 9: Got home from a few errands and realized had nothing for dinner. Got run gear on. Ran to Chinese resto by my place. Ordered, ran a quick 2km and took dinner home!

Day 10: Slick roads and a late night at work.I decided that hallway sprints in my condo were in order. 10 repeats mean 2km. I have loooong hallways. Yup icebreaker tank isn't smelly
Day 11: Met Michelle for #runch! Over 2 miles as well as 8 hills - 6.7 km all in. It was 0C today! We ran without our jackets! Singlet overtop of my long sleeve top!
Day 12: Squeaked in 1 mile later in the evening. it was hard to be motivated today. Got on my gear and went outside. BRRRRRRR Foggy and cold. -12C, but no wind!
Day 13: Woke up at 6. Did NOT feel like running. But I signed up for a 5km race to get me going. IT was -18C...brrrr. But I layered up and ran a lovely race - slow and steady but FUN! 500 of us raising money for the food bank....AWESOME!
Day 14: Met Michelle for a run before work. My damn GPS died. Ran naked. But I think we got in 6km. Felt slow...but made my day! Funny, at work no one wanted to smell my top. BUT stinky!
Day 15: Met Cori at Eau Claire for 15 km long run. It ended up being a few k's of trudging thru snow since we went off the path and hit trails instead of path due to flood damage! Felt great the whole way, but not at all speedy! Ended run hitting the Ferrero Rocher tent set up at the fortuitous.
Day 16: Today felt like crap after a redic day. Zipped home and got in a measly mile. But it was cold and super slippy!
Day 17: Saskia showed up at the mall today so I could lend her a Sparkle Athletic skirt! We got in one mile! should have done more, but there were a lotta shoppers. And I had to go back to work. leSigh.
Day 18: Day shot to hell with extra call to work. Missed #runch with Michelle. On way to work, I stopped and did 2 laps (3.6km) of union cemetery. Stormy and too cold to get in any more.
Day 19: Got in 2.5 km after work. Long day! I forgot to wear Nike watch and phone croaked. Holy Crap Cold!
Day 20: One quick mile. Houses in the hood so nicely lit up tho!
Day 21: UGLY Sweater Run at Strides! Hard, hard run. Just didn't feel it today. 6km done.
Day 22: Almost 9km with Michelle and Keith! it was -23C (-10F). Felt great in spite of cold.
Day 23: Chinook blew in and warmed us up to 2C (35F). Ran hills - so warm had to take OFF my jacket. 3km.
Day 24: Started work at 5am, finished at 10. Started job #2 at 1030 finished at 2:30. Raced to get changed and got in a nice 5km run with a bit of a walk. Some of the side streets are too icy to "run" on. I felt great working out the fuzzy brain. Napped then drove 2.5hrs to my moms.
Day 25: Mom and I decided to get out and go for a brisk walk. But the unseasonably warm temps and RAIN (it never rains in winter! bah) made for black ice and very slippy conditions. We both almost wiped out - scary. So we headed back after just over 2km. Still, nice to get out before Christmas Dinner.
Day 26: Mom stopped the car, I jumped out a couple miles from my Aunt's cabin. Ran up the highway and through some slushy country roads to get to her house where Scrabble, Pass the Ace and Bailey's waited!
Day 27: My tummy was UNHAPPY with rich Christmas food, and maybe an overdose of oranges. I got in 4km altogether.
Day 28: Temps of -23C (-9F), a winter storm keeping me at my parents for a few days (and not the RIGHT outdoor gear) meant a treadmill. 3.65km! And 5km on the cycle too. My icebreaker gear does not stink! Too awesome.
Day 29: Still crappy and snowy. Staying another day in off to the gym where 2km of running and 4km of cycling are done!
Day 30: Today Sucked. I have a horrid cough. I am exhausted. My parents gave me the cooties. Hard to run, got in 2km. OK. This tank needs to be washed. Not cause it stinks. But there is too much deodorant on it. ugh.
Day 31: Missed out getting a last mile with Strides crew (but got in a nice visit!), was not feeling so hot, but decided to get out and go to Eau Claire for the Resolution Run. Didn't run "fast", but 1500 runners and warming temps with a bit of ice made me be a bit cautious! Felt great actually finishing up the month with 125.25 km!

Sunday 29 December 2013


This past February I was named to TEAM CEPCANADA 2013!

As a weekend warrior athlete I was honoured to be named to the team with some really amazing elites! I am not fleet of foot, but I am a super fan of CEP compression! And even us slow kids need some compression love too!

And after picking some new CEP socks and sleeves, I was stoked to be running a few races with my CEPs!

I Wore them while travelling to and from Bozeman for my first half mara in March! Rocked out the Run for L'Arche 5MilerCalgary Police HalfRocky Mountain Soap Race Weekend (a half mara and a 10km), Calgary Marathon ... to mention a few!

On most of my long training runs I also wore them. I definitely wore them AFTER Edmonton Marathon (I did the half) Loop Around the LakeHarvest Half and Last Chance Half.

Between March 17 until November 10, I ran 9 half marathon races and 3 half marathon virtual races. That's a lotta miles! On one of those races, I tacked on a 10km race the next day. Sounds crazy! It was. It was also a test to get me on the track to push my endurance. If it hurts keep going....push those legs...keep moving forward! WHY? I wanted to train harder in order to get ready for a couple trail challenges. One of which never happened due to our Floods.

In July, I ran a 32.5km trail run. eek! August brought more miles again. But after each and every one of my half marys, my legs felt pretty damn good. Sometimes those runs were hard , but i felt that my recovery was quick. And, yes, some of that comes with training ... But I credit my happy legs to my CEP Compression Socks.

I do love running in them, but I actually think I love em even more AFTER the run. I honestly think they make a a HUGE difference in recovery! After I ran Leg 1&2 of Sinister 7, I changed out of one pair of sleeves, and wore another pair for the rest of the day. I even slept with em on. Woke up to legs that were feeling pretty good. In spite of one heck of a gruelling workout!

I had a bit of a hard year this year. Got some solid running in, to be sure...two days from 2014 and I have hit 1000 miles. AWESOME. But I have battled back from a nasty shingles bout. Once that pretty much zapped all energy and ability to run faster, train smarter an sidelined my plans for a PB. But this is truly the year I learned PERSEVERANCE. And, that it, and friendships and encouragement on a run means WAY more than any PB. I didn't have a single running injury. I gained a lotta smarts along the way. AND HAD FUN! And, I like to think the pics in this post (and many on my blog) show that I did it lookin' pretty good.

I have been upset that I didn't have a year of improvement. But I have had a year of immense learning. I kept moving forward! And, in 2014, the year of the MARATHON for me (6 months til the Calgary Mara!!!), I will use those learning to train better and relax more. And keep on running with my CEPs!

I think if I were to choose ONE photo that epitomises this year, running, me, and how I feel after a run...this is it!
You can't see my FAB CEPs...but they are ON!

Thank You CEPCanada!
How do you #RockYourCEPs?

Saturday 28 December 2013

OMG!!! Mileage Update

I just added up all my mileage for the year...had to merge a couple programs and re-input some into one app that I deleted by accident...(BACK UP DATA is a resolution, I believe!). It only took several hours over the last two days...

ANYHOOO...guess what? I calculated my mileage at 1604 km...which is 996.7 miles!!! 

Now the crap thing is that is it -23C (is that -8F) outside and I need to get out there to get in a few more miles....

My sister just called and said she is going to gym. I HATE HATE the gym...but I will take treadmill over icy snow drifted streets!!

Friday 27 December 2013

#13in2013: The RECAP

Last January, I decided to take up a challenge. I had read about 13in2013 from Jill at Fitness, Health & Happiness!

Seemed like a good challenge...Add I hopped on board! I was in!

Really I intended to do 13 half marathons...but I quickly realized THAT was not going to happen. 

I had a year that started with an endometrial ablasion...and ended with and awesome bout of Shingles. #superawesome No, not really! It slowed me down more than I thought and I just didn't have the $$ to travel to a few extra halfs. And our Flood didnt help either, since a couple of longer races were cancelled too! Had the Flood not happened, yes, I would have done 13 halfs. I am not making excuses. I think that I had a hella year. Just not one filled with personal best times. It was one of struggle, and perseverance. And life lessons I care NEVER to repeat. But, still, I had a heck of a year! 

So what DID I run you ask?  
6 5km races (with a PB on my BIRTHDAY!) + 1 on NYE! 
8 10km races  
12 half marathons (3 virtuals and 9 races)
1 15 km race
2 5 milers
2 relays (sinister 7 and Banff Ekiden)

So I might not have done 13 halfs...but in NO WAY can I say this was a failure. I didn't come close to my personal best time in a half. Not once. 

But I learned a lot about myself and my character and how to dig deep when you would rather cry and say, "!@#$#$%%^ it! I'm done!" 

I gained friends and learned how awesome it is to cross a finish line when it seems you might never. I learned that I have friends who know how to kick my in the arse and say, "You finished, don't cry because it isn't the time you wanted!" And THAT is what is important. I am not going to qualify for Boston. I am not crushed by this. What I am going to do is continue to to get out there and run. And, hopefully, 2014 will be the year I post a few faster times. ANd chill out about having faster times. Let the GOOD times roll!

Bring on the Fabulousness of 2014!

So yeh. Since you are curious...I AM signing on to #14in2014. But not sure what i will do....I only have a couple races planned (so FAR)  for 2014. One is a marathon. So all races have to follow "THE PLAN". The plan I still have to formulate. :-)

Tuesday 24 December 2013

A Holiday Message ...

Merry Christmas 
Joyeux Noel
God Jul
Mele Kalikimaka 
Nollaig Chridheil
 Feliz Navidad

Wishing you all laughter, peace and love this Holiday Season.

Did you run today? 
yup i did...still streakin'!
On my, read, nap, baileys, cook, eat....nap. 
If it weren't for this #StridesRunStreak 
I wouldn't be getting dressed! 

Sunday 22 December 2013

That's Better....FRESH at Day22!

Yesterday's run blew. Felt like I walked. had no legs. and no matter what I did couldn't get rhythm nor could I feel IT. nada. Just felt leaden. I even said (outLOUD not even in my head), "I have no business signing up for a marathon if that's how I am gonna run!"


So. Today. One Hour. Snowy pathways in the south of the City before work. Has to be better. Plus, cant give up and let a poopy mood ruin things. Oh crud. Its -23C (-10F). superUGH. But no matter I have people WAITING. so.....Let's get er done.

I get to Michelle's and Keith is already there. 
So we layer up and off we go! So here is a small pictorial of the run...
Its pretty nice. Damn Cold tho!!! Runnin on the packed snow is like running on styrofoam. Funny how I was thinking that and then Michelle said it! But when it is bitter col, the crunch of snow sounds funny. Like walking on styro! The paths were totally covered the whole way. And lots of hoar frost everywhere. Saw a GREAT tree on the path. Someone decorated it! So CUTE! I decided to wear my new Salomon XR Mission trail shoes (I won them in September at a 5 Peaks race). I am now after less than 20km LOVING them. They will be my SNOW runnahhhhhs.

Oh and the frost was not limited to the path, trees and shrubs. We were also covered in serious frost. Check out Keith's 'stache at the halfway point! Awesome!! By the end of the run my buff was frozen onto my balaclava.

This was cold but felt so GOOD compared to yesterday. Cleared my head. Got rid of stuff sitting on my chest. ANd while it is still not as fast as I would like (ha...there WAS a lotta snow out there), I am SO GLAD I got out there and did it. 

OH AND i know you will all LOVE this. 

Some of you know I am doing a running streak. It's Day 22. DONE! wootie. But part of MY runstreak challenge is to take a piece of icebreaker clothing (my tank!) and wear it. FOR THE ENTIRE STREAK. So after 22 days of running.... (actually, I need to say I last washed in late November) So I wore it even the week BEFORE the streak started. When we got back to Michelle's after the run and were settling in with a coffee...I somehow convince Michelle's Hubby to smell the icebreaker. Amazement all around that indeed, this puppy is #nostink! Awesome! 9 more days til I can wash it! 

I would like to say I was certain it would reek by now. Nope. Fresh as a spring breeze. 

Ask MH (Michelle's Hubby). He'll confirm
my Icebreaker does NOT stink! 

HURRAH for a fun run that restores you 
and reminds you WHY you get out there. 
And, that YES, 
you certainly do have the business to be 
signing up for a marathon! 

Ugly Sweater Run

Day 21 of my #stridesrunstreak was alive and kicking (or rather shuffling thru some snow) with the always Awesome Strides Running Store hosting an Ugly Sweater Run!

This holiday season I have been (thankfully) working. However juggling THREE jobs and working upwards to 75 hours during the past couple weeks has left me feeling grinchy, tired and well, not all that great. 
Michelle and I at the start.
Um. I look HORRIBLE. But at least I am super warm!
Saskia and I right at the beginning. Before she took off with the front pack!
I thought Michelle was behind me and then I turned to find her and she was gone.
But maybe she passed me. Perception this time of year is not so great.
We started off in a great group but quickly dissipated. And within a couple kilometres everyone behind me was not there. WAs there a different route? And everyone ahead of me....well they are all fast and well FAR AHEAD! So lone for most of the entire run. Usually that doesn't bother me. but it really did today. Dunno Why. Maybe Christmas Funk is setting in. For many years it has meant a LOT and I was so excited about Christmas. The past couple, not so much. After my life changed I should just celebrate it all and but a-ok with my life the way it is, but still I get very sad this time of year. 

Most times it is good. And I have fun. Especially when I have a great one-on-one with friends and family. But...on occasion...I am reminded that things are NOT what they used to be. Working on squashing that. Itis OK that it is different. But the not working part makes it very hard. 

I tried gamely to dress up, appear to have fun...and while I did AFTER the run...during was an entire matter. I actually finished that run and said, "I have no business signing up for a marathon!"

Yeh. ONE of THOSE runs. oooooooh.

A moment of sober second thought. I will not BQ. I may never. Hell may freeze over for this to happen. I am OK with this. But even still, I struggled the entire time. And if I struggled with 6 measly km, how the heck am I gonna rock 42??? bah. (Shut Up Fatty Voice!!!) Perhaps that is because I didn't see anyone I new while running. I know I am not the slowest runner, but WHERE was everyone? Ah maybe I got lost. GPS says I ran 6km. Route was sposed to be 5. HA! 

It was fun when I finished. I just spent pretty much the entire run wondering if I  was in the right direction, and wondering why I had no energy to go faster. And wishing it would warm up (It was about -20C). And wishing the GD snow would go away. And that people wouldn't drive like jerks. And hoping I wouldn't be too late for work. (I think you get the picture)

Tried out some fancy Salomon XR Missions
LOVE the funky colour.
And...the Lunatik socks felt great and kept my feet warm! 

Just a couple Km left...not sure I look happy
Was actually getting too warm! 

After the run...pie, oranges, hot chocolate, Stoked Oats Oatmeal, and prizes from 5Peaks!

Really it was a fun start to the morning....

Tomorrows run will be better

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Stairway to Happiness

Last night a wonderful friend took me for dinner. We went to Cibo.
THIS is the staircase. Lit up for the holiday season.
It made my night (so did the good convo and a BIG ASS glass of wine)!!
Looking at this pic makes me smile.
I called it the Stairway to Happiness!! 
Find your HAPPY in small things everyday

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Amble with Angus! a small race recap

Friday the 13th.

Up at 6am to get downtown for a race with a 730 am start. UGH. It's -16C and I do NOT feel like running. But I am on a running streak. And there are 499 others doing this get my arse there!

Have you ever felt like NOT doing something at all. And then, after doing something all on your own realize it was super awesome?

Ready to START (do I look excited?)

Funny I thought the view coming back across the river and bridge was decidedly LESS blurry! 
Aaaand FINISHED! Feels great! 
This small little race (tho is 500 small) is an amazing fundraiser for our local foodbank. 100% of all the proceeds go to the foodbank. This means ALL registration goes to the charity. THAT is kinda unheard of. And the cost of the race is a minimum $20 donation. This race is 12 years old. And I only jsut heard of it last year! LOVE IT! Can wait for the next one in July!

And given the final numbers...a lot of great folks gave a LOT more than $20. 

I didn't have my fastest race. Not by a long shot. But it's cold and slightly slippery, so  one runs slower. But I kept a nice consistent pace...and even thought at one point I was too warm! It felt nice. Good. Even invigorating at the finish. And so worth getting out of my warm cozy bed for! 

Sunday 8 December 2013

ENERGYbits Review

A couple month ago I was sent some ENERGYbits for review. I was quite excited to try it as I had a couple half marathons coming up. And, I was tired of gel and upset tummy issues.

AND then #plottwist!

I broke out in shingles. UGH. Shingles is a sucky. Little to no energy, achy, super tired and well general overall feeling like crap. I didn't feel I really could give this a try. At least not until I was feeling a bit better. So I waited a few weeks to try the bits out!

I read through all of the information that came with the tins of bits. I like what I saw. I do have a marketing and communications background, so I notice packaging and writing. I liked the look of it. Bright, clear, visually appealing. Easy to read.

I figured from what I was reading these supplements were a great alternative. Lots of bloggers were saying they were using them instead of gels. So my interest was piqued.
What ENERGYbits says:
ENERGYbits are 100% vegan, 100% raw, 100% non GMO, 100% kosher, and contain over 40 vitamins and minerals, 64% protein, Omega 3s, antioxidants, chlorophyll, nitric oxide, and more.  
When algae is taken prior to any activity, including a fitness class or workout, it improves your energy, increases your stamina, clears your mind and eliminates fatigue or hunger. When taken after a workout or any strenuous activity it also cleans out toxins, speeds recovery, reduces inflammation and helps build lean muscle. Not bad for something straight from nature that was the first plant on east 2.5 billion years ago. 
Sometimes getting moving in the morning is hard. I am not always awake before I need to go for a long run. I was totally hoping the bits would help with sluggishness. I tried em for a few days and liked how I felt. Then a pal of mine who gets a runnerbox gave me her sample, too. And, in the meantime I ordered some extra samples so I could have more than weeks worth.  I know a bit unconventional if one hasn't tried em...

But I liked what I read. 

ENERGYbits are simple. 

They are made with ONE ingredient: spirulina (algae).
Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein in the world – 64% – all in the form of essential amino acids for muscle, health and cellular growth. 

Apparently the Aztecs used spirulina. Astronauts and Olympic athletes have used it. HA! Something about that appealed. Or rather saying I had something in common with this unconventional group appealed. 

So how did I like ENERGYbits?
I had enough bits to take them for a few weeks. I have to say I took 15-30 each morning with a greens smoothie. I didn't take them on rest days as I wanted to horde them for running! I took them on days I went to the mountains for a hike. And on long runs I took them before and during a run. And, on long runs I did not have issues after a run. I never had those moment of getting home and freaking out because I needed food NOW. I was never faint with hunger. Nor did I have major issues with my tummy and bathroom breaks, like I sometimes do when I have when I have taken some chews or gels. 

A HELPFUL HINT: take your bits with water. SWALLOW whole. I took about 5-10 at a time with a few sips of water. DO NOT CHEW. Unless you REALLY love the taste of wheatgrass. 

I often suffer from heartburn. Not once in taking these tablets did I once have burpy repeat! 

And, I will be very honest and say I never did have a PB at any time. But again, recovering from a viral infection takes a bit of time. And I couldn't put in hardcore training barbecue of that. However, I  had a noticeable improvement in energy levels. I noticed on the days I didn't take them that I did not have as much energy. I had improved energy in the past few weeks. I think I also felt less "snacky" when I took bits. I like that 'bits don't contain any caffeine, chemicals, sugar, gluten, soy, animal products, or artificial substances. JUST SPIRULINA.

I love the travel tin, but I will am a bit of a klutz. How was I going to carry them on a run? I used a ziplock bag to keep 10 or so in as I knew I wouldn't be able to open that tin while running. 
I also saw a great idea on twitter – use a tictac container to carry your bits. BRILLIANT!
I have actually ordered some (it's my christmas present to me) and am totally looking forward incorporating them into my looming marathon training season.

Want to know more about ENERGYbits?  Check out the ENERGYbits website! Or follow their weekly twitter chats. Check out the hashtag #PoweredByBits and check out the other peeps who have been using them.

You can also enter to WIN an ENERGYbits sample!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
ENERGYbits are only available at Jonathan (their Brand Manager) is happy to connect YOU with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits - you can email him at

ENERGYbits provided me with a free sample of this product. I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a giveaway. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.