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Monday 31 December 2012

NY eve!

Woke up this morning an put in a run! Last run of the year. 

After struggling for most of the month with COLD, and then a severe case of bronchitis - with a doctor's stern warning to NOT run - it was a tough month to get miles in! 

Here is my month in recap:

Total 2012 mileage: just over 1620 km
December Mileage: 107.50

Woke up this morning an put in a run! Last run of the year. 

After struggling for most of the month with COLD, and then a severe case of bronchitis - with a doctor's stern warning to NOT run - it was a tough month to get miles in! 

Here is my month in recap:

Total 2012 mileage: just over 1610 km
December Mileage: 107.50

This streak started out fabulously!! 
Once again I joined Strides Run Streak for December! Had to do minimum 1 mile each and every day. Well, not so bad, since I promised to walk to work or home, or both every day. 

Been struggling with a piriformus issue, so was doing LESS mielage, but i figured a 5k each day wasnt too hard to ask for. 

I had a few great runs. Dec 8th was cold but a great 5km with Strides group. Even with it being -25Celcius. Rude!!!  Got in some more runs each and every day, nothing too major. Then on Dec 16 I had a amazing 8km run, felt awesome, then the "flu" hit the fan! 

The next day i felt like i was run over by a trick. A few days before this I had struggled with a I  drug myself to the doctor's office. I walked the 3km downtown to ensure I kept moving. At the Docs I was soundly scolded and sent home to bed! With a bad case of bronchitis. And a 2 week supply of antibiotics. Doc said i could walk but no long runs. booooo

I tried to argue, but she outright said you have liquid in your lungs. Unless you want to spend Christmas in the hospital STOP RUNNING. 


So Despite feeling like hell after being hit by an ebola like virus, I still walked to and from work, every day. Couldn't take a sick day from work meant I couldn't take a sick day from staying active. I may not have had a hard under 30 minute run of 5k in me, but i could speed walk! And i did. 3-5km every day between Dec 17-Dec 27. 

Then I got home to my parents  and thought WHEW...home free off drugs, time for running to commence. And i became nursemaid. EVERYONE in that house (sister, nephew, mom, dad) and my cousins house, and two aunts houses ALL got the freaking flu. I had to help care for my poor sick nephew while his mom barfed. The only two who remained unscathed (please knock on wood please let it stay that way) was ME and my 11week old nephew. 

Still I managed a few shortie runs. Though all my runs from the 28-31 were all 5km and under, they were great. Warmer weather and it was so nice to get back at er after being so ill.

This year went out with a bang (hey even my engine blew in my car!!!) so i am hoping for some PBs in 2013. Need to plan out my races and training and kick butt...

Thursday 13 December 2012


I went for a run this morning. I took my OLD trainers with me. To put them in the donation bin. As I put them in, I felt pretty amazing. I realized they weren't jsut any ol' trainer...they were my buddies who had seen 6halfs + 2maras. I have yet to find a pair that make my feet as happy.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Friday 16 November 2012

Last Chance Half

I guess its something about numbers this year.

November 11, I ran my 11th half marathon. The Last Chance Half Marathon...nice name especially since it really is the last long run we can do her in Alberta...

Holy cow! With the winter that had set in early here, I have to say I was struggling with the desire.

Especially when I woke up and checked out the FREAKING temperature. might be unCanadian to bitch about the temperatures.

Oh but it's cooooooooooooooooooooold!

So she picks me up and we are ready to go. But we stay inside until the last second...gotta keep those engines warm.

But as my pal Sherrey says, you gotta get off your ass. You'll be happy you did! She is a regular ass kicker and motivator...and someone who i chase. She can run a Marathon in close to 4 hours. I cannot. I aspire to run alongside this crazy woman!!

And then we are at the starting line!!!

It was a slippery mess. The first half went well. I had a great time. Pace was decent. but with the temperatures in the -10 Celsius range it was HARD to keep warm, then not be too cold. And of course drinking ice insteadof water at the aid station sucks.

The second half was difficult. I will admit to maybe not being trained up enough. I lost my pace, my concentration, my drive for a moment.

But I got back in the last 6 km i battled back and gained momentum. Not my best time, but I was proud of the miles and the ability to keep going.

Afterwards a great breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, cran juice...and hot chocholate....mmmm...I spent an hour in the tub. Then needed a moment of rest so my hydration choices (both of them) came for a wee nap,

I figured that 11 halfs deserved a we celebration! Then we nap. Winter does that to ya sometimes.

Then a few hours later Sherrey called and said lets go get a coffee!!! So off we went. For coffee and some laughs.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday

OMG This made me laugh. OUT LOUD.

And even if there is a lotta words on this picture!

Sunday 4 November 2012


This past Saturday Night booked outta work 2 hours early to jet (drive like hell) to get out to Banff for a race.

Banff WinterStart is a night-time 8 miler. FUN times. Both Sherrey and I got our bibs from

Just a quick jaunt. Holy driving on a timeline can be stressful. Are we gonna get there BEFORE the race starts. OMG I have to pee.

Get to the start and there are a LOTTA glowsticks.

Holy crap it is dark!

But is glorious weather.

Clear, warm, no SNOW.

Wait its the mountains.

Things can change.

But its only 8miles.

We can do it!!

The race itself is a hoot. No lights. Running up a mountain, but its so dark you cant tell that is what you are doing. Hard labouring but loads of peeps around. And then it starts. Snowing. Or is that rain?

Coming down the mountain face first into a whackload of sleet. I can't see. But I run hard, except there are too many crowds to get around. But still it feels good.

Not too bad I come across the finish in under about 50 some minutes. The gun time says 53 minutes. So not bad. Soaked to the bone but in great spirits! What a high. A must-do race for next year!

at the finishline means VICTORY! 

Thursday 1 November 2012

Winter running inspiration

I've been seeing all these running I thought I could use it on of MY photos for a little inspiration! 

My pal Lisa took this while we were running a half marathon last March! Bring on the Canadian winter for training. 

Sunday 28 October 2012

The race i DIDN'T win!

run like a pirate!
Oct 27

HELLS yeh.

Plus it benefits a wicked charity - KidSport!

It might be -10Celcius. But we can dress like a pirate and look fiiine! ARRRRGH! Mateys watch out.

It promises to be a great race. I have pee'd. I am good to go. I look rough and ready!

Do you notice what is missing on me?  Yes, yes that's it! My bib.

And heres where the story gets interesting.

So I start running, and realize where the HELL is my bib. crap i lost it. WEll i keep running and actually despite the snow and icy conditions have a HELL of a race.

Come across in under 65 minutes. Good for me! And great for the ice we slipping on.

Then I keep seeing people who are ready to high5 me and saying great run! a PB!!! wooooot.

I am think nooooo 63 minutes a my best time. But still Thanks...yup I feel good. And i race off to the bathroom to hunt out my missing SPIbelt  - and bib and iPhone!!! no i cannot find it! eek.
Then i decide to give up and maybe someone turned it in. Just as I am getting my food, I go into my backpack to grab my water bottle. THERE is the missing belt, bib and phone! oh thank goodness.

And then two seconds later they start announcing prizes...and I am announced the WINNER for the 40 year old age group.
I cant place or win, I couldn't even have an official time. I didn't run with a bib.. WTH?????

I shake my head, everyone is calling me up. I was SO red faced. All I could think was that wow. I just ripped someone off of a rightful prize.

So i go up front. And say No. This is a mistake. I can't have an official time, as many of you know I didnt run with my bib on, so it wasn't me who got that nice 55 minute winning time. It was my pal Trevor, who when he snapped pics of the race start  and finish and triggered the timer and it was HE then who ultimately won. By the way, Trevor does NOT run, so it was all very comical! 

In the end, the rightful winner is announced, everyone has a great time, and we all laugh hysterically.

yup. The race I didn't win indeed.

But yes. By next summer I expect to have that 55 minute time. you betcha!!

Saturday 20 October 2012

oh! I am an AUNTIE!!!

On October 14th as I was running 10 miles, my nephew Everett arrived! 


As soon as my sis got home i race over for a quick peek on Monday!! 

 Then again on Wednesday 

 And again on Friday! 

Soooo Cute! 

Friday 19 October 2012

Martin Parnell! Inspiration

On Oct 17 Drove out to Canmore with Sherrey to check out Martin Parnell!!

One Word.


This man rocks! He began running at age 47! And in 2010 ran 250 marathons. (gee I did 2 this yesr...thought that was good!). He is still not done.

He's got a 5 year plan
10 Quests, 5 years, $1 million, 20,000 kids

He's got a great book: Marathon Quest

Read more about the man here!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

To the Zoo! The Gorilla Run

I love me some Zoo time!
Especially when you run 10 miles THROUGH the ZOO!! The Gorilla Run in Calgary is just awesome!

It's a glorious Autumnal morning. It is cool, but not frosty! We start running right by the penguin enclosure. Those little cuties REEK!  WE get to say g'day to all the monkeys, lions and tigers, Oh My! I like running through the Dinosaur Park and the Canadian Wilderness exhibit. Fun and looks great! 

We whip through a bit more of the park then off into the river pathways. Its a great run, but man they need to tell you to bring your own water belt. Five miles before seeing water sorta sucks.

Still, fun race. Great views. My pace was decent. Was OK with my time. Came in at around 58 minutes. I still have to work on pace and speed. But I will get there. 

With less than a kilometre to go we loop back onto the park and finish. I would have to say the shirts and route are awesome. But the food. Oh wait. There really isn't food. Not even a banana.  

But the best part of the race was 5 minutes after drossing the finish line my mom called to say i was an auntie!!! My sister had a baby! Everett William enters the world on Oct 14th! Welcome.

Friday 12 October 2012

Okanagan Mara Recap

And so it begins. My 10th halfmara of the year....

 The temps are at least 10 degrees warmer than home. AWESOME!!
What a great bunch of peeps to run with. Lots of people in that 2:15 group. yes ambitious...but i need to PUSH!

SEems to ge well...hard to stay with the group after 7km though. I hit my 10km mark at about 65 minutes. Which should mean i am on track. But why oh why do i slow down in that last haf....boooooo.

I bring er in at 2:25 and 10 freaking seconds. Shit. Missed a PB by a few seconds. HA! Still a valient effort. It felt great running. LOVED it! It was a damn fine race one of my better times

 After the race do you pee first or eat???

And the part! 

Thursday 11 October 2012

Volunteering - Okanagan Mara Weekend

In Kelowna. Got in late last night...9 or 10 pm. So dark!
Crawl into bed. We have to volunteer in the morning!

First thing in the morning i get up! OMG what should i wear...
I ask FB and twitterverse. 
So first thing in the morning Chantelle and I get up to eat a yummy breakie and then head out to volunteer for the 5km/10km race waterstation. 
Seen in a local coffe shop! So cool...
Instead of the friendship run we chose to give some time up volunteering. 

Keeerist wish we woulda had pics of the waterstation. Only 3 of us had ever volunteered at a run before. The same three had run before. Everyone else knew nothing NOTHING about a race. Where to stand how to hand out water. 

Here we were yelling at people, "Get out of the way!" "Don't step in front of runners!" 

Hysterical if not so brutal!It was a tad comical. And then there was was this one volunteer. LEt's call her Martha. She had a ciggie in one hand and a vodka and OJ in the other. Ok. I excaggerate a tad. But barely. 

When she found out Chan was walking the halfmara and I was running it, she yelling, "Shiiiit! That's just crazy far. Seriously???" I tried not to choke on my laughter. 

After the waterstation gig we spent two more hours working on the computers to help register runners. A lot less humorous, as the age bracket was 65+. I think they raided the seniors centre to get volunteers. Man some of those volunteers were crotchety. Stay outta their way! Then we wandered around the run expo for a flash...took funny pics, posed with John Stanton, Founder of the Running Room! All good fun. 


Off to bed...set out everything!!! yup. Good to Go! 
Checked out route. One peek at the finish area!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Road Trip! (pictoral recap)

OH! its Friday morning and we are off!!!

To Kelowna. It's half marathon #10 of the year.


Sunny weather and no frost. AWESOME!

The view is amazing. The majestic mountains greet us as we head into the rockies!

We head into Field British Columbia for killer coffee and to pee!! 
Only 4 more hours to go...

Tunes are blasting! Talk of race strategy! Oh so fun!...