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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pick a CaNUUNdian! My HTC Application

This past week I have been consumed with making a video. And well, freaking out over making the video. Will it work? ACK one of the bits filmed did not work. No wait...I missed 3 parts. Oh man the wind was blowing. This is insane....the sound quality bites. The wind is too strong....REALLY a plane just took off and now i have to do another take? oh gaaaaaaaad!!!

Just a few weeks ago the Nuun Blog announced it was accepting applications for its Hood to Coast relay team!

Nuun happens to be my favourite hydration choice before, during and after I run! In the past few years they have had 2 or 3 teams (each with 10-12 women) for the Hood to Coast relay. So when I read that they put a call out to women runners (who blog) to apply to be on their relay team. (Squeals of delight from around North America!!! Can you IMAGINE??)

The HTC relay is a 199 mile relay from Mt Hood to the Oregon coast. Sounds insane!!! It is called the MOTHER of ALL RELAYS. I am SO DOWN with that!! Perhaps I am a nutter for wanting to spend 30+ hours in a van with 9 women, each of us running 3 or 4 legs in a completely fun, awesome atmosphere. Stink? Really? who CARES!!! This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I have to do this!!

Selected bloggers (Nuun is picking 20!!) need to get to Seattle. Nuun takes care of you for 5 days, 4 nights. They say:  "Bring yourself, your run gear, your sense of adventure!" Running and cheering on other fab women...This is a road trip AMPED up in a significant way!! So SO SOOOOO FUN!! Bring it! Let's hope they pick a team member who doesn't live in the States...

Last year I applied, but not via video. On my blog...see blog post app here. While i had a good story (i think!) ...a video probably shows MUCH more personality. And is more compelling.

I have come so far since 2010...lost over 40 pounds and found my inner #runnerd! 
This year, I knew i needed something better. Something stronger. A video. GAH! I am a bad videographer!! What am I saying? I have never made a video...ok. DEEP BREATH here....I think I can do this. I think I have a pretty good concept. Lets hope the Nuun peeps love it! Thing is I SUCK at videos...but...I am so excited by this race and the opportunity to represent a company I really LOVE!

Hopefully my video application shows off my fabulous fun side and I am crossing my fingers (legs, toes....whatever i can!) that they pick me. Here's hopin that at some point between April 5-17 they think I have what it takes to be part of their team!!

I figured I would share my (very amateur) video with you all...Hope it shows you a slice of my whackadoo personality and makes you laugh!

#nuunhtc #pickaCaNUUNdian #nuunlove

After filming I forgot to tell them WHERE in Canada I am from...Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I live close to the I am primed and READY to run down a mountain. Hell, I will run up it if you ask! Rain or Shine, I am down with a run! 

Are you applying to #nuunhtc? 

And just a few crazy runner shots of me....

Spring has Spring...

Spring is finally here (please do not snow now that I have typed this!!!) 
And the pathways are a mess...
My run home on Wednesday in photos.

Geese were chasing runners and walkers in Eau Claire Park! 

Ice on Pathway Melts into a LAKE! 

 The ice on the Elbow River has closed a few paths due to huge pieces of ice being forced onto the pathways....had to find a quick detour!

And one of the BEST parts of the run was the NEW art installation along Memorial Drive:

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sandy Beach Run

Went for a Run on Monday down in the south end of the City....

Normally I run along the Elbow River on the North Side of down town by my place. But I decided to go to the City's southwest along the Elbow River. Sandy Beach is beautiful. And boy was it muddy. I didn't get messy pics of the MUD FEST that was TinaFab...just got pics of the area from the Bluff that overlooks Sandy Beach. 

So exciting the SPRING is enroute!!! 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Run for L'Arche

This morning I ran my second 5 miler race. It was a gorgeous day...Mr Blue Sky was out even at 7 am....but it was a crisp -11C (that's a whopping 12F). By the end of the race it was -6C (21F). 

The Run for L’Arche was either 5 miles or half mara. Given I ran a half last weeknd, it was a good idea to do a nice SHORT race. So glad I did! 

While it wasn't a PB, it really was a great run. I mostly kept my pace. Seemed to feel good the whole way. I am solowly getting over the mental part of running. That hump where "fatty voice" chirps up and says 'you can't' is slowly getting replaced with the mantra of 'Keep going! You are doing awesome!'

Of course a big part of the awesomeness of today were the AMAZING volunteers. Practically at every kilometre there were at least two people (sometimes half a dozen) cheering on runners. Clapping. Cheering. Hi-Fiving. IT was great to see and be a part of. THANK YOU!!! 

So 5 miles in just over 54 minutes. Not bad. Not my best time -- I have beat that by over 3 minutes last November. But it is early days in the year. My better times and races are coming I can feel it. But best of all is how i felt while running. Yay! I love a good run. 

All race proceeds go to support the L'Arche Calgary community. L'Arche is an international organization of communities that create homes and programs for people with developmental disabilities.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bozeman - Run to the Pub recap

This past weekend I ran my first half-marathon of the season. I was a bit off  my plan, since I had planned to do one in February, but some surgery and 3 weeks off running sidelined me for a bit.

Can you say RoadTrip? My RBFF Calli drove a few snowy hours early Friday to pick me up in Calgary. Then we got a big latte and took off to the border. 8 more hours to Bozeman, Montana for my my first American race - Pub 317 Run to the Pub. When we got to the border, it was noticeably warmer. And as we drove into the state of Montana, the temperature seemed to lift! 

By the time we arrived in Bozeman it was over 11C (52F) - close to 20 degrees warmer at home. Hot Diggity Damn! We were freaking ecstatic. So at just after 5 pm we skidded into with about 30 minutes left to pick up packages!! oooooh....then to shop in the running store...then to the hotel.

Dinner that night was divine. We found a great sushi spot Dave's Sushi Off Main. It was great sushi. And (yes you read it here) I drank a BEER! This Canadian has found a beer she loves! Helloooooo ColdSmoke Scotch Ale. Oh holy good! (seriously I do NOT drink beer! I love it so much i brought home two cases!)

And we are off...the start of the race...

What? This is the line to the loo?!?
The view at the Startline!

And the FINISH!!! 

Best. Medal. Ever. 
Thank you Dr Jon!
Neil finished in 81 mins! He's a God!
So ... the race... well I finished in 2:30. I was feeling pretty good most of the race. Though I knew getting out of the gate I was not on the pace I wanted. I just wasn't "on". Now maybe it is because my training was not optimal and I wasnt fully ready. Surgery in January. No running January 27-Feb 11. But the route was scenic. GORGEOUS. So just deal and run. Breathe in the fab mountain air and enjoy an amazing spring day! Its freeing at home...get going! And post-race I felt great! I did feel a little disappointed that I finished 6 minutes off my best time. I was a bit sad I didn't have a PB. Once I got home a friend reminded me ... It's March: You finished less than 6 mins off your best time. You had some surgery  2 months ago and had 3 weeks off. Shut UP! Celebrate this run!!!  He's right.

It was a great weekend. I have tons of pics of a fab arty town. We are so coming back!!!! Thanks Bozeman for a FABULOUS weekend! xo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pics of the Day finish half marathon, you get a orange, water (gone in 30 seconds!) 
And then...a medal. YES!!! A bottle opener!
  And then walk a bit further and a BEER! 

oh Bozeman! I love you. I will be back! Thank You Run To the Pub for a super awesome race! 

More to come in bloggage later (but work calls for now)...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

ACK! road trip

I was thinking today that Saturday will be my FIRST race out of province. Well. It really isn't. Last Octover I drove several hours to Kelowna, British Columbia to a half marathon.

But on Friday I leave for my FIRST DESTINATION RUN! In the good ol' U S of A!! My first one out of the country. Funny, how I didn't think going to the next province was a big deal. BUT THIS IS!!

I am off to Run to the Pub 2013! Hot Diggity Damn. how can this not be good times. Half marathon. Pub. Road Trip with my BFF Calli. GOOD TIMES. 8 hour road trip. That is once she drives almost 3 hours to ME!! Are we nuts? I think so.

And we have matching shirts from Run Pretty Far. Green and says "Luck be a Lady". AND... Orange and Green Sparkle Skirts. Do we wear one, or both?? Pulease. Can you say PB. or Best Time. Or hellovagoodtime?  YES! (oh just WAIT for the action photos!!!)

Oh CRAP. I need to pack. Wait. its 11 pm. I have to go to bed, go to work and THEN pack at 6 tomorrow night when I get home.  5 am departure time on Friday is looming.......

Happy St Paddys. Run. THEN pint me.


Wordless Wednesday Choose One

Sunday, 3 March 2013

WhiteOut Run

 rarely pike out on a run, but this morning did I ever want to stay in bed.

Last night we got a severe weather warning...a blizzard is coming. Oh F. really? I have sunday off. I rarely get sunday's off. I HAVE to run 10 miles. FRIG. Well maybe MAYBE the storm will go to another part of the province. Right? And so I go to bed.

And wake up to a foot of snow. And a white out blizzard. AWESOME. Nope not going. That lasted for 2 minutes. And then I think about how shitty running a half will feel if I don't put in the miles! Up I got, and got dressed. And got outside. 


And almost no one who was supposed to do the half marathon distance run of 10 miles show up. Four of us head out. Thank GOD we are all slower and similar pace. yay!! The snow is deep and paths slippery. It is nasty out!!

IT is so HARD to run today...can't get traction! Boy, my legs are feeling the BURN! At the 5km point my legs feel like it's been over 10km. SHeesh. I have a elevated heart rate, serious sweat going on, and can't see a fricking thing. Glasses keep icing up! ha!!!

It was one of THOSE runs where all you keep saying "10 more minutes" over and over and over and OVER! As we hit a halfway turnaround point...I figure it's a perfect time to:

  1. a) take a photo, and 
  2. b) take a bathroom break (something i normally NEVER have to do on a 10-12 km run!) 

At the turnaround point I feel like I am FLYING!! No wind to the face, no flurries blinding me, wind pushing into my back. In fact, its rather pretty running in the the pine trees and seeing other runners out!

And then the ice on my eyebrows starts falling off! 

HA! nothing like a poke back to reality.

I felt like it took half the time to run back than out. At the end,  I take a quick turn on another bridge to ensure I go past 12km.

I feel BAD i didn't do the full 16km/10miles. but a couple wipeouts, a pitstop in some trees for ANOTHER bathroom break, and an inability to just see where the heck the PATH was made me cut it short.

And I am DONE! And soaked. Not just from the snow, I sweated my butt off!! And my car parked for LESS an hour and half looks like THIS!!

And I am DONE! And soaked. Not just from the snow, I sweated my butt off!! And my car parked for LESS an hour and half looks like THIS. I guess Spring is not coming ANYTIME soon. sigh.

I am not really sure I want to get back out there to battle for groceries....

AH! Tub Time after Run = WARM