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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Rock YOUR Race Day

oooh yes. Spring has Sprung! It is THAT time of year...Race Season is approaching!
weeee! Are you excited?
I have a few pals running BIG races this year -- Calgary Marathon and beyond. They have been asking about tips and tricks. And, since I also have a few races coming up in May and June, I thought it was a perfect time to share some of my fav tips to rock your race day.

5 FAB ways to ROCK your Race Day!

Before you start the race - no matter your pace - take some deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. If you start to feel nervousness build while running, think about your rhythm. Or sing along to whatever is on your iPod. It will help calm you down. Channel your nervous energy for good. I find that being nervous can be a good thing. Remember: You are strong. You are ready. You are fabulous. Stay strong, stay focused and get 'er done! I find I often compare myself to other runners. And in a negative way. This is NOT productive.  Negative self-talk leads to anxiety. When I get anxious, I like to practice positive affirmation. I HAVE. I CAN. I WILL. I AM READY! High-5, ladies. Let's do this!! You have no control over anybody else out there. Run your best race --  pay attention to yourself. Don't say, "OMG what have I done?" Tell yourself: "Hooray! I’m excited to be here. I can’t wait to start!"

Are you meeting friends? Great! If you are going solo, smile and within no time others will be chatting along with you. Everyone is excited to be out here waiting to start. Some folds are definitely more chatty than others. Say good morning. Take in the awesome atmosphere. Pre-race day - go to the expo - walk around...check out the merch, and the vendors and CHAT with people. Take in that inspiration. Arrive to the race early. And remember, a lot of runners out here feel just like you. While running, you will no doubt get caught up in the atmosphere. Cheer people on!

(this does not apply to trail runs - as I never run with headphones on the trail)
If you run with music, make sure you have some music that makes you wanna MOVE. There are always tracks that motivate. Load up that iPod with all your favourite tracks that keep you moving and put pep in yer step! And on the route if you want to! 

Rewarding yourself is important. Whether its with purchasing a little something at the expo, or going for a drink or lunch afterwards, it is important to celebrate your achievement. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and treat yourself! 

When you want to stop, keep moving. Remember, even walking is moving. It's all good. If your mind starts to say, "I can't", tell yourself you CAN. Push on and you will get over that hump. Repeat, if necessary, until you hit the finish! There are so many runners and walkers and cheer squads out there, so you know there they can raise your spirits and give you inspiration out there if you need that too. 
The number one thing I tell myself before every race is: You Got This

Your pre-race routine should include nutrition (eat a nice healthy meal - nothing out of the ordinary) the night before race day. Your breakie the morning of a race is so super individual. Just make sure you are doing something the is tried and tested! Remember that a warm-up (whatever works for you), positive self-talk, some deep breaths and pre-race port-a-potty visits are important. Get there early and soak up the amazing atmosphere. And the bathroom line-ups are shorter then too. HA!
Enjoy your RACE
Have FUN
Get out there and ROCK IT! 
Do you have any pre-race "traditions" or superstitions you ALWAYS do?

This post originally appeared as a blogpost for the Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run.
I loved it so much I decided to share (after re-working it slightly) on MY own blog too.

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