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Monday, 11 May 2015

5Peaks: Sikome Run & GIVEAWAY!

Hoooray! Saturday I hit the trails for the first #5Peaks run of the season! It was in the south part (about 40 mins drive from my neck of the woods) in the city in Fish Creek Park - around the Sikome Lake area!

I got up around 630 - left to get my volunteer on - help out with race pickup - The drive there was great! No traffic at this time. Nice and peaceful.

There was the usual setting up and then the flurry of package pickup started by 830. At about 9:45 I got up from my post to get my shoes on and get warmed up a little for the start.

The Sun was shining and it was going to be warm. HURRAY for spring.

5Peaks often has great branded race goodies - so was excited to see this race graft was a Buff band! LOVE it!!
Funny how volunteering I forgot to go do the stand in line for the I was praying that I wouldn't have to go. Right around 10am the Enduro racers started, with the sport folks starting 15 mins later. Enduro is usually around 10 or so kilometers and the Sport is about 5 or 6.
 It was going to be an interesting run. I had never really ran down on these trails - nor the few paths we had to transverse on a couple times). There was a big ol nasty steep mother of a nice hill right to start -- so I knew it was going to be good. Not super hilly - but some steep climbs (no harm in walking some of them as there were 4 big climbs on the single track 'scape) worked your butt and legs. Feel the burn and press on...and run like hell on the flatter sections. Really it was a great day for a run. Sun shining. Birds Chirping. Ducks Quacking. The river just humming along. Every once in a while when you got so hot, a nice breeze would come and blow. It was not 100% trail - but it was fantastic and definitely some great scenery. And, of course the challenge of single track was wicked! Every time I wanted to slow down, I tried to chase the gal (or guy) in front of me. Overall the whole entire time I was happy with the run. I was a tad slower than I wanted, but I am still recovering from that heinous flu - so was pleased with the pace I was keeping.

Some people say they do not like to run without their tunes...but I LOVE these races - no music needed. And it is NOT missed at all. (And I used to only ever run with music) Seriously so much awesome nature going on it was a perfect day for the run. Yes, I do sound like suzy sunshine - but (c'mon!!) the weather was fantastic! It is just so nice to go for a run and feel sun on your face and shoulders. Trail running just puts you in a great mood and head space.

The signs were awesome!
 The volunteers and aid stations were great!
I arrived at the finish with a clock time of just over an hour and a half - not bad for a hilly single track race of over 11.5km! I know it's going to be considerably slower than my pathway times, but it is just THAT much more enjoyable. And of course the laughs at the finish are awesome!
 And, the food at the end was also fab! Fresh strawberries, bananas, muffins and some chips and pretzels. YUM!! And some muscle milk too. It was a great start to the morning.
After hanging out with some of the folks I know, I raced home, showered and changed to meet a friend for wine and belated birthday cake lunch.
Yup...a great day fo sho!
Hope you had a FAB weekend!

Yup - I am a 5Peaks Ambassador!
I have been a volunteer with them since 2011 - Its really a lot of fun. I
 feel like I am part of a great family, love seeing everyone at the races ... and really have had such great experiences that I am happy to share! 
Fancy trying a 5Peaks run?
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Have you tried 5 Peaks?  
Races are in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec!
(your choice of any 5Peaks Race 2 - which one is closest to you??)


  1. I love contests! especially for free race entries since I've already exhausted my race budget for the year! :)

  2. Also. I'd probably do a race in Calgary/Southern Alberta... because if the race budget is gone, I'm not sure travelling far for a race would be in the budget either. :)

  3. I keep saying I'm gonna do a 5 peaks race! Well I am doing the Powderface half, but that ones a bit nuts, I'd really like to do one of these fun local (read SHORTER) races!

  4. I wouldn't mind Rattlesnake Point!

  5. One of these days I'll get to a 5 Peaks startline. To date, I've done just one leg of a trail race and took a wrong turn.

    1. Peter you would love it! these races are SO well marked!!

  6. I want to win. I want to win. Pick me. Pick me.

  7. 5 Peaks!! I ran a few last year in different regions and really loved them...I ought to get back on that wagon and sign up :) Thanks for the reminder!