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Friday, 15 May 2015

FABFriday: Weekend Runs Await!

It's #FABFriday
It is an ultra fab week as it is a long weekend! 

What's up for you? 

This past week, I had a somewhat insane week - Job one 20hrs. Job two 30hrs.
I work all weekend too.

I have a long run planned for ooops signed up for a halfmarathon on Saturday,
and then a 10k run planned for Sunday (might do it Monday instead) ---
 great prep for the Rocky Mountain Soap Run next week!

So I am STOKED to have this MONDAY off. And perhaps brunch with a long lost pal.
Well not lost but way too long since a visit.

Life. It's Fabulous.

Embrace it. Love it.
FAB it up!
Laugh yer arse off.

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