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Friday, 8 May 2015

FABFriday: Keeping Crazy at Bay

It's been a bit of a long week, hasn't it?
Perhaps...even a bit harried

It's #FABFriday

What's up for you? I am trying to remain "good" - eat healthy, but not be too crazy. But the weight loss and getting to be "thin" remains elusive. Clearly, I am obsessing. 

Clearly am doing SOMETHING wrong. 
haha - didn't I just write something about eating foods on the run?

Thing strive to be healthy and eat right...then are bombarded 
with "eat skinny" weight loss shizz on the interwebs.
Sometimes best to stop reading.

I think another long run is in order to keep the CRAZY at bay and keep the FAB at hand. 

Good thing I am hitting the Trails this weekend - -
my first 5Peaks run of the season is this Saturday! WOOT! IT's gonna be FAB!

Life. It's Fabulous.

Embrace it. Love it.
Eat it Up!
Laugh yer arse off.


  1. Have a great trail run this weekend!! Yes, thin pizza a thin thing? No? Damn.

    1. Its in your back yard...wish you were coming. Also - Pizza. it is prob not a THIN thing. But it is a FAB thing. #noguilt #justbeFAB