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Monday, 4 May 2015

Keep Calm: It's My Birthday Run

Saturday was a bit of a big day. I ran a race (whoa, shocker I KNOW). I seem to run a few. 

When the Eyeball the Wall race was announced I was immediately IN! On my birthday AND perfect timing for the half marathon. I could do the 15km and have that training run done! Perfect. Then...there was the " IS your birthday give yourself a challenge." Do. The. 30. Was the suggestion. I'll ponder it, I said. And then someone registered me. um. Well then. 
And so I adjusted my training plan. For the most part, I was pleased with the runs leading up to it. This would not be a race for speed, it would be a damn yeh i CAN kind of run. So, especially after a terrible bout with the flu, I really wasn't sure this would be pretty. I ha been in bed for a week, missed two weeks of long runs...and was nervous. In order to see if I was going to be "ok" I did three back-to-back" runs - they were just over 10km, 8km and 11km. I knew it would be tough, but I was confident I would finish...but not in the nice little goal I had in my brain. Just keep moving.

The morning of the race was pretty good. But a tad chilly. Mother nature decided to blow in. The wind was cold. I ended up wearing another layer (a vest) cause it was so damn windy. We got there super early and got a park spot. And a pee break. Within 20 minutes there was a little line for potties!
And then we waited for the race to start. 
Selfies with Tara, Rachel and Sue were a must! 

Off we went... (photo by Dawn)
I felt grat and was pleased with my pace the first 15k. 
Even after that turnaround for the net few was good too. 

On the way back out for final 15k I ran into Jenny and then Dawn who were finishing their 15k race!
 And Dawn snapped this one of me (still smiling at 19km- good sign) 
Then...I saw the wall. I gave it the eyeball and kept movin right towards...
... the 20km aid station - where I was SUPER happy to see BANANAS! 
All the aid stations were great, every 5km so it was really helpful to focus on keeping energy up!

Just after that, I ran into Karen -- her cheers and humour buoyed me
24km was tough, but I knew i was nearing another aid station and ...then... a nice big old downhill (massive downhill really) where I would enter weasel head. This meant some great views
And then just another few K to finish....
Keep on moving - UP and onwards  on that hill to take me out of weaselhead and to the finish! 
Those last 3km sucked but were also good. It was a little mind wrestling activity. 
But. I . Got. It. Done. 
I was so flipping happy to see the finish...
yes, 30 mins off my goal time. But, given the past few weeks, I am pleased. 
And I could hear everyone singing happy birthday - so sweet! 
And as you can clearly see the medal and the cupcakes Jenny made were also sweet! 

Even though I had peeps waiting for me to go for breakie, I chose to get a post-race massage. 
Best Decision Ever. 
Then off we went for breakfast: mimosa and eggs bennie! 
 Yup It was a great Birthday!
Thanks Tri-It for throwing such an awesome partay!! 

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