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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ooops I did it again!

It's no secret. I love me a halfmarathon.
I may not be fast. But, hells to the YEH, I am FABulous!
Or at least, after a half I certainly feel FAB - as evidenced by these shots...
When I said I was going to run the halfmara at this years Calgary Marathon, I knew I was going to be also running the Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run the week before. I changed up typical half
mara training and was doing some back to back runs (on weekends) to build mileage and keeps legs strong and essentially be used to running on tired legs. I did it for my two Ragnar Ultras (in September and November), so I figure I could trust that training and go for it.

I am not at all the fastest gal, but I am looking for improvement and consistency. And I have been striving for that for the past few months of training. And have been achieving. SCORE!!

I have tried to get in some varied training - track, speedwork, hills, trail and stairs. 
And just plain old getting the miles in. I am pleased mostly. Except for the two weeks off with the monster turdtastic flu (yup, still moaning about that - will that horrid irritated bronchial dry cough please just GO AWAY!)

This weekend, I have one last long run planned
So what do I do, knowing I have to run 20k? 
Shit, yeh. You should laugh. Clearly. I have issues.
Now, I know, money is tight...but this one is less than 20 bucks. I have to work all weekend, and I think it will be great motivation for me to get up, get out, get those miles in, shower and get me arse to work. Now, I cannot bail on this last run. And it will be halfmarathon numero 36.

Most of my running peeps are away for the long weekend (all my peeps doing RNR Portland you magnificent bastards), or are running Woody's  (in Red Deer - which is 1.5 hours away). Since I work at Job #2 at 1230 on Sunday, I cannot go. Maybe I have the FOMO. Maybe.Totally. But I somehow cannot resist a challenge.
Maybe I just need a little smack?
I wont be running for speed - but trying to be consistent. Push thru certain parts. AND have fun. It will be great prep for next weekend (hills galore half) followed by 10k. And then by May 31 - good ol Calgary Mara day - that Half should be a cakewalk I will be all prepped! Oh who am I kidding? I am completely batshit crazy a little nutty! Weeeee!

Yup. Crazy.
Make that HALF Crazy.


  1. Good for you for signing up! Have a great final long run/race!

  2. Yeah that song is stuck in my head now.....have a great race!

  3. Batshitcrazy is a good thing. Good to see my FabSister is rolling Fabulously. I'm with you..stay consistent. I just want to run and not die and get ALL the wonderful medals! I also hate to miss a race!
    Good luck to you!