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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

FABRun Tonight

I rarely come home and want to write about a run. Need to process. or download pics or nap or somesuch.

Tonight...well... here it is in 3 parts.

I was to meet my run group and we were to run to the track to do speedwork. I was late. Parking as they were all leaving. Sooo...I chased them.
As in holy shit I never run this pace...wowsers. Anyways. I stupidly got excited and shut off my watch - I got in at least another kilometre in after this. I was stoked. Crap. I should be "late" more often. 

Once the group gathered at the track, we began speed intervals. As you can see by the pace here...I "may" have blown my wad on the run to the track. But I tried really hard to push. I also did not turn off the watch when I was walking after each 400metre interval. it was good work. Felt strong, Didn't even let fatty voice speak once. The wind was picking up something fierce and it got to be COLD!
We then took off to run back to the starting point... only about 2.5 km. So I tried to push hard to stay at a good pace the whole time. And chase everyone else ahead of me. Bonus- there was no coughing or wheezing (could it be the flu is truly vacated this host body? Yes, a girl can dream). 
The runs each on their own felt great. I felt strong, Had my stride. It was going. And...i even forgot my iPod so no tunes. I was rocking the Brooks #runhappy look too -- visor, capris, vest and shirt all Brooks. Hell even my Glycerines! 

It was one of those times when it really was just so freaking fabulously awesome. This is not usual for me. Its not that it is hard...but lately, it doesn't feel like it has been working. I know I've lots of work to do to get faster...but damn. This felt great. HotdiggityDamn. 

And I wanted to write about it. And record this. Because if I can do this...then I need to press on and do it longer. And more often. Because. I. Can. 


3 weeks til Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run
4 weeks til Calgary Marathon

I feel good! Huzzah!! 


  1. Good for you! Always nice to hear from a runner who is truly happy with where they are with their running, hopefully it just gets better and better!