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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Day in the Life ...

I was asked to do a 'Day in the Life' post by Carmy ... after saying yes...I thought...what the heck have I done? Will anyone care what I do in my life? haha.

But then after having an amazing run weekend (halfmara on Sat, 10km on Sunday) in the mountains, I woke up so happy and glad for Monday (CRAZY right?). Yup. Awesome mountain air, running and all the high-5s, a dip or two into some mountain water and, of course, a  celebratory drink totally presses the RESET button.

I work up a little late today...but got up and attem. 
As I walked out my condo...I paused for a sec to enjoy the view of Downtown Calgary.
 Hey I even put on a dress! It was a great morning. No jacket needed!!
I loved the sunshine-y walk to also just gave my legs a little shakeout too.
Normally I wear runners to walk to it as ballet flats.
I get to work and  my purse promptly overflows and all the crap goes all over my desk! 
Why yes that is a medal in my bag....haha never removed it from the weekend trip. 

And then I open my inbox...and get started in checking emails - 45 since Friday! eek.

OOPS. I should tell you what I do? Yes...let's start there. I am a Public Relations Advisor with the City of Calgary. I work on internal and external communications.
Right now I am working part-time (while looking for full-time work). I am what is considered on-call. I got to Business Units or Departments that need me.I am currently working at Community & Neighbourhood Services. My time is taken up on two major programs. Fair Entry, which is a new application process for subsidized programs at the City and Aboriginal Awareness Week.

Back to those emails...I got in today and was able to finalize the approvals on some internal and external promotion pieces for Fair Entry and on a poster and two invites for the Aboriginal special events involving my client, Fire Chief and the Mayor in a few weeks.
Tomorrow I will spend the majority of my day coordinating a video. We need to film award winners and then create a video to be used at one of the events. Time flies when everything (speeches, media releases, and everything else in between) must be finalized by June 15th. So it is going to be a busy next few weeks!

Finally, it is almost lunch and I have managed to carve out a nice 45 minute spot to have a weekly tea/coffee/catchup with Susan! Last week we ran but today we compare pedicures, recent race medals, running strategies and massage and chiro thoughts. And the plan on what is happening this weekend at the Calgary Marathon! EEK! A Big Weekend of run and fun is coming up! It's nice we work close - do nothing similar career-wise and can have tea and bitch or cheer each other up!
All too soon have to leave the garden we are chillin in and and head back to work -- writing, opening of dockets for more creative collateral and a quick photo session...for an employee profile that will be being published online tomorrow.

Normally, I am sitting at my office and writing or researching. Today, I was in 3 buildings each a couple of times  - 2 of them 4 times each -- All within a few blocks of each other. It was a day of meetings and photos and scoping locations. It was a fair bit of running around. But it was also a super day. Got a lot accomplished. Meaning approvals went smoothly and there were no rushes. Until the end of the day when a client asks if they could have 6 new posters created within 48 hours. eep.

To be honest I do love what I do. I just wish that I had a FULL-TIME job. And, that when it gets crazy and hectic that it was a little less like herding cats at times. But then, what would me and my communications and marketing buddies laugh about right?

There you go...a slice of my FAB day....Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. That seems like an amazing job! I totally get the inbox thing. I keep getting the "your inbox is almost full' email and I'm like STOP ADDING TO IT! Haha. If only I could just delete everything

  2. OMG - see, if I'd known you were in communications I would have FOR SURE said hi on Saturday - lol. Love your day-in-the-life. Inspired to do a similar post!

  3. I wish I had a full time job too!

    I once had a race medal in my purse for over 4 months lol

  4. I think 45 emails would cause me to hyperventilate! LOL. I love these day in the life posts! I carried my Boston medal in my purse for 3 days post race showing it to friends and coworkers. ;)

  5. Everyone should carry medals in their purse - everyone. LOVELY to see you on Monday! Isn't it marvelous we can escape from the workday for a wee break?! I find about 60% of my emails are utter crap, just saying :)