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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Woman on the Run

What can I say about tonight's run?
Keith Haring Running Heart
I was SO not looking forward to it. In fact, I was ready to blow it off, then i re-thought that strategy and drug my sorry arse out there to do it. As did 3 others in my half mara and mara run group. Usually there are a minimum of 10 runners there. Slackers.

I felt pretty good i showed up. We chatted for about 25 minutes on tapering, kinda interesting...kinda making me think...whoa...6 weeks til the mara! EEK. Yes. Good think I am here waiting to run. Seriously. No skipping!!!!

And then we stepped outside. Oh! brrrr. But as we started it was a good pace, tight group. And off we went.

We decided as a group to run the entire distance together, and two of us cut back 2 km to run the 8km with the HalfMaras. The pace seemed good, and easy. Niiiiiice. In fact, it felt great the whole way. I never struggled once. Never thought, "why am I doing this?". Never struggled to keep up.

Seriously I felt like THIS! 
And I should add that I am always chasing some of these sub 6-minute runners (6 minute kilometre,not miles...omg - that would be FAST!).  Tonight I wasn't. I was hip-to-hip. Felt GREAT to keep up and feel like i still had more in me.

Good times. So tonight I did 8km in 52 minutes. Not stellar fast. Not insane. Not race pace. But Friggin FABULOUS! In March 2011 I ran 5km in 40 minutes. In May, I ran 12km in about 1 hour and 36 mins. By August I hit a PB with a 32 minute 5km.

Oh how far I have come.

And, best of all, there's more to come.

Thought for the Day....

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