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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coastal Experience. oh yeh

Almost two weeks ago, I went to Kingfisher Spa with my mom and sister.

I was lucky enough to win a getway back in October, but haven't had the $$ to by the flight to get there.

So, Mom surprized us with a pick-me-up for the grrls!

The weather was amazing. the food divine.

And I even brought my run gear. I figured I had to go for or a run - my group was going to tackle 26km. I couldn't miss that. Even if I'm on a holiday.

I am SO afraid of not being able to complete the marathon. It hangs heavy over me, like a wee grey cloud. Even if I was on a holiday.

And running at the coast is easier, right?

And yes, yes it is! But first, a bit about my run.

I get up before 7 am - no one else is up. Then my newly pregs sis stirs, and we lie in bed talking for close to an hour before i leave.

I then realize I forgot my running belt - argh no hydration - so a 26k run is out. But a 10 miler is in!

Off I venture. 
But first I just stand outside our suite and take in the view. 

Glory Be! I am wearing shorts, too. Ah...Us Albertans revel in the magnificence of British Columbia coastlines and glorious weather. 

Yes! It didn't rain ONCE while we were there. A miracle, to be sure. But I will take it! 

And off I go. First down the highway, then through a back area...which proves to be too deserted for my liking. No one knows where I am am, so I am not too keen to be crossing paths with a bear (which has happened here) or a creepy stranger man. So after a few kilometres I head back to the highway to run into the town of Courtney about 7k away. 

But first i run up and down every bloody sidestreets  possible to catch a glipse of seaside back yards. and glorious greenery. 

Perhaps I should be concerned with straight running, and getting those miles in, but I cannot help it. I have to stop a few times and take in the morning views. Spring has sprung. And It's awesome!

 Of course i have to stop four times to take a bathroom break, too. HA! The joys. Well, thankfullyits pretty unpopulated, so no one saw. I hope.

Still, I ran like the wind. I am not sure I have ever run like that. I sure hope I will run like that again. I could breathe easy, I had great stride. It was EASY. I got through a 16km run like it was half that distance. No sore legs, no hip issues, no heavy breathing -- nothing but fabulousness. Now THAT is a run.

I so gotta run a marathon HERE! 

I got back to the spa just as my sis and mom had finished breakie. So Mom says, "hurry up and go eat, so we can go for a hike". Yeesh! I downed an amazing breakie of salmon hash and off we went for another hour long hike (the second in as many days) through the lush greenery and along the beaches, racing back for our 6 hours of spa-ness followed by bubbly to celebrate a great day!
Post Run Pedi's!
Wonder how long my pedi is gonna last?

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