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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Tonight I popped on my trainers and went for a run with my Marathon group. We had a 10km run planned, I was feeling a tad hesitant -- I was totally worried i would be dead dog tired after my 38 km run on Sunday...but hells yeh!! I pumped out an 11 km run. And my legs were just fine.

It's a completely odd feeling. I have been kind of on clould nine since finishing that 38km run. Sure it was not in a killer time. But Doing it in well under four and a half hours is pretty swell. It gives me the confidence boost to know YES I CAN run that marathon. And I will finish in an impressive fashion.
Speaking of impressive fashion...I just found these sox! OMG. 
They are on my MUST HAVE list. Seriously. Martinis and Running? oh yes!

now...where was I? oh legs.

Sure my legs are tired. I feel it in my muscles a bit. But not like i THOUGHT it would be. Limping and sore, and dragging around.

Well, I  guess the running 4-6 times a week since June is showing. My persistence in training has given  me new legs. And stamina. And endurance. And a nice ego boost.

Here's to a solid few more weeks of training before the BIG taper begins.

I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I am to be excited about the Marathon and not worried, stressed or shitting bricks. Cause I was a couple weeks ago, let me assure you I was shitting bricks. I was completely ready to change the distance to a half marathon and be relieved. Now, I am ready to take on that Mara.

Come What May. (and yes, for those of you who know me...I am singing that out LOUD!)

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