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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Been There, Run That

So I have a birthday coming. And a Half Marathon. My 5th of the year!

eek. Five sleeps til I turn 44. Forty-f*ckin-four. Really. I remember turning 18 not that long ago. Less than a week after that...i got to vote in my first election. Wow.

But 1986 was a while ago. What did i do on my 18th bday? Well my grandma and my mom and 3 of her 5 sisters took me out for drinks at a local pub in Stettler. The Town Pump. It's still there. HA! nice name.  What was the drink special? Why, Yukka Flux. Oh dangerous. I recall thinking I had hit the grownup league big time being out with my Gran and the ladies! I still enjoy drinks with my Mom and aunties.

So what will I do this year? Hmmm. Anyone wanna go for a run THEN we can have a pint?? That will make this bday bearable.

Oh I digress.

This week started with a half marathon, then funeral (see last post). Followed by working the polls at  provincial election. And a run on Tuesday that ended up being super painful! My hip seems to have tightened up so much and no amount of stretching, rolling or cajoling will loosen it up. GRRR. So I was told to take rest of the week off in order to be good for the upcoming half this Sunday (and full mara in almost ONE month). Yesterday took my 5Km run class out for nice easy 2x 10:1s + 5:1. Felt good. And that would be the last I am to run this week. That felt weird, since I have been running 5 or 6 times a week for months now. Today I woke up and off i went for ART. Oh, the pain. The agony felt delicious. and then off to work. Today. Well, it was a gong show. Blah. Work happened.

Then I went to the post office for 2 parcels. oooooh! I never ordered anything!!! Ah, but it turns out i did. My mom got ahold of my staff order forms from my running store. And WHAM ...ordered me running bras (in a size smaller than my last bra - yay!) and a new pair of Brooks trainers. OH glory!!! I love birthdays. Well, the present part anyways.

So awesomeness. I get to break in my new Moving Comfort Fiona this Sunday at the Calgary Police Half Marathon! This will be my 5th official half this year. I did two last year (August and Sept) so I am doing pretty well. Am trying to tune out the chatter about TIME and PACE. And just do it. not be concerned about the finish (except that I DO finish)...but you know...stop worrying about why I haven't broke the 2:30 time. Maybe its been prep. Maybe its been weather (extreme heat or cold is what I got to run!) OK. Yes I wish to hit a half mara in under 2:20, since i can run a 10K in 1:03. But it is what it is. I need to see that I am training for a MARATHON in a month and not try to overwork myself.

Still, I want to crush my last time. This sunday I have my  moving comfort bra (gool ol' fiona), sparkle skirt, yurbuds, onemoremile shirt, and WATER BELT ready. My Ecco Bioms are ready to run me to the finish in a time I will be happy with. And I have a rocking run mix. I shall endeavour to have fun, and knock em dead. And not beat myself up in the process about whatever time it is I run.

Cause I think what I need to remember is that I can, I have, I will. And 5 Half Maras are nothing to sneeze at. It's time I start being proud that I run. That I get my arse out there. And not being worried that other people will judge me 'cause i didn't run it fast enough.

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