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Friday, 13 April 2012

Gotta Love Freebies

Good Lord! What a week. Actually what a great day. I received 3 different "prizes" in one day! Hot damn. I received a note saying my "run mix" I entered in the Calgary Marathon "Get in the Groove" contest was a top 3 finisher! So a $50 gift certificate from Jugo Juice is on its way to me! Awesome (and yummy) smoothies await.

Then the mailman dropped off my mail, and an envelope from Yogen Früz arrived. I had given up hope on that envelope coming, since I had been told back in January that I had won a gift certificate via twitter. I figured someone had taken my lovely mail...but no! My treat arrived safe and sound! Needless to say I was super stoked to open my mail. Frozen yogurt treats....again...yummy!
St Paddy's Winning Green!

Then I realized I missed the UPS delivery from Yurbuds. I had won a St Paddy's day prize pack with a lovely pic I tweeted. Guess they loved my green look! So I zipped across the city to the UPS depot to get the prize. But wait....i have a coffee date with a friend. EEK! So I pick Tom up and tell him that I am gonna go get my package after we have coffee. He says, no way, we can go now. But between him and me, the directionally challenged duo, we get lost at first. GAH!

Anyhoo, the package gets picked up, and we arrived back at Starbucks for a Macciato fix. AHHHHHHHHHH

But first we have to rip open the package. OOOOH! First we pull out a nice big cross-chest back pack, then a shirt, towel, umbrella, and Yurbuds!!!! Oh niiiice. I am so excited. And off we head to Starbucks, all the while me wanting to go home and try the shirt on and put the buds in and go for a run. But no. I have to work. Then Tom rips open the package and puts on the shirt and says, "Oh it fits, nice and roomy."...No dude. You can't have my shirt!

After a nice, relaxing coffee, I am off to work. I spend the rest of my day wondering about my package. And thinking about trying it on. Clearly work is NOT engrossing. AT. ALL.
Yurbuds PrizePack!

I finally get home, and since it is snowing and blowing there is no way I am running. It's also 8:30 at night. And given I had already ran nearly 60km this week (and its only Thursday, I can give running a rest tonight!)

But i gotta take everything out. Arrange it. Take a photo....And try the buds, the shirt. Read everything. I cannot WAIT to get out for a run!

Oh yes. More pics to follow this weekend. This shirt ROCKS!

Ah, yes. Lucky me this week.

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