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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Last Weeks Shenanigans

Last Weekend was filled with lots of fun. And shitty runs. But let's count those runs as MILES IN. Let's put the struggle part in the BUCKET, shall we? And recount all the FUN that was had this week. Right?

CHOOSE HAPPY, Tina. Funny that one has to remind oneself stuff we have said or written...) Let's reminds oneself shall we??

Started the week out on a city trail with Sue - ummm why yes there have been Black Bear sightings on within the CITY. ACK. No bear sightings that day tho...
 I had a mid-week run with my pal Jen -
Friday, I took a road trip to go to a run in Blairmore. On the way to the run, took a few pitstops to see some of my fav sights along the way ...
... starting with Lundbreck Falls
...then the Burmis Tree and Leitch Collieries
...and Frank Slide
Then ran a 5 mile trail race! It was awesome single track, hella climbs and some intense downhill. I went easy knowing I had another 14km race the next day but was pleased with the feel of this race.
Was sweaty AS ever when finished, ran into my great auntie Sharon at the prize tent and had a beer. 
  Saturday was a 5 peaks race. Holy hell hot and hills! I might be smiling but there was cursing.
Sunday I did a shakeout run AFTER doing a couple reps of some hills
(it MIGHT have been hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut).
Then I had a Birthday party (well actually two parties - Saturday AND Sunday) to help celebrate my brothers 50th. Yes, his two lovely sisters did give him THAT card.
To cap off the week or to START this week then And then last night I ran trails AGAIN with Sue (yup - it is a standing date...)
 This is the Before, During and After shots
The view from atop Douglas Fir Trail
And then THIS happened.
And it was good.
So yeh. That was my week. I have promised myself not to stew about my pace. But know I got the miles in. And was a good week. full of #allthefab

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  1. Yum ice cream! Great pictures. That's a whole lot of fun and running! Good for you.