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Monday, 6 July 2015

June Runs ... Right on By!

June has flown by!
What the hell have I been up to?
Howzabout a little recap of FABBY June activities in pics?

I had had a dinner date with my beautiful niece
Hit the trail - a few times...

Ran a 10k Race
 Took a facebook quiz (super enlightening -- this one was spot on!)
Went shopping and found creepy kitteh cushions 
Had some coffee 

 All the while trying to maintain eating healthy regime 
Took in some sun and watched a CFL Football game (Yay! The Stampeders Won!)

And even had a few therapy sessions! 

And NOW it's July - Holy Crap!
Where did the month go??


  1. Sounds like you had a fun month! All summer months fly by so quickly. Love the giant coffee mug by the way.

  2. Wheeeeeee! Off it went, and hello July. You are making the most of the summer! Did you buy the creepy kitteh cushion? :D