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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Grizzly Ultra: Back for More

Last year, the BadAss Unicorns took on the challenge of doing the Grizzly Ultra 2 Person 50k!
 We came, we ran, we looked rather FAB doing it too! 
This year, Tara asked if I wanted to do it again...
Not a hard decision  -- these race photos show all the happy out there!! 
I was going to do it solo...but given it is 2 weeks prior to Vancouver RnR (and I want to run that half in a not-half-dead manner) I thought THIS would a fun way to celebrate some Autumnal Awesomeness! And still have a great challenge. This year... we are The Happy Pacers. We have a rainbow theme. Now to procure some rainbow socks, hats, etc! 

Our main goal is to HAVE ALL THE FUN! My fab pal Susan (an my other pal Sue are also doing 2 person teams!!) Other goals include looking good in photos (since I rarely like my race pics!) But I really really like these from last year! These pics also show the amazing weather we had. It was warm and glorious. I am hoping we have THAT and no snow. 
Canmore is gorgeous any time of the year. but especially so in Autumn. And,the race itself is damn awesome. The trails are tough and hilly = umm it IS in the mountains! YAHOOOOO! Tara will be doing Legs 1 and 3. I will be doing Legs 2, 4 and 5. It is all about fun, but I do want to improve on our time of 7:34. I am thinking I'll definitely be able to improve my times over last year. Some of my hill work and my upcoming races will help me be stronger and will hopefully show come October! 

And cause I know you are are the legs. They look so pretty drawn out. With the peaks.

Oh look! The maps look just like the mountains! 
Yes, it is as awesome out there as it looks!! Come and join's all the FUN!! 

Have you run a relay? 
Trail? Road? 
Fess up ... it was totally fun wasn't it??


  1. It really was beautiful last year. I'm looking forward to doing new legs...and not 4 again :D Yaaaayyyyyy!!

    1. I am sort of disappointed we are not shaking the legs up this year. I don't really feel like doing the same legs again ... but it is what it is. And I realy love running out in canmore. Leg 4 is all about the power hike. Meh! I sorry arse prob needs more of that anyways. Tara is leaving after leg 3 So I can just move my ass and will try to better my performance on my legs. You can wildly cheer for me!