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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ummm. ULTRAnews: THIS is happening.

I believe in 2014 I said I would never run another Marathon. 
Since most of you, my dear readers, are runners you know what a crapload that statement is. 

I did it. I signed up for my FIRST ultramarathon.
I've run two team ultras (RagnarLV and RagnarADK), but THIS will be my FIRST ultra:
I will be running TRAILSTOKE!
at the end of August - yes it is soon - I just chose not to write about it til now.
I have wanted to write about THIS for a while. But haven't.
Why? Because I am totally shitting my pants just a little nervous. 
And was having a tough time sharing. Yes, is IS an epic adventure. 
When I first asked someone about it, 
I got "Do it! it will change your life". YES! Ok then...and I sketched out a plan. 

Then I told a running acquaintance I was thinking about it. He said, "Really? Don't you think you should pick something easier?" Then another guy said, "By yourself? You think you can do that?" 

So I shelved the plan. They were right. I had no business THINKING I could.
I am sooooo not ready.
And then a voice kept whispering:
 "Is anyone ever ready?"
"When is anyone EVER ready" 
"Are you really going to let this opportunity slide on by?"

I would wake up hearing that voice. And then I read THIS by Vanessa Runs.
I knew then that I needed to pull the trigger. And I registered.
All my female running friends (some of whom have run ultras) are high5ing and cheering me on. And, I know I CAN. 
It will be tough (the description below will tell you why) but it has a generous time frame. 
I close my eyes and think ... Breathe. Believe. Transcend.
Sooooooo now its time to actually follow through on that little motto. 
still shitting my pants
But with ONE step at a time, one more mile ... I will get er done!

I may not have a time goal, or say this is about racing anyone. 
This is about doing something I NEVER thought was possible. 
So...guess I should tell you all about the race, eh?
TRAILSTOKE is a few hours drive away from me -- located in Revelstoke, British Columbia. It in about 6 weeks time. (YES - I have been training and doing back-to back runs for some time now -- just never told anyone until NOW that I was in for #allthepain #alltheFAB

I will have friends out there as it is organized by the fabulous 5Peaks family (I am an ambassador for the race series - but this is separate INDEED! eep). This is a mountain race. It is 55km and has three segments (yes teams of 3 can also do this):
  • Start to Aid Station 1: 15 km (4785 feet elevation gain)
  • Aid Station 1 to Aid Station 4: 23km (5151 feet elevation gain)
  • Aid Station 4 to the Finish: 15 km (350 feet elevation gain, 2970 feet elevation loss)
Those numbers are NOT at all intimidating. But I am taking this race in bits. Dividing it up in my head. Creating strategies. Knowing what I have run, what I've completed. Using that to know I CAN.
In all seriousness...this is why I have been trooping up the mountains with hikes. Or doing crazy back to back runs. I need to just be good to go. One step after another. Power hike, One foot in front of the other. Getting the climbs in. Stepping up at that training. Literally. Figuratively!

Exciting. Terrifying. Exhilarating. 
And, according to The Oatmeal, all the glory awaits!

SHIT! What am I gonna wear?
I don't think Edina is correct in her recommendation ...
Pretty certain that more research is required, am trying out #allthebottoms to ensure no chafe!

Well then. Enough chatter. I'd best get back to working out!

Soooo...are you trying anything NEW this year?
Have you one an ultra? A 24 hour race? Do you wanna? 
#alltheFAB #GULP  #holyCRAP #getofftheroad
#hittheTRAIL #EEK


  1. This is so awesome! Congrats on taking the plunge and going for it :)

  2. Wow congrats! That must be super scary, but I think you can do it! I can't wait to read the recap!

  3. OMFG FFS WTF!!! Awesome, have at 'er! Do all the crazy shit, all the time, always. Never question it.

    1. If you guys weren't in Vegas that weekend I would have tried to convince you it would be good for you...but then I know you will be reading my report and signing up next year....well i guess it's the year of Try something Terrifying right? FFS indeed.

  4. You got this! Whooo hoooooo! Once you go ultra ....