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Monday, 27 July 2015

Music, Volunteering and some rocky adventures....

This past weekend was a bit of a blur! I had a whole lotta going on! There was some Folk Festing - Thursday and Friday...
 Which means fun, sun, cider, some treats....(a whole lotta coffee apparently!)
A whole lotta music...
There was some catching up with an old friend, too!
  The lantern parade each night is one of my FAV things!
 And of course this sign (from one of the portapotties) sums up the fest vibe nicely.
Don't mind the spelling on the sign - yes it is bad) but it was such a sweet sentiment.-- something that is missing all to often in our world!
Then, Saturday there was some early morning volunteering to help IronmanCalgary prep for the race
It was fun, got to see lots of my pals who were racing. I was working the T1 area (where bikes are dropped off the day before the race). I love the fun vibe. People are pumped for the race...and it is a cheery place to be. There is always a stage mom or a diva who has some HIGHLY specialized needs, but fo rthe most part it is all so much fun to meet the racers and help them pre-race.
This year, as I had training plans I missed out on Race-Day Volunteering.
Still, it was so much fun for the half day I spent working!

AND FINALLY at about 3pm, I took off for some mountain time.
There will be more on that in a bit...there was so much awesome fun, that it deserves it's own post!
Hope your weekend ROCKED!  

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