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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ugly Sweater Run

Day 21 of my #stridesrunstreak was alive and kicking (or rather shuffling thru some snow) with the always Awesome Strides Running Store hosting an Ugly Sweater Run!

This holiday season I have been (thankfully) working. However juggling THREE jobs and working upwards to 75 hours during the past couple weeks has left me feeling grinchy, tired and well, not all that great. 
Michelle and I at the start.
Um. I look HORRIBLE. But at least I am super warm!
Saskia and I right at the beginning. Before she took off with the front pack!
I thought Michelle was behind me and then I turned to find her and she was gone.
But maybe she passed me. Perception this time of year is not so great.
We started off in a great group but quickly dissipated. And within a couple kilometres everyone behind me was not there. WAs there a different route? And everyone ahead of me....well they are all fast and well FAR AHEAD! So lone for most of the entire run. Usually that doesn't bother me. but it really did today. Dunno Why. Maybe Christmas Funk is setting in. For many years it has meant a LOT and I was so excited about Christmas. The past couple, not so much. After my life changed I should just celebrate it all and but a-ok with my life the way it is, but still I get very sad this time of year. 

Most times it is good. And I have fun. Especially when I have a great one-on-one with friends and family. But...on occasion...I am reminded that things are NOT what they used to be. Working on squashing that. Itis OK that it is different. But the not working part makes it very hard. 

I tried gamely to dress up, appear to have fun...and while I did AFTER the run...during was an entire matter. I actually finished that run and said, "I have no business signing up for a marathon!"

Yeh. ONE of THOSE runs. oooooooh.

A moment of sober second thought. I will not BQ. I may never. Hell may freeze over for this to happen. I am OK with this. But even still, I struggled the entire time. And if I struggled with 6 measly km, how the heck am I gonna rock 42??? bah. (Shut Up Fatty Voice!!!) Perhaps that is because I didn't see anyone I new while running. I know I am not the slowest runner, but WHERE was everyone? Ah maybe I got lost. GPS says I ran 6km. Route was sposed to be 5. HA! 

It was fun when I finished. I just spent pretty much the entire run wondering if I  was in the right direction, and wondering why I had no energy to go faster. And wishing it would warm up (It was about -20C). And wishing the GD snow would go away. And that people wouldn't drive like jerks. And hoping I wouldn't be too late for work. (I think you get the picture)

Tried out some fancy Salomon XR Missions
LOVE the funky colour.
And...the Lunatik socks felt great and kept my feet warm! 

Just a couple Km left...not sure I look happy
Was actually getting too warm! 

After the run...pie, oranges, hot chocolate, Stoked Oats Oatmeal, and prizes from 5Peaks!

Really it was a fun start to the morning....

Tomorrows run will be better

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