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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


As you all may know I signed up for a Running Streak. The objective: run a minimum of one mile every day in December. YES! I can do it!

Us gals decided to kicked it off with a nice 8(ish)km run then add on the inaugural mile with Strides on Saturday November 30th! So Cori, Michelle, Saskia and I met to run it out! Michelle met us at Strides (she had already done 10, and needed another 18 to round out her mileage). FUN!!!
And so the streak begins.

Here is the recap folks...
You might notice something in the photos...
THAT PINK TOP? Boy, you sure like that top,Tina! HA...actually it was a challenge. Wear a piece of Icebreaker everyday of the challenge. I chose my Icebreaker singlet. WHY on earth do that? (see explanation HERE).

Day 1: Went for a quick 30 minute run after I put dinner on to cook. Forgot to bring GPS to my streaked NAKED. Got in almost 5km.
Day 2: Blizzard hit overnight. Can't travel, Went to gym to my sister's killer bootcamp class. Ran intervals with weights. Got in 4.5km.
Day 3:  A little over a mile to start out the workout. Then some weights. Still can't go home. sigh.
Day 4: 20 minutes of progressive treadmill, in combination with core work. Followed class with another 15 minutes of treadmill. 5km!
Day 5: Worked late. Got home at 9. And had to go out and run. It was VILE. Windy. Felt colder than the -25C it showed on temp gauge. Got in 1 lousy mile. That was cold!
Day 6: Temps dipped below -30C. Wind Chill very nasty. My 10km training run was cancelled so ran 4 laps of southcentre mall. That is just over a mile and a half! Line-up for Santa was too long to get photo done, so found a cardboard batman to stand in! Felt a bit bare in only tank, so popped a run vest overtop! I would have run longer (despite the weird looks) except security stopped me.
Day 7: Despite it being -35Celcius with windchill I got in a 5km Santa Shuffle! Tank hidden under a million layers.
Day 8: Today I just couldn't run outside. Yesterday did me in. I did just 3km running and almost 5 on the stationary bike. Cardio-riffic! Oh and nooo...the tank does NOT stink...

Day 9: Got home from a few errands and realized had nothing for dinner. Got run gear on. Ran to Chinese resto by my place. Ordered, ran a quick 2km and took dinner home!

Day 10: Slick roads and a late night at work.I decided that hallway sprints in my condo were in order. 10 repeats mean 2km. I have loooong hallways. Yup icebreaker tank isn't smelly
Day 11: Met Michelle for #runch! Over 2 miles as well as 8 hills - 6.7 km all in. It was 0C today! We ran without our jackets! Singlet overtop of my long sleeve top!
Day 12: Squeaked in 1 mile later in the evening. it was hard to be motivated today. Got on my gear and went outside. BRRRRRRR Foggy and cold. -12C, but no wind!
Day 13: Woke up at 6. Did NOT feel like running. But I signed up for a 5km race to get me going. IT was -18C...brrrr. But I layered up and ran a lovely race - slow and steady but FUN! 500 of us raising money for the food bank....AWESOME!
Day 14: Met Michelle for a run before work. My damn GPS died. Ran naked. But I think we got in 6km. Felt slow...but made my day! Funny, at work no one wanted to smell my top. BUT stinky!
Day 15: Met Cori at Eau Claire for 15 km long run. It ended up being a few k's of trudging thru snow since we went off the path and hit trails instead of path due to flood damage! Felt great the whole way, but not at all speedy! Ended run hitting the Ferrero Rocher tent set up at the fortuitous.
Day 16: Today felt like crap after a redic day. Zipped home and got in a measly mile. But it was cold and super slippy!
Day 17: Saskia showed up at the mall today so I could lend her a Sparkle Athletic skirt! We got in one mile! should have done more, but there were a lotta shoppers. And I had to go back to work. leSigh.
Day 18: Day shot to hell with extra call to work. Missed #runch with Michelle. On way to work, I stopped and did 2 laps (3.6km) of union cemetery. Stormy and too cold to get in any more.
Day 19: Got in 2.5 km after work. Long day! I forgot to wear Nike watch and phone croaked. Holy Crap Cold!
Day 20: One quick mile. Houses in the hood so nicely lit up tho!
Day 21: UGLY Sweater Run at Strides! Hard, hard run. Just didn't feel it today. 6km done.
Day 22: Almost 9km with Michelle and Keith! it was -23C (-10F). Felt great in spite of cold.
Day 23: Chinook blew in and warmed us up to 2C (35F). Ran hills - so warm had to take OFF my jacket. 3km.
Day 24: Started work at 5am, finished at 10. Started job #2 at 1030 finished at 2:30. Raced to get changed and got in a nice 5km run with a bit of a walk. Some of the side streets are too icy to "run" on. I felt great working out the fuzzy brain. Napped then drove 2.5hrs to my moms.
Day 25: Mom and I decided to get out and go for a brisk walk. But the unseasonably warm temps and RAIN (it never rains in winter! bah) made for black ice and very slippy conditions. We both almost wiped out - scary. So we headed back after just over 2km. Still, nice to get out before Christmas Dinner.
Day 26: Mom stopped the car, I jumped out a couple miles from my Aunt's cabin. Ran up the highway and through some slushy country roads to get to her house where Scrabble, Pass the Ace and Bailey's waited!
Day 27: My tummy was UNHAPPY with rich Christmas food, and maybe an overdose of oranges. I got in 4km altogether.
Day 28: Temps of -23C (-9F), a winter storm keeping me at my parents for a few days (and not the RIGHT outdoor gear) meant a treadmill. 3.65km! And 5km on the cycle too. My icebreaker gear does not stink! Too awesome.
Day 29: Still crappy and snowy. Staying another day in off to the gym where 2km of running and 4km of cycling are done!
Day 30: Today Sucked. I have a horrid cough. I am exhausted. My parents gave me the cooties. Hard to run, got in 2km. OK. This tank needs to be washed. Not cause it stinks. But there is too much deodorant on it. ugh.
Day 31: Missed out getting a last mile with Strides crew (but got in a nice visit!), was not feeling so hot, but decided to get out and go to Eau Claire for the Resolution Run. Didn't run "fast", but 1500 runners and warming temps with a bit of ice made me be a bit cautious! Felt great actually finishing up the month with 125.25 km!

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