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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Amble with Angus! a small race recap

Friday the 13th.

Up at 6am to get downtown for a race with a 730 am start. UGH. It's -16C and I do NOT feel like running. But I am on a running streak. And there are 499 others doing this get my arse there!

Have you ever felt like NOT doing something at all. And then, after doing something all on your own realize it was super awesome?

Ready to START (do I look excited?)

Funny I thought the view coming back across the river and bridge was decidedly LESS blurry! 
Aaaand FINISHED! Feels great! 
This small little race (tho is 500 small) is an amazing fundraiser for our local foodbank. 100% of all the proceeds go to the foodbank. This means ALL registration goes to the charity. THAT is kinda unheard of. And the cost of the race is a minimum $20 donation. This race is 12 years old. And I only jsut heard of it last year! LOVE IT! Can wait for the next one in July!

And given the final numbers...a lot of great folks gave a LOT more than $20. 

I didn't have my fastest race. Not by a long shot. But it's cold and slightly slippery, so  one runs slower. But I kept a nice consistent pace...and even thought at one point I was too warm! It felt nice. Good. Even invigorating at the finish. And so worth getting out of my warm cozy bed for! 

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