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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Icebreaker challenge! #nostink

So yeh...about that #stridesrunstreak...
That crazy run at least 1 mile every day streak during the month of December? 
 Yeh that one...

Yeh. The one where I wore THAT PINK TOP over and over?  

To spice up the streak...I was given an extra challenge of selecting ONE piece of Icebreaker
clothing to wear EACH AND EVERY DAY of the challenge. I do love wearing it...but really? NOT wash said piece of clothing!! WHAT? Insanity. That is gonna be one smelly tank....
First of all, I really do love my few pieces of Icebreaker I own. It is pricey. But, in my opinion, the quality and awesomeness, has definitely been worth every penny. (I was not paid or given anything for my endorsement...just sayin'!)
So why the 'wear everyday' challenge? 
Icebreaker is made of merino wool. It keeps you warm when its cold, and keeps you cool when its warm. Go check out their fabulousness! They say it totally resists odour naturally! They claim it can be worn for days - even weeks - without washing. So Strides issued a challenge. Pick a piece and wear it every day for the month! Sooo I, the intrepid TinaFab, put THAT to the test. At first I was not a believer, but now am a total convert!

I tried in each photo to showcase the tank...but when I ran outside, I sometimes forgot to show it. TRUST me, I was wearing it!

And holy crap AFTER X miles and 31 days (lets be honest, I hadn't washed it since about the 8th of November), it really doesn't stink. NOT AT ALL!!!! NOT. A. BIT. 

I also wore almost every workout my bike jersey, hoodie and long sleeved crewneck top. They were amazing layering pieces to keep me warm. I really am please with how they work in warm temperatures to keep you cool (In summer and at the gym or trac I have only worn the tank over the past year), and how layered they really keep you warm. I am the sort that after a run (no matter what season) I get quite chilly. But if I wear IB, I notice a difference. Once this moth I wore all my pieces under a windbreaker (in -20C) for a 5km run and when i came indoors I removed a few layers andd didnt get a chill like I would usually. My hoodie has been been worn time and time again in both winter and summer to keep me warm. #loveit

Towards the end of the streak, each of the pieces began to (naturally) get a wee bit smelly right after a run. But I hung them up to dry and they were really fresh (ot as in sweaty stanky fresh) the next day! 

Ask Michelle's husband...who smelled it on Day 22. He nope no stink at all! 

Even my sister and mother noticed on days 25-29. Sort of that strange look of is THAT the shirt you have been wearing all month? I nodded. It's been a source of amusement all month long. 

I totally FREAKING love this line of clothing! 

It's amazing in the heat and in the cold. 
Haven't tried it? 

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