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Friday, 27 December 2013

#13in2013: The RECAP

Last January, I decided to take up a challenge. I had read about 13in2013 from Jill at Fitness, Health & Happiness!

Seemed like a good challenge...Add I hopped on board! I was in!

Really I intended to do 13 half marathons...but I quickly realized THAT was not going to happen. 

I had a year that started with an endometrial ablasion...and ended with and awesome bout of Shingles. #superawesome No, not really! It slowed me down more than I thought and I just didn't have the $$ to travel to a few extra halfs. And our Flood didnt help either, since a couple of longer races were cancelled too! Had the Flood not happened, yes, I would have done 13 halfs. I am not making excuses. I think that I had a hella year. Just not one filled with personal best times. It was one of struggle, and perseverance. And life lessons I care NEVER to repeat. But, still, I had a heck of a year! 

So what DID I run you ask?  
6 5km races (with a PB on my BIRTHDAY!) + 1 on NYE! 
8 10km races  
12 half marathons (3 virtuals and 9 races)
1 15 km race
2 5 milers
2 relays (sinister 7 and Banff Ekiden)

So I might not have done 13 halfs...but in NO WAY can I say this was a failure. I didn't come close to my personal best time in a half. Not once. 

But I learned a lot about myself and my character and how to dig deep when you would rather cry and say, "!@#$#$%%^ it! I'm done!" 

I gained friends and learned how awesome it is to cross a finish line when it seems you might never. I learned that I have friends who know how to kick my in the arse and say, "You finished, don't cry because it isn't the time you wanted!" And THAT is what is important. I am not going to qualify for Boston. I am not crushed by this. What I am going to do is continue to to get out there and run. And, hopefully, 2014 will be the year I post a few faster times. ANd chill out about having faster times. Let the GOOD times roll!

Bring on the Fabulousness of 2014!

So yeh. Since you are curious...I AM signing on to #14in2014. But not sure what i will do....I only have a couple races planned (so FAR)  for 2014. One is a marathon. So all races have to follow "THE PLAN". The plan I still have to formulate. :-)

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