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Sunday, 22 December 2013

That's Better....FRESH at Day22!

Yesterday's run blew. Felt like I walked. had no legs. and no matter what I did couldn't get rhythm nor could I feel IT. nada. Just felt leaden. I even said (outLOUD not even in my head), "I have no business signing up for a marathon if that's how I am gonna run!"


So. Today. One Hour. Snowy pathways in the south of the City before work. Has to be better. Plus, cant give up and let a poopy mood ruin things. Oh crud. Its -23C (-10F). superUGH. But no matter I have people WAITING. so.....Let's get er done.

I get to Michelle's and Keith is already there. 
So we layer up and off we go! So here is a small pictorial of the run...
Its pretty nice. Damn Cold tho!!! Runnin on the packed snow is like running on styrofoam. Funny how I was thinking that and then Michelle said it! But when it is bitter col, the crunch of snow sounds funny. Like walking on styro! The paths were totally covered the whole way. And lots of hoar frost everywhere. Saw a GREAT tree on the path. Someone decorated it! So CUTE! I decided to wear my new Salomon XR Mission trail shoes (I won them in September at a 5 Peaks race). I am now after less than 20km LOVING them. They will be my SNOW runnahhhhhs.

Oh and the frost was not limited to the path, trees and shrubs. We were also covered in serious frost. Check out Keith's 'stache at the halfway point! Awesome!! By the end of the run my buff was frozen onto my balaclava.

This was cold but felt so GOOD compared to yesterday. Cleared my head. Got rid of stuff sitting on my chest. ANd while it is still not as fast as I would like (ha...there WAS a lotta snow out there), I am SO GLAD I got out there and did it. 

OH AND i know you will all LOVE this. 

Some of you know I am doing a running streak. It's Day 22. DONE! wootie. But part of MY runstreak challenge is to take a piece of icebreaker clothing (my tank!) and wear it. FOR THE ENTIRE STREAK. So after 22 days of running.... (actually, I need to say I last washed in late November) So I wore it even the week BEFORE the streak started. When we got back to Michelle's after the run and were settling in with a coffee...I somehow convince Michelle's Hubby to smell the icebreaker. Amazement all around that indeed, this puppy is #nostink! Awesome! 9 more days til I can wash it! 

I would like to say I was certain it would reek by now. Nope. Fresh as a spring breeze. 

Ask MH (Michelle's Hubby). He'll confirm
my Icebreaker does NOT stink! 

HURRAH for a fun run that restores you 
and reminds you WHY you get out there. 
And, that YES, 
you certainly do have the business to be 
signing up for a marathon! 

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