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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Calgary Police Half - THANK YOU BANNER

This weekend is the Calgary Police Half Marathon. For a few years I ran the 5k distance of this race. Last year I took the plunge to do the HALF. It was not easy. It has a HILL from HELL. Ha! But I intend to beat my time from last year. Even if the last month of crap weather has not cooperated.

Enough about that….

It is also a GREAT time to say HEY and THANKS to our Calgary Police Service!

Michelle (my twitter pal) has arranged for a banner to be available at the Calgary Police Half expo this Friday and Saturday.  She wrote that it is a “thank you to the Calgary Police Service from the Calgary Running Community - thanking them for all they do to keep us safe while we enjoy our races”.

RIGHT ON! KUDOS to her brilliant idea!

Let our CPS know how much we appreciate all they do to keep us safe 
so we have the freedom to continue to do what we love!  

So please drop by Mount Royal University and sign the banner! Check out ALL the deets on her blog post on Fine Fettle Frets

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