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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My far SO GOOD!

This week has kinda of been STELLAR! And it's only Wednesday!

It started with a decent long run on Sunday. 15km in 1:46. Not bad.

After work on Monday I ran home. It was a nice easy 5k. As soon as I arrive home, I have a package in my mail slot! I won a Endorphin Warrior bracelet from Jesica at rUnladylike! While I got the email last week....its such a thrill to get MAIL! I know I am so old school.

Tuesday I received an EMAIL from Chick'd Athletic Apparel, inviting me to be an ambassador!

Best thing about that news was that I could share it with a fellow Chick - since Cori had received a her letter last week! Two ambassadors in one city! Exciting!

What is Chick'd? It's a Canadian company that believes in community. They create fab workout wear MADE in CANADA! I am stoked to learn more about the clothing line, the company and my fellow Chicks! And, of course share with you.

So (my dozen or so) faithful readers stay on eco-friendly workout gear is coming your way! May will bring an updated website...and more.

I suppose that should be a good enough start to any week. But nooooo

This morning I met my pal Tom (who is way faster  than me) for a run. He was slumming with me. We went out for a run sometimes we just do laps of the hilly Union Cemetery. but this time he took me off track into the trails that overlook the city. It's like being on the TRAILS! Not a fast run...but the single track terrain doesn't allow for speed! Check out the route here.

Then I got a call from a client who LOVED the rewrite I did on their website. Normally I wouldn't care so much. But given the client hired me to re-jig the site, then said do NOT change the content. I was so glad they liked what I proposed!

And then I got a email from Fit Approach. Inviting me to be an ambassador!!! Thank you for including me in such a FAB organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn't want to be part of an enthusiastic group that’s mission is to, “sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves”. This San Francisco organization is spreading love, support and to those who love to sweat. I know it will help inspire me! I will definitely be doing a blog on THIS news soon.

Let's see...what else? Oh yes. I received a call for a job interview. Sorry no deets here. Not jinxing a thing. More on that (hopefully) later!

And last thing that happened today? Calgary Marathon unveiled race medals and race shirts!! Oh yes. End the day with race bling. And a nice chat with John Stanton, founder and owner of Running Room. Good times.

Really not much going on for the rest of the week. I have some work. I have a package pickup (oooh exciting!!!) and a half marathon on Sunday. Have a FAB week, my peeps!


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