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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Police Half Mary Recap

Last Sunday was the Calgary Police Half Marathon. It was my second year doing it.SO I went in KNOWING that I would CRUSH the time.

ummmm. yeh.

But let's start with the good. The GREAT vibe at the beginning! the music and fun. The milling around the chatting. Then, as we got all in the pen ready to go ....we started with a minute of silence. For Boston. The emotion was palpable. And, to boot we were all wearing black ribbons! Then the Calgary Police Service HAWCS helicopter circled. And we were off!

And the first few miles were glorious. I dont thinkanything was anything but great until 6 miles in. It was NOT going to the race I wanted. sure I would finish (that wasn't a concern) but it was NOT going to be the crusher I wanted. Perhaps (even though this was my 15th half marathon) I forgot to respect the distance. I assumed a few things.

I can say that having 3 weeks off in Feb after sugery slowed me down. I could say that the shitty,snowy, icy weather made it hard to train. AND most of all...I didn't get enough long distances in. THAT is the issue here. 3 weeks of snow and ice storms inhibiting the ONE gd day a week I can do a long run really SUCKS!

But I finished. I may have finished and welled up with tears of disappointment...but my pal Donna who has recently been battling breast cancer reminded me that I DID IT! "You are way too hard on yourself," she tells me. "You go run when most people are in bed. Or when they go home and sit on a couch or drink beer. You should be proud. We are of YOU!" Wow! Really? Thanks!!! Stuff like that kinda convo with a great friend is meaningful. And always a good kick in the ass.

And then I felt like an ass sayin I was disappointed in my performance. Or lack thereof.

But what did I learn? I can run. I can do a few miles at one hellofa pace. SO. That means. A little more concentrated training and focus will result in the RESULT that I want. I know this. I cam capable. Just need to get that enduro UP. It WILL come. I know it.

I finished this half 6 minutes slower than my last half (in mid-March). At first I thought maybe I shouldn't  do my next half. It is in Canmore. Less than 50 miles from Calgary. There is more elevation. But that never seems to bother me when I run there. I almost pulled the plug and went down to 10km. BUT THEN....I thought running in the mountains and some trail at a higher elevation is training i NEED for Sin7 (my ultra mara relay in July!) and for Calgary Marathon. So yes. sacrifice a nice braggy PB for some hotdamn hilly training that WILL result in a better time down the road. yup.....Besides my weekend in Canmore will be awesome. No one can rain on my paraaaaaaaaade!!

So back to last Sunday. After running the half, I zipped off to the Calgary Comic Expo! Full Frontal Nerdity. oh yeh!!! Here are a few pics....note the awesome medal I am wearing! haha.

The day ended with me cuddling with my boyfriend Nathan Fillion! Well it was a very meaningful 45-second moment! I do not have many celeb crushes. But man, he smelled and FELT good. even if it was a wee cuddle. And honestly...for not showering after the half and brushing out my hair, putting on a tic of makeup, I don't look that bad! :-)

Bring on the next long run. I am READY! 


  1. Well done, lady! Just keep on trucking and giving yourself some challenges like this one. That marathon will be here before you know it!

    Also , love the pics! You DO look great in that last shot :)

    1. I have two half maras this month. In June a trail 25k. In July 2 legs of a mountainous ultra mara (total of 30k)....and a few things in btw...another half in sept and oct! ha!!! its the year of halfs. :-) and conquering doubt!

  2. Nice job getting it done.
    I stayed in Canmore once, right after I got engaged ;) very pretty place

    1. I LOVE running at the Canmore Nordic Centre! Th air, the mountains! it will be awesome. The Rocky Mountain Soap Company puts on a hella good run too! :-)