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Monday, 15 April 2013

3 more sleeps...oh Nuun #pickmepickmepickme

Just 3 more sleeps til Nuun announces its Hood to Coast team!  I am trying to be cool, and tell myself, "If I get in, I get in!" I blogged about my application here! I am surprised at my nervousness. I am excited. I am worried I will be crushed if I am not picked. I have had too much personal ick lately. I need more good. And running is my good.

And, it is my birthday (a number I am ignoring) in a couple weeks. This would be the MOST amazing gift EVER!

I have loved watching the other applicants videos. And reading some new blogs. I just have no idea. Maybe just maybe my video made a few people laugh, and convinced the fab Nuun peeps I really am perfect for this amazing adventure. To apply you needed to be female, be an active blogger, love nuun, be REALLY fun (check, check, check, check-a-rooonie!). eeek! Fingers crossed!! Good Luck my fellow nuun lovers!

#nuunhtc #pickaCaNUUNdian #nuunlove

I like to think that this adventure of applying had reminded me of how far I have come. How I should celebrate my journey. And no matter what the outcome keep moving forward!

I have come from being pooped (and practically needing a laydown) to loving to get out and run 10kms, 10milers, halfmarathons. In two weeks I'll run my 15th halfmarathon since 2011!

That first pic was taken October 2010 after running 10km in 81 minutes. The second was in July 2011 just before running 10km in 70 minutes. My PB was last September in 62 minutes! Woot!

And a last year took a halfmara from 2:35 to 2:24
I will destroy that time this year. 

 I just keep running! 
And loving it!

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